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    As far as remember, this feature was asked for the very first EMS Content Pack, few years ago (that CP with BLS Ambulance / ABCDE Protocols, etc...). At this time, the dev team refused to add an "EMS academy" with ALS / BLS training. So we just have ALS and BLS Ambulances. I don't know if this thing will change from now.
    Another thing to take into consideration is, the actual EMS CP is a Part 1 (out of ??? parts). Unfortunately they don't want to tell us what they are cooking at on the following parts....

    I would actually would like to see in the ARR is a line for each of these vehicles. So I can assign these vehicles to certain calls. While at it add the Quint as a line item also.

    With a custom unit category or an AAR group (or both) you should resolve your problem. 🤔

    Actually now that I think about this. That might be accurate where those units wont treat patients. Here is why....

    I tested a theory a couple moths ago with training personnel as Sheriff and K9. I placed them in a K9 unit and they responded appropriately to K9 calls. I sent those units out to Sheriff calls but did NOT count as Sheriff as they were not in Sheriff vehicles. I swapped them to Sheriff cars and they counted as sheriff but not as K9 on applicable calls. They were bound to calls based on the vehicle. So I suspect that FF trained ALS wont be a benefit unless assigned to Engine / Amb rigs. In which case I wonder if you assign an regular non-trained FF in a Engine Ambulance if the unit would even leave the station?

    IMO : It will do the same thing with ... Hazmat or command vehicule without the required training.

    About the Sheriff/K9 thing, it's because in the mission code, the mission requires 1 unit (with a trained personnel) and not only one trained personal.
    Like some SWAT required missions that requires only an # amount of SWAT personnel and not a SWAT unit (like the LSA Mission does).

    You are correct that not all hospitals are Trauma Centers and not all hosiptals have large ER departments. I would not view hospital beds as ER beds. There are many times that paients delivered via ambulance are not delivered to the ER. That is a fact I used to be an EMT and had to deliver pt to other departments.(1) I am not sure you can fairly judge an average capacity of ER's across a country as the more remote hospitals have only a few beds for ER and others in more heavily populated areas have much larger er beds. Plus the fact that Trauma Centers have thier own beds and that count depends on the class of Trauma Center they are rated for to include requirements for certain specialties bineg available 24/7.(2) Most hospitals have Mass Cass protocols, of course they are not the same across the board due to resources.(3)

    (1) : Sure, I'm an Ambulance Auxiliary (the lowest rank of Ambulance workers here) and I'm agree with that. But, in the game, ambulances are only transporting emergency rated patients. Those patients need to be in an ER first even if it's the lowest emergency grade. Only a patient transfer or any IFT's, medical appointments are not delivered to the ER.

    (2) : So the ingame hospital is not acurate and should have extensions like a Trauma departement with it's own beds ?

    (3) : Sure, but are those protocols allow a higher patient capacity temporarly for hospitals ?

    I've tested this a bit and as far as I can tell putting ALS trained crew on engines and quints DID NOT treat patients where an ALS ambulance was required. This was the reason for creating this thread originally as I'm not sure if that is what the devs intended with this update.

    So, if it's not working as you said (and as it should), this point needs to be reported to the staff.

    I suspect if a FF has the ALS training and there is a patient then they could treat the patient (get that timer going) if no Amb is onsite. Then if the pt is to be transported then an applicable unit will need to be onsite. I have seen pt get assgined to fire units on scene when amb have not arrived. So when a trained person is on site the timer goes down for each pt being treated. Could be huge for the rural sites if the ff are trained ems and it takes time for a rig to arrive. Now to further complicate things is if BLS arrives and the pt requires ALS service does the FF qualify that like a fly car with an ALS person. hmm something to test but I do not have BLS anymore I cut them out

    I guess so but this need a confirmation.
    I'm asking this to reproduce with more fidelity the medical response of the area I play (Santa Clara County) wher a first response unit is responding alongside of a county ambulance (the first response unit can be a Type 1, a Truck, even a Hazmat truck or whatever is available) . I won't made any move without any sure infos, especially with a "Part 1" content pack release... ;)

    Fire Engine Ambulance is also in the Volusia County Fire Rescue since a while .

