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    We plan to add water rescue and airports in the future, but nothing is confirmed. We won't have any dedicated water rescue stations, it will be an expansion on to existing stations. Airports will have their own dedicated stations down the line. These will not be copies of what we see in other games - they will be custom for the UK version and built close to our specifications.

    Out of interest are you able to confirm if there will be any new schools added for the airport and water rescue update or will any extra training be added to the schools we have now?

    Hi everyone. As always I want to keep people informed of what the plan is for the game. The devs have developed a new system m which they are excited to get into the game, I won’t tell you what it is but it means that we will be putting a hold on the police update until 2022 and getting a fire update in first.

    I know there will/has to be some suprise to the update but will there be new courses needed for this update so as a alliance we can prepare for the update?

    Can't give specifics but it will include a HEMS overhaul 👍

    Please tell me your going to finally get the auto stand down fixed for certain units like OTL and other units as well? Well i hope so lol

    Nope that is completely normal. Unattended by the player shows a star like emoji and attended by the player is a person emoji. Not sorted and there is no button to sort them. It’s just to identify which missions you have units on. Not as useful for your own missions more useful to responding to alliance missions. It can be used as a bookmark too to locate your last dispatched mission. More useful when you have hundreds of missions rather than 20 or 50 missions.

    Thats what i mean the un-attended button brings up jobs that i have sent a unit to that has the head pic my thought would be it would bring up the jobs that i dont have a unit sent to or without the head pic? Or is that not the idea of the filters?

    Here is some feedback from players in the alliance i am in about the new filter options on the job page players have been asking why they are marked up as (attended) and (un-attended) but there not filtering out jobs to which one you click so if you click attended jobs it shows all jobs and the same for the un-attended button meaning the buttons effectively do nothing in terms of sorting/filtering the jobs and wondered if this was a bug or error? Or just a special sequence needed? Also We are also experiencing the jobs in the list in no order aswell?

    I have 1 question we now have the hart side of the update which is really good but will there be a part 2 to this update for the SORT later on? I know you cant give timescales but at least knowing if SORT will be a future update would be nice :) thanks for the current update

    It seems that x2 credits that have just been announced are not showing for many in my alliance would this be able to be looked into?

    Just a suggestion would there be any chance that a option to change all your own hospitals costs for alliance members to whatever % we want rather than going through each hospital 1 at a time to change it? But still keeping the option to set each hospital different if desired? Also the same for clinics?

    This is just a suggestion that may or may not be able to be considered

    Service-Mountain rescue , sea rescue
    Purpose-be used to find injured person in the mountains also could be used in sea rescue missions
    How many personel are required1 person
    Building expansionMountain rescue/sea rescue
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slots

    We will always be looking into new events but it was never supposed to have that mission. A Section 60 order is all to do with violent crime so to have anything else like that is just not realistic.

    Thats all good im just thinking for the future

    I actually agree that it would be nice to see some more event sizes. The size of the event doesn’t decide the amount of calls that spawn. I would like to see much smaller ones for section 60 etc.

    Sounds good i hope you can submit it to the developers also when the s60 storm came out first with the fire in a shopping centre job on it that challenged the bigger players but it would be nice to see a storm that could be both police and fire jobs in one with maybe some extra jobs to make it abit more of a challenge :)

    Storm suggestion for the future

    Storm size

    i think a bigger area storm coverage should be a option so still have the current one small medium large but also add in a extra large storm option aswell which covers a bigger area than the large

    Storm types

    also possibly add in a new storm type that has both police and fire jobs in the storm maybe something like a mega storm one thats alot more unit intensive and adds a challenge for the bigger players as most storm by a bigger player are easy covered

    Hopefully these suggestions can at least be considered for a update