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    They do perform mop up operations aswell… im not gonna be stating a fact without reason? as i said previously, if they’re assigned to a fire and are asked to perform mop up, then they will do so… is there anything else really to add? for further evidence, see the video

    | timestamp is 13:12

    because you stated the feature is solely for accounts with premium... say i place a station in the incorrect location, or i want to build a different fire departments station instead of the one i built before. i do accept that im making hypotheticals and that your argument will be to simply plan better, and this would affect me because then i cant refund the station and lose out on 1.8 mil credits. haha the price of coins isn't extortionate, so it's acceptable for a small fire station and a vehicle to cost 25 coins? (which is 3 pounds). i completely support the fact that there's no ads, but this is definitely not the way to go.

    never seen a post on the forum relating to this topic but whatever. there are bigger issues at hand (mostly regarding the value of coins), and in relation to your point about the devs keeping it running, you don’t think they already make enough money with the extortionate prices of coins?

    i don’t see how this increases playability, im not trying to lose out on more then 1.8 million credits due to no more refunds (which takes a while to grind) just because i don’t have premium

    That makes the issue even worse… if you haven’t realised majority of patients require ALS, and waiting one hour was already bad enough but 3? In large calls such as conflagration or CBRNE on tanker ship/ cruise ship it would be a nightmare

    better mapping would be bad. I also found that some of the places on the map where they show fire stations, police, ems and hospitals when you zoom in are incorrect.

    That's to do with OpenStreetMaps since all of its edits are made by the community. If you really wanted to you could fix it yourself

    Auto dispatch will never be thing, it's against missionchief rules.

    For the other suggestions though, I don't think we will ever see a tow service or military etc, because that's kinda farfetched same for ATF, SS, DHS and the list goes on. What you can do though is just substitute units as the regular patrol car can basically be whatever you want, it can be military police, border patrol, anything

    Coast Guard stations practically already exist - You have the Rescue Boat Dock and Medical Helicopter Station

    I know I worded this poorly but I think it gets the point around

    Was trying to buy a Mass Casualty Unit in a FD station w/ the EMS extension to find out I was unable to buy it because I didn't have enough EMS stations which confused me as :

    I have 69 EMS FD expansions and 22 Rescue stations, totals at 91
    I have 4 EMS Operations Support and 1 Mass Casualty Unit (which would need 100 EMS stations all together)

    I thought they were separated in count, but maybe they're counted together? As in, at the initial 20 ems stations, you either buy the EMS Ops Support or the MCU?

    Severely confused, pretty sure its a bug if it isn't, someone please correct me