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    I'd like to see IFT's expanded to include transfers from random hospital to random hospital, and random clinic to random hospital, rather than just clinic to closest hospital.

    I totally agree with this, using the Hospital POI. But looks like a regular mission.

    On the FR Community, I always send those guys to the in-game team-seeker. ;)

    So it's similar to water shuttle? Is there a way to calculate the possible need before dispatch?

    I already reported (here) this non-sense of filled gallons but still requiring tankers...
    About your last question,
    I made a quick spreadsheet with all vehicles and each water capacity.
    If there is some interest, I could translate it and share this document or you can easily so the same.

    I wish there was a way to change the frequency for certain calls. I get more truck into house calls than regular auto accidents or medical calls. I also wish certain calls would stop spawning on interstates. Like why is there a kitchen fire on an interstate.

    It's totally random. Few years ago, I have almos 80% of "Unkown Tanker Spill" ... during few weeks.

    This a good idea. I think there is a code allow a mission to strictly appears as an evolution (need to be verified).
    The thing is : I believe alarms are different according where you are.

    Where I play in San Jose, CA, I listed this (from real dispatches) :
    Structure Response = 1xBattalion + 3xEngineCompany* + 2xTruck + Opt WTanker + Opt HazMat + Opt USAR + Opt Squad
    Full 1st Structure = 2xBattalion + 3xEngineCompany* + 2xTruck + Med30 + 1xSquad + 1WaterTanker
    Tier 2 Structure = 3xBattalion + 6xEngineCompany* + Med30 + 2xSquad + 1AirUnit + 3xTruck (+Hazmat /+USAR (optional))
    * 1 Engine Company can be composed by 1xType1 or 1xType1+1xType6 regarding stations.

    But in the south county, basic responses are like this (according official documents) :
    Residential Building Fire = 4 Eng ,2Batt
    Commercial Building fire = 4 Eng , 1Trk, 2Batt

    I already use the AAR to do this.
    But, It's could be cool if some missions can have evolution grades. Like a expansion mission we can't have if we don't have the previous mission.

    OK but many coastal fire departments have a marine unit. The marine unit has a quarters which is often referred to as a firehouse, sometimes the firehouse also houses land units, sometimes not. But that quarters of the marine unit should be able to house different types of boats. Just like a land firehouse can have Engines and Ladders, Marine firehouses should be able to have Fire boats and Rescue boats

    In San Francisco, the station 35 have all three fireboats Guardian, Phoenix and St Francis just behind the station with the Engine.
    We built both buildings side by side. I don't see the point here. ?(

    But there is no "unfair" advantage, this isn't a player against player game, it's not a competition. (For the record I agree with you just point that out)

    Well, there is a competition :
    The overall players rankings. I can see it in the French community. Some of them uses this ranking as an argument to make themselves more important. Some players thinks they are more important because they are ranked 3rd.
    So, yes, There is a competition in this game.
    Same with alliances rankings and player rankings for alliance recruitement.

    what do you ean... its a suggestion????

    Yes it is. And thanks for sharing this with us.
    But you made at least 3 topics with the same title. Which "Suggestion" topic is talking about call variety ? ;)
    Of course it's a suggestion, because you are in the "Suggestions and improvements" section, but about what your topic is about ? ^^
    @WinWin says it all.

    I'm not impersonating a moderator but I strongly suggest you to not use "Suggestion" as a topic title.
    If you create 3 topics with the same title. How can we all figure out witch one is about what ? :D

    Hello there.

    Here is a quick request that, I'm sure would be appreciated by all graphics creators of this community.

    I noticed, each time I'm updating my missions graphic pack, I'm sometimes forgetting which mission I'm editing and I'm losing a lot of time in loading a lot of pages. This feeling is more present since now we are adding all mondays missions each month.

    Actually, when you need to update a graphic pack (I'll use mission graphic pack as example but it can applies to units graphic pack aswell), you'll have to select the EDIT button of the desired pack, then you need to select the related mission you need to edit, then click to the EDIT button (with the pen) that lead you to another page ([Number ID of your graphic pack]/mission_graphic_images/[Number ID of the mission]/edit)
    And then, we have a new page, without ANY title or mission name, where we can upload icons for each state the game use.

    My suggestion is : When we open the Pack Editing page ([Number ID of your graphic pack]/edit), you can select the related mission by clicking on the pen button to edit the desired mission. No changes here. But, instead of loading to you a new page, why can't we have directly the content of the mission editing page (where you can upload your icons and save) on the same page without any needs to load a new page ?

    I can't imagine a new player who wants to create a new pack tomorrow, edit the actual 480+ missions we have 1 by 1. By this critic, I'm thinking about tomorrow. The tomorrow we'll have in 3, 4, 5 years when MCUS will probably have something like 650-700 missions (and even more on LSS).

    I understand the time needed for recoding a feature already working great. I also have complaints of loading times. Loading times can be long considering the server usage (we already have several slowdowns issues since the pandemic), if we can avoid too much loadings of a new page redirecting to an other page, redirecting to a previous page, It would be a great benefit for everyone. I also understand having a browser-only player point of view and this new editing feature could display differently for mobile players.

    Feel free to share below what you think and other ideas, counter-proposal, especially if you are a graphic pack creator.

    hm? Really? For my USAR I just have 2 boat+hr units... I did not have anything else in particular to add unless you have suggestions for that station.

    The second issue, yes, you will need to train a lot of personnel. But, it’s no rush at all anyways. Plus, I am not sure how many people even have BLS units at this moment in time. It will take a while for ppl to add in the BLS crew and train personnel. Hopefully the devs make training like 2-3 days and with an alliance course or sourced from your own training center it’s free. And, it could be a money maker, selling seats for courses make pretty good credits. It’s def not gonna be like the sheriff units implementation; A. They learned from their mistake (I hope) and B. Ambulances are a requirement, BLS+als engine or so forth is not a requirement from the regular ALS.

    About SJS apparatus : We are deviating all topics of this forum. I suggest you to open a private (or public for others players in the same area ?) thread only focused on Santa Clara County organization charts. :D

    Already asked a long time ago (when BLS came out) for a paramedic education.
    Don't forget a thing : For large players with thousands of fire unit, they'll have to educate all their fire personnel 10 by 10 ? How many courses ? 300+ ? How long it will take (even with coins bypass) ?
    I would require an already paramedic education for fire dept.

    @WinWin EMS Rescue units are the closest units you will find to the equivalent of the real USR's and Squad Units you have in your vacinity. ;)