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    Well I have been playing this for like 3/4 days, so don't know much about the limitations of this game, just spitting things out of my head. But yeah, if it would be possible to make the game identify every type of road and also water etc, would be much better than placing POIs everywhere.

    I play since 3 and a half year. ;)
    You can't put a POI for everything.
    That would force new players to spend 80% of their game time on placing POI instead of responding to calls. Not really enjoyable.


    1) There are actually reports of issues with missions on POI's. (Missions don't spawns or spawn once, until you place a POI again)

    2) For all missions like road accident ect... Will you place a "Road" POI every inch you have a road ?

    But probably few missions deserves some new POI's or the best thing would be : The game can see the difference between Road, highway, waterway, trail...

    This topic is recurring on several versions of the game. Players of the French game is actually on the same asking process.

    I suggested to add in the Dispatch center's settings menu a feature where you can choose like "original" / "Medium" (~8km) / "Far" (~+15km)

    I find it kind of annoying how you wait 7 days and spend 100k and rarely get any calls for the expansion.
    I got my first forestry (excuse me if I call it a brush expansion) 4 - 5 weeks ago and I only ever got 2 calls. I thought getting a second brush expansion would increase the brush calls. I got one 2 weeks ago and I haven't gotten another one since.

    I feel like that if you pay and wait for an expansion, you get more frequent expansion calls. Especially SWR at least around where I live they're pretty common.

    (If this is a thread already I havent seen one. Please link it if it does exist.)

    I have some ARFF related.

    I had SWR until the ealry days of 2020.

    I have a good amount of wildfire missions.

    So at this time I don't really feel what you're explaining. :huh:

    If your units are driving on water, something is probably being detected as a road. Im no developer but i dont think thats really something that can be fixed. Because if a mission spawns far enough off a road, your units wont even try to find a proper route

    It's happening also on some grounded locations when the game spawn a mission on a isolated trail.

    Hey there,

    Since several weeks, we have a lot of new missions but many of them generates patient without the EMD Protocole, the injury patient code. Also some medical missions without any departement required (at least the general internal would be sufficient).

    I try to list them all.

    A this time, I have :

    Mission IDMission CaptionIssue
    355Injured free runnerEMD missing
    421Pannic attackEMD missing
    423/424Train station fire (large)EMD missing
    325Sick personHospital departement needed is missinng

    Please feel free to add what you found bellow.

    I'll maintain what I said on the facebook page like many others.
    There are not Sheriff units but Supervisors.
    The term of Sheriff is a complete non-sense regarding how a lot of Counties works IRL.