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    So just to confirm - you will be ok with me posting an alliance recruitment thing in the US recruitment page? Just checking before I do in case you've changed your mind

    Hang tight mate. He was going to talk to the devs again about an AU section here

    When I say I will issue warnings its if threads keep getting derailed as per forum rules which you agreed to. Threads regarding things in the US and UK version have nothing to do with the Aus version so it shouldn't be brought up.

    As for the devs not replying to you on support, again, i cant help with that. You are aware that myself and all the other team members on here aren't devs right? I have no power if they choose to respond or not. And Caolan is right regarding the games finances, the devs will focus on the games that generate the most money, and with the size of the playerbase that the Aus game has it wont be as high priority as the US or German versions

    You might not be aware but as soon as i saw that there was an Australian Mission Chief, i asked the devs if they wanted me to create and Australian section on the forum. They said no.

    Thats probably why the OP placed this in the Off Topic section of the forum, so it stayed inside the rules :) I read the rules too & didnt see anywhere saying we cant talk about anything else other than Uk/US

    Yes I am aware you guys arent the dev's & its all about income etc, but Ill go out on a limb here & say, If I had people from other versions of the game trying their best to improve things & I was in contact with the dev's, I would probably help facilitate getting the parties together. but thats just how I roll

    You make valid points but this site is the UK/US server forums. We are in no way connected to the AU version, the best thing I can advise is for you to get in contact with the devs to organise something.

    Thanks. I have through the official channels.

    maybe do like some have done and create a discord for the AUS version. This way you can all stay informed, communicate and help each other then if any problems, errors arise you can find out whos submitted it etc etc.

    We have a discord server & website for all four version we are represented in. I'm also in a few other discord channels for all the versions I play. Good idea though. Collaborative thinking gets better results.

    Caolan753, not the first time you have not understood a thing I am saying & taking it to mean im having a go at someone. I am not having a go & with respect, as a community engagment team member, you probably need to realise that & start taking less offence to everything thats said that you may or may not like. Economic benefit? I spent money on AU, UK & US servers

    We as the UK advisor team go out of our way designing missions which have realistic requirements to the UK (based off actual responses to incidents).These requirements would not work for other versions and I can tell you now players would not be happy if we started implementing requirements like US etc. Too many aerials.

    The code we write is the code that’s put in the game, that’s why there have been errors to the missions when they have been added, because I have made a typo. The devs spend little time working on missions for the UK game.

    With respect, we (both the UK and US) have no say over content in the Australian version of the game. By you two keep posting about the Australian version, it is derailing topics relating to the other versions. If this continues I will start issuing warnings. I suggest if you have feedback about the Australian version, you submit it via the app or the Facebook where it can reach the correct location. They may not have an Australian forum but there is an Australian version of the advisor/content teams who will have been provided with the facilities to write their own missions, if that isn’t being done, that’s not the team here’s fault.

    TACRfan, warnings for trying to help? FFS harden up princess. You have people trying to help the versions of the games they play & you want to give warnings for that? Do I need to join your team to be helped? submit via app or facebook? Still waiting on answers to errors submitted months ago. Australian advisor/content team wouldn't know who they are to contact to get help. Noone, especially me. is saying its the team here's fault.

    The Devs don't create missions for the UK version, us here on the UK team do so it's no workload for them at all. They might choose to balance the credits a little but all of the other work is done by us as we're making every mission specialised to our own services. We want to have a game that's as unique as the rest and rolling out the same one mission to every version isn't unique, even with some adjusted units or names.

    They still have to add it, balance it, bug test it & do it for 23 servers (well at least three that get a voice). Your idea is essentially 23 games without the dev power to do a great job of it, which is what is creating the imbalance between the different servers.

    Your last mission, Person under a tree, can happen in the US, DE, PL, IT, KR, AU & every country has the equiptment to do that job (both in real life & in game). So why cant it go to all 23 servers? IF every country has people creating the missions, well OMG, that could be 23 new missions a week rolled out across all servers

    What im saying is a fire is a fire regardless of country. So if the devs made a new mission called A Big Fire translate it to all servers using the appropriate to the countries units & bam, 1 mission for 23 versions of the game.

    Not do a Fire mission for that server, a parachute job for another server & 6 unit job for 170cr on another etc.

    Reduce the work flow to increase the work output! Work on whats there atm, catch everyone up to the same levels of missions/expansions etc, then add 1 mission x 23 servers, instead of coming up with 23 missions for 23 servers.

    UK's Critical Care is the same as Australia's MICA paramedics
    UK's Daily Login bonus would also be nice to have in the AU version
    US Wildlands is similar to AU bushfire service
    All missions could be used in every version of the game (obviously with the right language translations & unit conversion), instead of them having to come up with version specific missions each Monday. How much easier could it be for them to expand content etc, if they only had to drop one set of weekly missions instead of 23 ?? How much more activity would be generated on the "not top 3" servers if we went from just over 100 missions to 500+ like the german version. (UK only has around 200)

    Point is, instead of treaing this games as 23 individual games, treat it as one with 23 languages, units types. A hospital fire is a hospital fire on any server, the units required to deal with it are still fire trucks. If it takes 10 firetrucks on 1 server it should take 10 on all servers. If it pays 10k credits it should on all servers.

    Simplify thge backend to make the front end better for all players.

    The devs say AU isnt big enough, well give us something worth playing!

    If they had a forum for all versions, even if it was just one large forum seperated into server specifics segments, they may just realise how much can be duplicated from one version of the game to other versions.
    None is going to post stuff on the facebook pages thats of any great use.

    There are people out there wanting to help.

    ***Steps off soap box***

    They are generally simple bots, so tripping them over with email verification & CAPTCHA's on creation will normally stop them before they can post

    So you are actually saying the devs essentially arent supporting "less popular" versions of the game? Or is that the Devs saying it?

    EIther way very poor. People are paying money to play the game regardless how popular their version is.

    Imagine saying this on the open to the public facebook page we are supposed to use? Oh thats right, they dont even announce the weekly new missions or updates on it anymore.

    I have asked several times. Should be here, no extra resources necessary. Too hard. Maybe I shoud say its Malicious not to have one?? Last time that word was used they backflipped & changed a mission because 1 person didnt like. Now we have at least two people asking for an Aus version on the forum, should happen twixe as fast. lol

    A little friendly advice, if you stick too closely to reality you will find yourself in trouble trying to answer calls. Sometimes you have to take a little artistic licence at what is at a station. For example, many of the VFD and county stations park some equipment outside or under a metal garage, tankers and wildfire trucks the most. So you will have to add stalls at your station to include them. The important thing to remember, its not a simulation and depending what your goals are feel free to be flexible. I still put my stations where they should but the equipment is not 100% accurate.

    100% right. At the rate we have building collapses in the game, most cities would be levelled in a few days :D