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    Essentially the they are the same exact unit just the staffing licensing levels is where the difference is. Yes ALS staffed rigs have a little more medical equipment but the major and blaring difference is the fact that ALS has Paramedics and sometimes Advanced EMTs.

    In my opinion they should be kept the same price due to that fact but I get where you are coming from.

    There are a few villages and towns out there that do this. If it's small enough they'll also have their town hall in the same building as well. Two villages near me, Butler and Sussex WI, have their Village Public Safety Office which has the fire station and police substations together.

    I understand that people are usually out, but there is the rare occasion where they aren't. Even then, a patient could still be added on the grounds that they were burned while exiting the vehicle

    I have actually had car fires with a patient before. It'll happen if an MVA turns into a car fire with the mission expansion.

    Good call ideas. I would just drop the times down on them a little bit. They all are lasting around the time of a building collapse and are requiring a third of the units. I understand the times for real life but thinking in game it would be more of a hassle.

    This was brought up a while ago. Not trying to shut it down right away but the essentials of the idea are that someone could literally pop stations around and cheat the system by going where shared calls area and such. As well a form of profit needs to be there for the game. In the aspect of correcting stations on where you placed them, there still is the refund within the first two hours.

    Final note. The pole is kinda biased towards the topic. Might want to put another option in case others disagree otherwise they will be forced to dislike the post.

    Hello all. National Emergency Services is looking to recruit members who are up to the challenge for recreating departments across the United States. We currently have members outside of the Dallas Fort Worth area, South Eastern Wisconsin counties, Arlington/Fairfax County, Miami Dade County, Orange County Florida, and the upstate New York area. We have a rank system within the alliance but with an influx of possible members in different areas of the nation, the rank system may possibly be revamped. As well we currently are working on a funds system to accurately get Hospitals and Jails to members as needed. If you are interested in joining just message one of the admins to check in on an area where you are interested in starting. We are not limiting enrollment to new members to the game as well. If you are a long time player and have a realistic set up feel free to apply.

    the way we have got around this is we asked each member their unit list. Created a spreadsheet and then used that to give us our totals.

    The alliance that I run with a friend does something to the same effect. We have a forum post with each area that a player/players are in with the stations of each department and what units are in said stations. As well my friend and I work on a lot of the same areas/departments so we have a google doc that is color coordinated for which stations are built, which units in said stations are built, and when we fully finish the station.

    Remember if you move a rescue to a new station the personnel do not stay with the unit, they eventually return to their home station. So for a rescue, you will have to train members from the station it is housed at to man the unit. This is another problem that was looked into but a fix was never found.

    The rescues don't have any specialized training, so for his situation that wouldn't matter. It would come into play for the HazMat, Mobile Command, and ARFF units.

    Only a couple things seem repetitive as to what is already in the game.
    1. Assist PD with the tree in the road. Already a call with the tree in the road.
    2. Rescue trucks. Correct me if I'm wrong but that's essentially a utility truck renamed. It's not a large heavy rescue like mentioned with FDNY but it's something a small town would use. I know from personal experience, we had a pickup truck with extrication equipment for cars that went out in the field. That's essentially what you're suggesting.

    Other than those two I seriously am excited to see if any thing else from this list makes it. All the missions would seriously be awesome to have.

    Been suggested multiple times and is on the list for future possibilities. Honestly it's something that is very much needed with how many patients are on these new calls

    It is able to fill the spot of a rescue unit but not many people use it. With the newest update introducing the Rescue Engine the utility unit is going to be essentially phased out even more.

    To be honest @leutmatho, I don't think you quite understand what he's trying to say.

    I do think changing the call names would be good. I dislike having to send an ambulance to someone with a nosebleed, it seems stupid so changing it to something more realistic would be nicer for me.

    On the nosebleed situation. I personally have responded to multiple nosebleed calls when on shift and I as well have had to call 911 for a family member that had a serious nosebleed. If it's bad enough, it's something that you should call for an ambulance.

    On the renaming topic, I would love to see it. Quite a few of the call names are a little leaning towards old US or even Europe. When I was a kid we had probably forty pay phones around my part of the city. Now the only one is down at the bus station and it is reserved for calling the local police station in case of an emergency. But I agree with @Realjessey on this in a way. With wanting this level of customization to the game it would be more hassle than good. There is such a thing as to much customization.

    You get the Road Accident call at 3 Fire Stations, requiring police would not be good for a call at such a low level as a lot of people buy multiple fire stations and then ambulance and police, however the two Type 1's is not a bad suggestion.

    There is a way to do this where it unlocks the mission once you build a police station. It can be handled just like the sub station fires. You start running them at four stations and it just involves fire units. Once you get five police stations it unlocks another form of the call that requires police. Just my view on it.