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    I agree with Barake. Sheriff's units are almost identical to police units. Just serving in another jurisdiction outside cities. Only in some rare places like San Francisco, Sheriff are only Correction / Court deputies.

    Like the main author of this thread says, I also would like to have this "Sheriff" unit renamed as SUPERVISOR.

    Well. I'm not sure to understand well.
    Strike teams (like actual strike teams on Californians wildfires) are composed by 5 engine companies + 1 battalion chief.) Basically you can make this by create a group of units.

    By the way, what I would like to have is creating a group and add this group of unit as a global plan.


    I finished SJ and I’m doing Santa Clara county! Finished about 2 days ago with more than 40 stations in that region, 12 of which have the forestry expansion. I have yet to see one wildland mission...
    :| :|

    I know that feeling, dude. ;)

    This one may be more controversial but here’s my thinking.

    The “Reported Fraud” mission is very vague. I mean, we have pickpocketing and other more specific missions that would fall under fraud. I think instead they should just remove this mission and focus on other fraud missions as a specific. It’s wayyyyyy to vague.

    Thanks again.

    IRL, a lot of the time you don't have so many details. A medical is a medical, a fire is a fire. IRL they won't have any details if its a kitchen fire, a room fire, a fireplace fire, etc...
    Same for the police. A disturbance or a fight are very vague. Whatever it's a fight in a mall, a home, a bar, with 2, 3, 4, people.

    What more details would you need ?

    While Type-1 and 2 Engines are Free, there is a 5,000 Credit savings when building a Fire Station with a Rescue-Pumper or a Quint. Those two units are 14,000 when purchased with the Fire Station as opposed to 19,000 when purchased later.

    And can also build a station with a RE, switch the RE with a regular T1 from another station and get refund your station.
    We have the same on the FR.

    hey, sweet. I believe POI’s are shared with everyone in game and if you’ve done that Area... I don’t have to do POI’S in the whole area! Thanks. I am currently building up SJ working on Santa Clara and that helps.

    I also sometime work on the map base. You can now find (on browser) the locations of the future station 20 and station 37 of SJS, the location of some volunteers fire departements and various corrections and additions. ;)
    But this is out of topic.

    Sorry, morning mood. To be more helpful:
    Go into the vehicle, click edit, upload graphic.

    Exactly what I said you can edit individually a vehicle by picking an icon in any graphic packs existing. But you can't have one icon used by only one unit.
    I don't have any "upload graphic" in the edit menu of my units. I can only choose from librabry. Because I also use a global graphic pack. But that not make any sense to remove the one-by-one setup option if you have a pack. You should be able to have a pack, then, customize one by one the units you want.

    I have never agreed with something more in my life!
    - The personal carrier which i assume you are talking about the crew career can also be really useful. Like, you can fill it with Swift Water Rescue trained personnel to help with SWR calls

    My SWR boat is pulled by an utility, filled by my SWR educated firefighters. No need for a bus... Only crew carriers I've seen where I play are inmates firefighters deployed on massive complexe fires by the CalFire. But the game don't require any amount of personnel. Just vehicles.

    I've noted your feedback and we'll try our best to implement those into the game. However we're already working on some of the things you mentioned so you can expect to see some updates in the near future.


    Not great things to add, just some modifications of existing features. ;)
    Thanks colleague. ^^

    Currently Im making my missionchief themed round the BCC Ambulance Show and I want to have my vehicle icons like this >>>
    What I thought would be nice is because I want to have all my units have its personal icon saying if its an ambulance then below saying eg F280 at the bottom, It would be nice and I know it might not be benificial to everyone but I would be a nice feature to have so we can have a touch of realism towards our games.

    I would prefere a feature allowing us to have a custom unit image unit by unit. The actual feature we have only allow us to pick one unit in an existing pack. But if a player wants to do a totally custom pack (like an "Engine 1" icon for his Engine1, etc...), he can't...

    I'm not totally satisfied with the last updates.

    Point 1 :
    First thing first, Type 1's (or T2's) responds to wildfires calls too. Most of them have a water cannon on the top and portable cannon as equipement (see pictures). They can attack a wildfires from a road and defend structures from wild fire. For further attack, the crew from the Type 1 can help even if the truck can't access.
    I strongly recommand to add them / count them as an usefull unit (with a tank capacity of 300GAL of Type 1 and Type 2) [Source].
    [Blocked Image:]

    Point 2 :
    I'm fully for the water system lately added. I assume (and hope) the water system for the wildfires is an open door for a possible standardization of this system later.
    Since the water system has been added, the unit requirement don't make any sense on some missions.
    The requirement of water tankers must be removed. Why ?
    Because we need a large amount of water that we can fill via Tankers and/or Engines. If already I satisfy the water supply of 30 000 gallons with helicopters and tankers and engines, Why would I need more water tankers ?
    [Blocked Image:]
    Also, we have a personnal carrier totally useless at this time.

