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    I can appreciate that the Quint/Heavy could be considered too powerful and that they can’t introduce every possible apparatus out there but I would argue that adding the a Truck company that has rescue equipment is the second or third most common apparatus in the US. And a platform/Heavy wouldn’t be any more powerful than the Rescue Engine is.

    To help combat the quint/Heavy being to powerful they could make it so they only count as one of the required apparatus rather than satisfying multiple of the requirements like the Rescue Engine.

    As for the Hazmat/Heavy I don’t expect it to happen. I am just voicing that it would be a good addition in my opinion.

    I love the recent additions to the game. They have made it more fun and added more realism. We are still missing a couple of very key vehicles though.

    First is is a Quint/Heavy Rescue and a Platform/Heavy Rescue. These are used by many departments across the country in place of or to supplement a Heavy Rescue.

    Second is a combined Hazmat/Heavy Rescue. This may not be as common but many departments operate a combined special operations team.

    Adding these units would allow for increased realism in game and I am surprised it has taken this long to add.

    I have been having this problem for a while now. When I have a call with multiple patients and send a mixture of ALS and BLS ambulances (based on the level of the patients) my ALS ambulances are treating and transporting A and B level patients leaving the BLS to handle patients above it ability and requiring me to send an additional ambulance.

    For example: I have a call with 3 B level and 2 D level patients so I send 3 BLS ambulances, 2 ALS ambulances and an EMS Chief trained and set up to transport automatically. If the ALS ambulances arrive first they will start treating a B level patient and will then transport that patient. That leaves me with two D level patients and BLS ambulances left to treat them. This forces me to come back to the call and dispatch additional ALS ambulances to handle these patients that the correct resources had already been on scene to handle.

    There really should be a triage system where the highest level patients are treated first.

    I would love to see the Wildland Engines get updated to be more accurate to real world specs and to make them more usable in the game.

    Type 3 is great but should have the minimum crew lowered to 2. The foam should also be increased to 25 gallons.

    Type 4 should also have the minimum crew lowered to 2. There should also be a foam capacity of 25 gallons

    Type 5 should be able to tow trailers like the type 6 can and the maximum crew should be raised to 4.

    Type 6 should be able to carry 4 firefighters. It should also have the water tank size increased to 300 gallons and there should be 12 gallons of foam.

    Type 7 should have the ability to tow trailers. The water amount is fine but at the bottom of the USFS standard.

    My recommendations above for personnel changes mostly come from what I have seen in the real world. The recommendations for changes to the water and foam capacities are based off of the US Forest Service standards for those types of apparatus as listed on their website.

    When making graphic packs I get the first couple apparatus uploaded but then I start getting “request entity too large”. I am not sure what is going on. I have made my images what I thought was small enough. Does anybody know what causes this? I have tried multiple devices and it has happened with multiple different images.

    When adding an extension to a station it should really come with a vehicle slot. For example when you add the ambulance extension to a fire station that has 3 apparatus assigned to it already you should get a free apparatus slot instead of having to pay another $100k on top of the $100k you just spent to be able to put an ambulance in the Station. Most of the time I am having to spend $50k to upgrade to a large Station $100k for the ambulance extension and then $50k-$100k to be able to put an ambulance in a fire station. That is a huge cost to then also have to wait 7 days for the extension to be available when almost every fire station I have needs an ambulance.

    Could a poi be created (similar to how a station creates a radius where calls can be spawned) that does the opposite and blocks calls from being spawned there? The calls in the middle of the ocean are my biggest complaint about the game and have caused me to abandon the idea of using certain areas because half my calls were spawning in the water.

    I wish there was a way to change the frequency for certain calls. I get more truck into house calls than regular auto accidents or medical calls. I also wish certain calls would stop spawning on interstates. Like why is there a kitchen fire on an interstate.