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    Looking to return to the game after a Hiatus, and likely planning on playing the UK version this time, instead of continue my US account. I've spent most of my life stateside, and in my limited time abroad have only visited the UK for work and tourism. That said - what's a good place to dip my toes into the UK system, and learn the units and how the game operates on this server, and what's a good alliance who can help educate me and that would be in that area to help out!


    I know one thing that I found frustrating as a realistic player when I last played was that many FDs outside of large urban centers don't maintain a dedicated HazMat truck. In various places I've lived the HazMat team would arrive in a truck that pulled a trailer with equipment, have a support unit that included specialized rescue equipment, hazmat equipment, and other support equipment. In various places that I've lived I've also seen Rescue HazMats and Rescue + Air/Light units. These extra options might be nice for realistic players, or rural players whose stations aren't going to have all unit types for small towns.

    I'd also point out regarding rescue/quint the UK game has a CARP - Combined Arial Rescue Pump, which fulfills all three roles. I don't recall anywhere I've lived in the US having a three way unit. So the OP argument is perhaps moot, based on comparison to other versions.

    Thank you for your kind words about the UK update. We put a lot of hard work into it to provide the players with a large variety of options. We were also working from scratch on a limited timeframe.

    While I am not involved with the US game development, it is my understanding that the original ARFF pack for that game is very old and reasonably inflexible so the addition of two extra firefighting units is nice although there could be a larger expansion added in my opinion. Aviation firefighting is very different between both countries so what is relevant in one may not be relevant in the other. I'm open to ideas however and always willing to help other versions out with industry knowledge.

    I've also deleted the above comment as it was not relevant to the topic and came across quite hostile. I will not tolerate this here.

    Look elsewhere from me for industry knowledge! I've volunteered wilderness S&R in the US, but beyond that - I can't provide more than what I've observed.

    The expectation that the current system is inflexible is a head scratcher for me though... I don't know what the dev team / content team size is, but even if its small, I'd think reworking things to improve quality would benefit current, returning, and first time players, even if the transitions cause some temporary fusses.

    Thanks for the response, and it's good to see members of the update teams in the forums! Very much appreciate the response, and its making which version I want to reinvest time into an easier choice haha.


    [In the spirit of maintaining a positive peace in the forums, I've deleted the quoted section, since caching / forum settings was causing it to still appear on my device. That said, I'm leaving the rest of the post up, since it adds further information to the discussion.]

    But my point is - THAT (what you mentioned) is lagging behind the UK versions. UK gets New Mission Monday as well, and their airport update was FAR more than two ARFF vehicles. See attached image of the UK's Airport Update (source: FB

    It's been a long time since I last played this, and I was considering coming back... but looking at the most recent updates for this and the UK version I'm confused. The quality of content on the US version seems to have dwindled. When I played it was the PREMIERE English speaking version. But comparing the FB updates, it seems that is no longer the case.

    The US version's airport update was two new tenders. Nice for realism (thank you!), but not anywhere near as in depth as the UK's version with its Airport Police, Airfield Operations, and additional units (RIV, Rescue Stairs, Command, Medical Equip Trailer, etc.). I get that the versions are different as they tailor to different countries practices, but the US version is still so surface level. while the UK got a big update that vastly improves the game.

    Same with the rescue updates. The US got what is essentially coast guard and lifeguard. Great! The UK update was similar (with a S&R Part 2 coming!) but has much more units and more in-depth options with mud rescue, rope rescue, 4x4 vehicles, and more.

    Is the US development still going well, or has it stalled in comparison to other versions?

    Name/Type of Mission: Electric Car Charger Fire

    Units Required: 6 Engines, 1 Battalion Chief, 1 Water Tanker (50%), 1 HazMat (60%)

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Electric Car Charging Port (NEW)

    Patients: 0-2

    Prisoners: none

    Credit Reward: $4500

    Can expand to:


    Name/Type of Mission: Explosion at Electric Car Charger

    Units Required: 10 Engines, 2 Battalion Chief, 1 Platform, 2 Water Tanker, 2 HazMat, 1 MCV

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Electric Car Charging Port (NEW)

    Patients: 0-5

    Prisoners: none

    Credit Reward: $7500

    Name/Type of Mission: Medium Helicopter Crash in Water

    Units Required: 5 Engine, 2 HRV, 1 BCU, 1 Tanker, 1 HazMat, 1 Boat

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Lake, River

    Patients: 0-6


    Credit Reward: 5750

    Name/Type of Mission: Small Helicopter Crash in Water

    Units Required: 3 Engines, 1 BCU, 1 HRV, 1 Tanker, 1 HazMat (25%), 1 Boat

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): NONE

    Patients: 0-2


    Credit Reward: 3500

    Quote from TACRfan

    As Vic said, with airport we don’t want to just add an expansion with crash trucks and that’s it, honestly it was boring. We have some ideas for an airport update featuring a wide array of airport safety and security related features rather than just fire. The airport expansion was never added to fire stations because it was coming imminently, it was added because the buildings were copied from the US game. For now, just treat it like it doesn’t exist.

    I hope they improve the US version to be more realistic as well...

    Different parts of the country have different things, in the South we still use horses. When I was in college, Orlando Police Department used horses for crowd control at the bar district. The Sheriff's Office I work at in Florida still uses horses for patrol where mounted deputies will make arrests and even do traffic stops. This isn't a podunk county either, there are half a million people in it!

    I was mostly making the reference to Wyoming wanting to live under cowboy law as a sarcastic statement of a former local. I've seen mounted popo in Houston, NYC, DC, etc. I woudn't want that job (allergies and sitting on a horse hurts my arse), but hey - I enjoy seeing mounted police when I'm out and about my day!

    I recently proposed a way to improve hospitals in game to help with the constant backlog of patients active players tend to build up. You can read it below:

    Hospital capacity

    I'd like to propose an additional mechanic for clinics:

    Clinics should be allowed to build any expansion but will be limited to 1 expansion maximum
    (because of this maximum, there will be no prerequisite expansions for specialities such as neurology).

    Now, this would allow me to more realistically place practices such as the Neurological Associates of Vermont, which is really only small enough to be a clinic while having the proper specialty constructed as opposed to general internal. The added realism would also help us reduce patients being brought to the hospital, freeing up more space in our primary facilities. In addition, it seems that you can't have too many ambos and the extra two beds of space would be beneficial.