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    I have only built SJ. Santa Clara is in the works. I have no mutual units to send. The game should function on a regular basis to where SJ and other counties so in California can operate without outsourcing. And, I don’t wait for the rescues to clean up and go to the next call. I’m impatient and would like to have enough rescues to be able to finish most of the calls in the area as it is.

    When I started to build the CNT, I especially chose stations according to my needs. I started by the station 83. Then, the 73 and 78. I could add the Rescue, the Battalion and then the Tanker to my list as backup.

    I am not sure if its possible via the LSS-M, but if you are in the vehicle list of a station you can just click on the status icon to set it to status 6.

    I actually have 2 OES units and almost 1 reserve engine available for each one of the 30-ish stations I have in my major city (I did not listed the reserve for other areas for this example). I don't really want to always search each unit in each station to switch from status 2 to status 6 and vice versa. ;)

    Yea, ok. Idk, I counted 4 or smth like that. No, I right now in SJ have a train station fire medium, Hotel fire large and a bunch of other calls and a res. Fire. With the rescues I have it’s not enough.

    Also, with the stations I have in the area, I had to put in 2 hazmats for both HIT units because some missions require 2 of them.

    I already had similar cases in the downtown (Major Hotel + museum). I can handle with my 3 Squads and 2 USR's. If I need more, I can dispatch backup from CNT or surrounding cities. If I cant, I wait the first finishes to follow-up to the other. I don't have any problems with that dispatch situation. :huh:
    If I can't handle all situations at the same time cause of missing units. I treat one at a time.

    I find it interesting when when the word winning is used with this game. For all intents and purposes it's a sandbox game. You can do almost anything you want. How do you win other than accomplishing what ever goals you might have set? Since the word winning is used, how do you lose this game? I also really don't get the concern about balance and over powered equipment. It might cause some alliances I guess some problems, but alliances have the power to tell their players what to do so limit what they can have if you are so hard core to think that a piece of equipment is OP.

    The OP brings up a good point, other than allowing auto recruitment what incentive is there for me to pay to play this game? I want to see continued development, but I can do that by buying coins every so often. I think there should be more perks for premium players.

    I can see it every day with the French community complaining everyday about small missions and slow evolutions caused by low gains. Adopting a rule like this will automatically generate tensions and complaints.
    This is exactly the point. Using the winning term don't mean other will lose. I mean people will have an advantage. 2 players at the same evolution point will not evolve on the same speed if one of them gain an advantage to pay for credits.
    Other point I did not think about and @WinWin mentionned is the competition. The competition is based on the overall credits earned. By definition, you will pay for gaining positions in the overall ranking. This is a major win.

    To be clear, I never doubted or questionned about your moderator job. ;)

    Point 1 is very usefull on other variants of the game. About this, I would like that the pulling-unit move code 3 to the station to get the trailer.

    I'm not sure about the point 2. IRL, I'm not sure this could happend "everywhere" due to educations and crew shifts.

    Just giving an opinion about that rule : Okay, new topics keep the forum alive. But for a new member (and player) comming tomorrow with a question, he will make a research with the search feature and he will find a plenty of topics with a similar or approaching title. As a former forum admin and mod for the last 15 years, I'm not sure it's the best way to improve the research experience.

    What do you guys think? I see both sides in this.

    In a way it cheats the game as players would do this and the Devs would get better financially and makes the game easy.

    But, It would also be a good idea as a secondary option for players starting out, Those with much with larger setups or those caught up in a rut.

    I'm not really a fan of this idea.
    This could turn a free game with optional purchases as a pay to win game. We can already purchase everything cith credis and coins. Si, why this could helpful in any way ?

    Sj and Santa Clara County have 2 HMs, Milpitas also has a HM.. ya'll should expand to those areas. I have SJ, Santa Clara City and County built. I have no problems.

    HIT-B from SJS is not really a Hazmat unit as HIT-A is. Anyway, for the game, both units are classic Hazmat trucks.
    I already have SJS', CNT's, Milpitas, Mountain View (I already have the entire Santa Clara County built). But Gilroy is far from those places. ;)

    Hey there,
    I would like a way, to set a group of defined units in status 2 or 6 without having to reach each units individually. It would be very useful for reserve units and, for exemple, activate/deactivate OES units.
    We would have to group desired units and instead of a classic AAR calling of the group to respond, allow us to activate/deactivate this group.

    Suggestions ?

    5 squads ? I only listed Squad 3, 5 and 26 + various USR's (A,B,C,D,E,I and J).
    I have 98% SJS completed all engines are Type 1's in the game. I EMS Rescue for the USAR A and B and for the three Squads units.
    And I'm totally fine with it. ‍♂️
    The Rescue repartition for the CNT is good.
    The only point I have trouble with is in the South county when the game spawns a mission with Hazmats and several Rescues. In that location, original departments handle a Hazmat with an Engine and if a special equipement is required, they have a trailer.

    About the main topic : I'm agree with the radius idea.

    I don't use clinics. I have made some, just to have transports. I would like a fonction to close a building to new emergencies (I would close my clinics).
    For hospitals, I suggest (again) a new value if a patient is treated in an hospital with an extension than one without extension. Some players thinks extensions do not worth their costs. Also, a Helipad extension : All hospitals shouldn't have the ability to recieve a helicopter.
    About Hospital capacity, don't forget you don't have an entire hospital but basically just the Emergency Room of the hospital. 30 patients for an ER service is already huge, IMHO.

    Not comparing to the Med 30 for San Jose Fire. It works as an EMS Supervisor. It could be other things but what I stated is generally the main tasks for it. Med 30 also responds to large calls and sometimes wildfires.

    I never mentionned Med30 above. Med30 in San Jose is an EMS Field coordinator responding to almost every medium to major calls.
    I only mentionned the County EMS. ;)

    I recommend a tiller truck that is a heavy rescue/ platform combo, great for NYC and big cities that use tillers in that capacity

    Best thing is a new high elevation capacity request.
    Tiller ladders are longer that classical Platefrom/Ladders trucks. This data must be considerated.

    I believe more than 7 but I could be wrong.

    An EMS-Chief irl and in game is a medical supervisor that does tasks on ground to coordinate a mass medical emergency.

    Are you sure it's just a medical supervisor ?
    As I compared to the actual Santa Clara EMS, I would say Flycars are Supervisors and EMS-Chief are the EMS Duty Chief and the EMS Chief (XSC DC and XSC Chief, IRL).