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    Name: Wildfire Unit
    Service: Fire Service
    Purpose: Wildfire Calls
    Cost: 5000
    Personnel: 2-4
    Training: None
    Building Expansion: None

    Name: Fire Investigation Unit
    Service: Fire Service
    Purpose: To Investigate Fires (Only for Arson calls)
    Personnel: 2-4
    Training: Fire Investigation

    Building Expansion: None

    Yes. I think this is a great idea, but, we could also have a tow truck.

    Yep that's why i said

    - Roadside Recovery Vehicle
    - Flatbed
    - Flatbed + Boom
    - Wrecker - (For Heavy recovery calls)

    You can get different tow trucks to different severities. For example, If a car has rolled down a hill and you can get it up you may call a wrecker (which has a big rotating arm on the back) to lift it up the hill on the road, and due to a wrecker only being able to take HGV's and buses you call a flatbed to take it away.

    Ive noticed that the last couple of misisons were just ports form the US game with inaccurate responses, and very low pay. Its very poor on the devs. I wish they would change stuff for us but they dont so im going to list a few missions which i think need requirements changed. "child stuck in a tree" ALP should be removed or chance should be very low. perhaps 10 or 20% as many fire and rescue services have not too many and its unrealistic to have one go to a small job when a ladder on the back of a pump would do the job (pay increased to 1000) "child swallowed cleaning supply" Cataagory should be upped to a c2 or c1 it wouldnt be a c3

    Whats the devs obbesion with kids at the moment? We dont need this many calls especially when an adult could do the same

    Id have to agree, Maybe it would help if when, and if missions are getting put on to the UK side of the game make sure to get the content advisors to see how accurate the units needed are to stop this from happening.

    Now, I understand this game is a game based around Emergency services but having other services will just extend the game's outreach and will help current calls be even more realistic. Mission Chief has the potential to expand the content instead of sticking with the emergency services. The services that will be listed below would change how people will approach the game and may even extend the player base.

    Network Rail - Network Rail is the main railway response and maintenance company in the whole of the UK. With the implementation of Network Rail or something similar, it can extend the current railway calls which could require Network Rail to do maintenance and clean up. Also with separate network rail calls such as Points Failure, Track Obstruction, etc. Then along with this, we could have a railway expansion to facilitate things like BTP and the Response Unit which they have. Also maybe could be more than network rail and transport response units which lots of companies do have.

    - Response Vehicle
    - Maintenance Vehicle
    - Command Unit
    - Road Rail Vehicle (Could be added for fire services also as some have these)
    - Maintenance Train

    Highways Agency - I think most people know what the highways agency is but for the same reasons as the ones above but you could have motorway calls expanded for cleanup and maintenance. The calls for this could be, Person on the Motorway, Broken down Vehicle, Broken motorway gantry. This also could facilitate recovery companies being an extension which I will get on to.

    - Traffic Officer Vehicle
    - Maintenance Vehicle
    - Incident Response Vehicle
    - Gritter

    Recovery Companies - Very simple and self-explanatory but extends calls and can create more calls for the player base.

    - Roadside Recovery Vehicle
    - Flatbed
    - Flatbed + Boom
    - Wrecker - (For Heavy recovery calls)

    I imagine more people could add on for calls, vehicles ect so will leave the rest open.

    So I want to start doing the realistic graphics where it's finding a picture and scaling it down, but I'm unsure how to get all of the graphics to a good size so they don't feel like they feel like they are all at the same distance instead of being closer or further away.

    Actually, most are not police, most our separate from the police, I know a few in Scotland are police ran but most Mountain and Lowland rescue teams are a charity-run.

    I believe the Mountain and Lowland Rescue would be a nice touch to have on MCUK, it can save people using Coastguard stations for those types of Charities where half the stuff that is used is not there if people wanted to do them. Theirs a wide variety of calls you can have such as Hypothermia, Trapped Hiker, and calls that may require Mountain and Lowland Rescue.

    Rescue Vehicle
    Rope Rescue Unit
    Water Rescue Unit
    Incident Control Unit
    Personnel Carrier
    Search and Rescue Dogs

    Inland Lifeboat Trailer

    Mountain Rescue Station
    Lowland Rescue Station

    Adding onto this Dog Units should be added for the Fire Service as lots of services have them but they are not an option in the game to have at a station.

    Hello, So I was trying to see what buildings my Alliance has and it just comes up with a grey pop-up with a loading symbol in the middle that says Error Code 500.

    I have no clue whats wrong as I asked in my Alliance and a few people have the same issue so I am not sure.

    It could just be me but the POI feature is annoying as it takes ages to plot POI's so I was thinking about how it can be improved. I would suggest the POI's be automatic so it saves time for players and it also means people can focus on their setup more than POI's.

    I do understand this could take ages but I personally think it will improve the fluidity of the game.

    TomJ08 do you have any idea how much work it takes to make these? Don't be so selfish and post maybe 1 or 2 at a time rather than 10!

    Also as stated, most of these can be found in the various graphics forums on here and have been done already.

    Quite rude, I'm not being selfish I just thought it would be easier doing multiple at once so it doesn't clog up the forum.

    Please check through the threads on the forum including this one. As I have already told you they are almost all available and as you completely ignored my previous reply I will not be making any of these again.

    I didnt.. i did check but i never saw the ones i listed.