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    Hello! If you are in an alliance, I'd request an alliance course for HazMat training to be started so that you can start the process of training people. Other than that, you might have to wait until an alliance member is able to send HazMat units to your calls or wait till the mission despawns (usually 24-28 hours after a call is spawned).

    Gotcha. I'm not sure about the HEMS transport as I don't have any of that unit but depending on where you are, if you are building realistically, that might be the main reason why it's limited. In the attached image (granted I have a lot more hospitals filtered out atm), I can see more than five though.

    To have more hospitals in the list for transport, you'd need to either request your alliance to build another hospital or build more hospitals yourself as well as requesting specific departments to be built within those hospitals.

    It takes a lot of research. It won't always be 100% accurate as some units might be used for multiple purposes (more than the game is programmed). Using the fire wiki (or if the information isn't on there, the agency's website or facebook page) would be a good place to try to find as much information as you can.

    I believe the limit is to help with the performance of the servers (I think). If not that, I know there was a good reason mentioned in another thread that I can't recall off the top of my head

    Hello all!

    I've been working my way through the map placing PoI's down. I got thinking: What is a City Centre?

    My first thought was City/Town Halls but then someone said they think of the downtown area or main streets. Another was thinking of a goods station. Not 100% what this PoI is supposed to be but if someone could clarify, that would be awesome!

    You don't have to have multiple dc's and you could technically have one for your entire setup. If you are building realistically, you could have a dc in every county (or one for two if they are a joint county dc). Having one in every area, you can potentially turn on/off call spawns so that you don't have calls spawning in an area while you are building up until you are ready. You can also have the setting turned on where calls will only spawn if there is enough of a certain station under a dc.

    Some alliances allow people to build wherever and if they build realistically, multiple people can build at the same location. It's up to the alliance since I know some alliances don't allow that to happen.

    I think they have some sort of system for some calls (can't remember which off the top of my head) but some calls can either be upgraded or downgraded, just a random change or however that is calculated to happen