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    With 1 fire investigation expansion or building will allow missions that require 1-2 fire investigation units

    Both fire investigation and fire prevention do the same job and meet the fire investigation requirement

    The fire investigation unit can be used as a police patrol car and has the ability to transport prisoners

    On computer you have a button on the left side of the map

    Click on that button and it moves the map into its own webpage you can close that webpage and continue to play the game to restore the map at the top of the screen click the button that says restore map

    I often use it to move the game map to a second screen for my son to watch the trucks responding to the missions

    Hi team

    1: I have the small coastal boat trailer available on fire stations under the water rescue tab my fire stations don’t have the coastal rescue expansion

    2: the small coastal boat trailer also has no requirements listed for a towing unit

    Alliance transport admin and admins can cancel the transport of patients.

    1: If the owner of the units is offline then the patient can be realised instantly upon the ambulance finishing the on scene treatment.

    2: the transports can be canceled by an alliance admin if the player is online but has been AFK <30 minutes

    my alliance will give transport admin too any member who is contributing tax to the alliance fund following the set out requirements this cuts down on the number of offline transports

    Honestly I don’t see this being worth while as the custom LSM pay so little that it would just tie up more units for the same payout

    We did a mission to test payment for max foam and water we got 17,800

    Foam tenders alone I had sent my entire 95 to that single mission which had over 32,000 firefighters on scene

    Sorry to reopen the thread but I had a relevant question: Are those missions generated like any other mission: random, part of your max mission count and if you have turbo on for mission generation, they have a chance to generate every 20 seconds? Just wondering if adding clinics will give me a ton of income or something extra or be taking the spots of possible ambulance missions since I'm eventually going to reach 6480 stations (36hrs worth of missions on turbo speed)

    Patient transport missions are not part of your max missions

    Patient transport is under the second mission tab it have the little ambulance icon, they have there own mission cap and that is based on 1 patient transport mission per 1 clinic

    As for the generation speed it is as far as I can tell completely random

    As alasizon said make sure you have enough towing units if you using the light boat trailers

    I would double check that you haven’t selected the same towing unit for multiple boat trailers (I leave all my trailers set to random towing unit)

    No, the response distance setting has no effect on mission spawn. Only on sending units to missions. Mission spawn radius is coded in and can't be changed. Only time its changed is when you trigger the anti-bot system, and spawn radius is increased to punish you. Otherwise, the spawn radius remains the same.

    The mission spawning at max radius is triggered by building to many stations in a close proximity to each other.

    The game settings actually has a warning for this you can check it by clicking on a dispatch centre then click on the settings tab, what your looking for would be the last line

    Do not show warning message when buildings are built too close together

    Unless you have turned that off you would know if this was the reason

    So, I switched locations in game from Durham to NYC by moving my main station, but I’m still getting Durham calls. How can I fix this?

    If you are moving stations from an area and you will have no stations left at the original location you are best to pause mission generation and complete all missions, then move your stations before you resume mission generation

    You can pause mission generation in the mission speed tab

    When I first found this feature I had a couple ems chiefs that wouldn’t automatically transport.

    Not sure if this is of any help.

    I found when setting the automatic transport patients to not activate if the units was not on station (status 2) I canceled the ems chiefs and then when they got back and sent them out to the next message they worked as they should

    To be honest, this update is kind of useless thinking about it.

    A patient is only released once every hour. Meaning if you play daily, and need those beds, at most your hospitals will only clear 24, and will always have 16 patients in them.

    Much better to build a 2nd hospital with 20 beds.

    Yes you do get more benefit from having more actual hospital buildings as long as you spread your patients out when you transport them.

    If you have the ems chiefs or MCV automatically transporting then you would have to set a minimum beds to be left so it wouldn’t fill a single hospital

    My alliance will build up to 10 hospitals at the IRL location and name them with W1 - W9 to sort off suggest different wards within that hospital

    When I look at my daily summary that you get with the LSSM v3 or v4 I never treat less than 4,000 patients in a game day

    Those aren't in the US version hence this being the US forum.

    No that’s right those specific units aren’t on the US

    We have trailers the AU server has had trailers for a lot longer for the mounted police

    but I have had my mass casualty trailers be left behind on missions before so I am giving advice on how I was able to fix it.

    there is no radio traffic requesting a vehicle, nor a "cancel" button

    thanks for the replies, any other suggestions would be appreciated

    Do you know what station it was from

    Maybe try going through the station to click on the trailer

    It should bring up a screen for you to select a towing unit

    If that isn’t available then check the area around where the mission was in map few as the trailers when they are returning to station without a towing unit move at walking speed

    The trailer should actually be in the radio requesting a transport it works like the DE version and UK with the swap bodies (drop containers)

    I accidentally stranded a mass casualty trailer at a call scene, How can I retrieve it after the scene disappears?



    I just started adding more random "State Fire Marshal" offices throughout my counties and then for some of the very large departments add the Fire Marshal Expansion/Extension and put them within that department

    Yeah I have 35 fire marshal offices in just NYC alone all maxed built at IRL fire stations but I have days where I run out of them only halfway through my 800 missions

    I see that we have 2 buttons currently, one for cancelling all ambulances, and another for cancelling all units. I find that fire finishes up before EMS does with patients, especially for large scenes that have a lot of patients and MCIs, maybe add another button to cancel all fire apparatus (with the exception of EMS transporting engines) to free up fire resources and let EMS take care of the patients and transporting. Sort of a first world problem of going through and cancelling all my fire pieces one at a time but it would be cool to see that button and it would streamline the game a bit more.

    Unfortunately with the game if you cancel your fire or police units even when the mission has completed but it still has patients left before the mission is 100% complete all units that you have canceled will be required to be sent back to the mission see the pics below I canceled 1 sheriff unit from a completed mission that just had patients left

    Currently the fire marshals office can have 6 units

    With the current missions and the requirement number for fire investigation units

    Can we please look at increasing the numbers of unit to 10 so adding 4 additional units to it current limit