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    Hi all, I’m impressed with the SAR 1 update minus a few bugs that look to be in hand. I was just wondering what to expect from SAR 2?

    What would people like to see/ what do we expect to get?


    I’ve just noticed that on some of the other servers they have things like mounted police, sergeant, public order, fire investigation ect. I’m not a games developer so im probably missing something,but can’t these units be ‘copy and pasted’ across from the other games.

    I know we’re only small markets compared to USA, Aus, Ger, but I’m getting bored playing the same old game.

    HART part 3 is happening first

    Would you rather a half finished half update, I am assuming no.

    TACRfan dosent want to say anything about the police updates yet but trust me if they are anything like the medical update it will be worth the wait

    There’s a HART part 3!!! wow ok so now I’m excited for that?

    What’s it going to have?

    Also massive appreciation for the game so far

    We cannot give timescales unfortunately. We hope soon, but it's down to however long the developers need. As for GP and CFR; there could be some scope for GPs to be required in the future, but nothing is specifically planned at the moment. CFRs will always be an optional unit, designed to be a first responder in rural areas or when an ambulance has a long running time to an incident.

    Is the increase in station unit totals an indication that the update is imminent? I’m starting to get excited again

    Namepolice drone unit
    Purposemisper search, suspect search, intel gathering, large events
    Trainingdrone training
    NameHART Drone
    PurposeArea search, Scene overview, large scale incidents.

    What sort of timescale are we looking at for the uk medical update. Should I be saving now? Will my units all need to be CC? Will there be missions specifically for GPS/CFRs?

    Just wanting to know what infrastructure I will need and how much I’ll need to save up