    Point 3 :
    Now, about the Federal CP. You already read me on this. I'm not satisfied at all about "sheriff" 's units (name and abilities are not accurate, several members here and on the official facebook page, shared their opinion about what a sheriff unit is). :thumbdown:
    If you want to do a supervisor unit. Just rename all this. Not difficult.
    Personally, I would prefere more police units instead of federal (same units, bomb disposal, Mobile HQ/Command,...) from Police and not the feds, but I guess I can deal with it.

    Point 4 :
    Another thing at the moment, the custom alliance mission form needs a massive refresh :
    - The Air unit is missing since ... 3 years.
    - SWAT missions requires SWAT personnel but not custom missions.
    - "Boats required" is not obvious. What boat ? The SWR light boat ? The large Rescue boat ? The fire boat ?
    - Ability to generates patients with several hospital departements needs. 60 patients generated will not all need a trauma center. Some injuries requests surgery or just general internal.

    Point 5 :
    Review of existing missions :
    I already mentionned this on our french developpement branch (because we will have the same issue on the french version). Some missions need to be modified ad adapted, like the classic unknown tanker spill still require an useless MCV, or some bush / straw / field fires where wildfire are useless, ...

    Point 6 :
    Medical realism :
    Already requested, Paramedic training would be the best idea IMHO. Set a fire and ambulance personnel as basic EMT (BLS) by default and having how many personnel we want to become a paramedic (ALS) trained personnel. Usefull in ambulances and in fire units. Where I play, FF responds to a medical with an engine company (composed by 1 Type1 or 1Type1+1 Type6). At the same time, an ambulance is dispatched. That reduce response time. If an engine company is already out for a medical and an other medical comes up, the ladder, the tanker or the hazmat can respond instead (because they need the medical educated personnel, whatever what truck used). I already saw this few times for real. This is why I'm not favorable to adding all Engines only with the same medical ability like a flycar. Or, add this ability for every fire units we have.
    Also, I would request some details for ambulances : Adding a small delay (like 10 or 20 seconds) of unavailability when the ambulance arrives at the hospital (Status 8). Just the time to drop off the patient to the ER. Also, I would like a probability (like 30 or 40%) of unavailability for desinfection. I don't know if the nature of the medical call could affect the desinfection probability in the game. When an ambulance needs a desinfection, the units is not available for calls (Status 6, I guess) and go back to the station. Then a cooldown of ... maybe 1 to 5 mins starts, time to clean up the ambulance and get ready for service again.

    For the last point, I know, it's just a game. But if you want to reflects the real world as the game pretends, some details are important too. :)

    Well, with my set up I like the amount of SWR missions, I believe the fire boat missions can produce more than currently and Wildfire missions DEFINITELY do not produce enough missions. I have right now about 10 Wildland stations in San Jose and get like 1 wildland mission every week! Sometimes not even. We need a lot more wildland missions.

    I play in the entire Santa Clara County with the most realistic reproduction the game can allow. (SJS, CNT, CDF, Volunteers, etc..)
    I have few wildfire missions everyday I play. :|

    You wanna talk POI placement ?
    [Blocked Image:]
    And I did not placed a lot of POI's. I mean, I did not place each POI everywhere. But 100% accurate.
    And there are way bigger players than me with thousands of POI's.

    (Sorry, this (way too big) image is from the official Opérateur112 Facebook group.)

    Having both settings is not impossible and I think the code is not that hard to do tbh.

    Yeah I've never seen a game where you can choose an area without having the station centered on it, so probably not a possible thing atm.

    Having a general setting that rules and setup all stations and where you cad adjust individually each station is possible but harder to code.

    I don't seen any games neither. But IRL, it's happening everywhere.

    That's cool.

    It can be another way of making it work yes as long has you can change that setting in each station, because there will be stations closer to water, or stations further away from the others, etc.

    A setting in Each stations has been mentionned on internal talk. IMHO I would prefere a global settings. I only have 99 fire stations. Some other players have hundreds like 500+. I'm not sure they would like to review and setup each one of them.
    But, I would like a heatmap feature like we can find in the LSS Manger. With a global + individual setting, it would be a cool thing to set up. But another thing to take in consideration, fire stations don't respond in a circle area. Some stations are not centered in their responding area.