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    I love all the ideas but nothing has happened sense these were posted. I think this need to be fix at the minimum add 30 bed to the existing 30 at this point I just need more space.

    Bro I don’t know about your set up but 400k is about 2 day of at least 19 hours of solid grinding. I have about 7 Fire station, 1 Police, and 2 Ambulance Stations. I don’t know about you but it pretty hard for me to get a hospital then get it maxed.

    My setup is realistic, so I want to avoid creating overlapping hospitals If I can, there is enough Hospitals in LA at the moment but 30 beds needs to be discussed, I agree that something needs to be sorted with the 30 hours etc.

    I like it. I’ll put it on my list

    Both of these quotes are from a couple months back and nothing is fixed and I have been really grinding lately and now have stacked my third hospital (now not on a mall in the correct place if you saw my other thread) but I think this need to be fixed or just in general need more attention.

    You will need more precise and careful planning then delete it and build again?

    Bro sometimes mistakes are made on my iPhone it said their was a hospital and then a week later I checked it out on my pc and it on a mall and both the hospitals are maxed. And I don’t have money and I do think there should be a way to move it for like 10-30k in game.

    I would like to just ask if you can make a way to move buildings for like a cost of 10k. Mainly because I have placed 2 hospitals on top of a shopping mall thinking it was a hospital down the Streep but I don’t have money to spend right now because of COVID.