    I'm also very confused with the ALS training for FF's and I have the same question (if ALS trained FF car handle a medical call like a flycar if they are in a regular Truck (and whatever the truck used, from the Type1, Type3, Plateforme Truck, ect...)).
    I already suggested to write a FAQ article with new vehicles specifications, differences with actual ALS/BLS Ambulances, and all relative question we can have like here.

    But how much Regional trauma centers represents in a State within all hospitals ? What percentage ? Because all hospitals are not Trauma centers and all hospitals don't have a large ER capacity.
    What is the average capacity of all ER departments in the entire US ? What is the percentage of hospital with more than 30 ER spots in normal conditions ?
    Do the US EMS use specific plans on mas-cas situations ? In France we do have special plans to temporarly rise up the patient capacity of our ER's.
    If there are similar things in the US, then we should propose some temporary features to improve patient capacity ?

    Hello, I am reconmending we upgrad hospitals to be able to hold more than 30 people max, I think closer to 100 would be a lot better, is there a way to do this? Am I to dumb do know? Please let me know!:)

    Totally not agreed. The hospital building is more like an ER service in an hospital. Do you know many hospitals with more than 30 beds in the ER ?

    According to official documents from the local agencies where I play, the Omega level is a below a A level.
    Where I play, an Omega patient requires an ambulance without lights and siren, in the 59:59 mins in and urban area, 89:59 mins in a suburban area and a non-determined time in a rural zone. The Omega status specifies that no first responders are needed. So an Omega patient is not a medical emergency but more like a medical transport.

    This isn't a bad idea as far as realism, though it'll be interesting to see how the community reacts to this idea here in the forums. I will keep an eye on this.

    I already suggested a while ago for the US game (and for all the versions), to add a status when the ambulance is arrived at the hospital and delivering the patient. With that new vehicle status, the ambo needs to wait few seconds (due to game scale) at the hospital instead of drop off instantly the patient and go back in service the next second. It would represent the unavailability of the ambulance while the patient is transfered to the ER unit, while the ambulance team are reconditionnig the vehicle, do a quick desinfection and go back to service.
    And in addition of this, I suggested a probability of desinfection unavailbility. This probability would change regarding the type of transport the ambulance just finished. You have more probability of desinfection on a bleeding patient than an asthma.
    When the ambulance is unavailable for desinfection, 2 scenarios are possible :
    1 ) Ambulance goes back to station in status 6 (or status ... 9 (or whaterver new status)) is unavailable for a certain duration and comes back automatically in status 2.
    2) Ambulance switches to a new status, stays at the hospital during a certain amount of time of desinfection, goes back to service in status 1.

    This time of unavaibility would be a sort of queuing if there are many ambulances at the same time by using a value to the hopsital. The hospital should be able to take care of 1, 2, 3 patients at the same time. I mean, 1, 2, 3 arriving patients. If you send 30 ambulances at the same time, only 1 - 3 ambulances are treated by the ER crew at the same time.
    And then you have a queue.

    I think this game would be awesome if we could see some trailers as an addition. Trailer types that I can think of off the top of my head would be hazmat, foam, pumper, utility, and an ATV with a trailer that can haul an ATV would be cool for Search & Rescue / Brush missions. I would love to see these features in the game considering a lot of departments have these types of trailers/utility vehicles.

    This as already been covered on another thread. I don't rememeber which one but I already answered to that idea few weeks ago. ^^

    Real talk : Is anyone here have some MPDS documentation available to share, please ?
    I found the basic code list and the first response protocol applied in the county I play on the web, but as a French Auxilliary Ambulance Technician, I'm curious about this system and all sheets and protocols applied.

    It would be cool to have an option that could be turned on/off in the dispatch center where you can assign buildings to different agencies. This would stop you from sending a vehicle from the transport police to something non-transport related and so on. It would be really useful for all of the bigger players with multiple cities. Also would be cool to have one dispatch center per agency but that's not as important. Hopefully I explained myself well.

    I'm not sure to understand well.
    You already can assign individually each buldg you xants to each dispatch you want. :huh: