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    Agreed However Even If only we Up the Max Crew On the platform trucks its good enough for me

    A few of these ideas could be well received however others just seem like they would be taken advantage of in the game, and are not feasible or realistic.

    - Most fire departments that have HazMat trained staff on a ladder truck still require a hazmat unit with specific equipment to respond with them.
    - As far as water rescue boats, I believe there are very few examples of platform trucks having boats. Most do not have the storage area. Though the crew may have swift water rescue equipment that does not always include a boat especially on apparatus that are not dedicated to water rescues.

    i was just making a patrol route and tried to assign it to my BLS ambulance but it doesn't show for option for patrol vehicle. Why leave BLS out of the patrol. BLS ambulances are primary units out and about and first on scenes most times. I would really like to see BLS units added to patrol vehicle option.

    Agreed IRL ALS Ambulance take priority for not being on patrol and have BLS ambulances cover the zones instead. I agree kinda worth having BLS Ambos being able to patrol

    So Irl Platform Trucks Have rescue ability's and some have others like water rescue, Haz-Mat and bigger cabs so i feel it would be better for everyone and more fun if platform trucks in general got an upgrade.
    The following is my suggestion and suggestion's on how it should be called, priced and setup. each section will have a bit of info on it for IRL info on the topic:

    • Change the platform trucks max crew to 6.

    I think having larger cabs would be a big change as currently the Max Crew is 3, however if it is Upped to like 6 or 7 it would allow people to change it at there own will for the area they are playing and the style of play.

    • Have A Platform + Heavy Rescue.

    This Is A VEHICLE ONLY. My Ideal Price, 19,000 Credits To 30,000 Credits Each.
    IRL Ladder/Platform Trucks have the ability Of Carrying extraction equipment, there for a Platform + Heavy Rescue Apparatus would be a new and much appreciated, for balancing you could have it up with the Quint as an unlock after you reach the rank of Captain. this vehicle would bring realism and would allow other use for platform trucks.

    • Have A Platform + Fly-car.

    Vehicle with Training course & Ambulance Station Expansion? My Ideal Price, 17,000 Credits To 25,000 Credits

    This vehicle would make so much sense as IRL there are such things as ALS Truck/Ladder Companies. have it part of the fire station - Ambulance Expansion.

    • Have A Platform + Haz-Mat.

    Vehicle with standard Haz-Mat Course. My Ideal Price 30,000 Credits To 40,000 Credits

    IRL Departments Like FDNY, South Metro, San Francisco and many others have Haz-Mat Equipment On Specialised Ladder/Platform Trucks. I think this would be a great vehicle to be added to the game and would allow people to customise there apparatus roster on there game play thru.

    • Have A Platform + Light Boat.

    Vehicle with standard swift water rescue course & Swift Water Rescue Expansion. My Ideal Price 30,000 To 50,000 Credits

    IRL Most Departments dont Have Dedicated Water Rescue Units or Rescue Units so they have Water Rescue Equipment on there Ladder/Platform trucks, This is seen in departments Like FDNY, South metro and volunteer departments everywhere across America.

    You could do them as combo vehicles with the expansion or vehicles on their own or just have the truck with the expansion and then have the crew trained with the correct course.
    I Have Spoken to several People who play the game and all have said that most of them should be added to the game and will vastly improve the game on realism and allows people to have the ability to apply IRL vehicles to there IRL counterpart.

    - Jrdaaggy2002