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    Can we get the Coast Guard Helicopter to be able to respond to areas that are farther away? Like Police helicopters, EMS helicopters, wildfire helicopters that can respond to missions over 15 hours away.

    I am trying to build a Coastal Air Station and I keep getting this:You can currently only build 2 coastal rescue heliports. I have 15 Coastal Rescue Stations and 10 Air Stations, they are activated and all Air Stations are full, and Rescue Stations have full compliments of available vehicles. So why can't I build more Air Stations? Thanks.

    You need to Build the Vehicle Expansions in order to get the Helicopter and Plane. One Vehicle Per Expansion.

    Hope this Helps! 😀

    Oh! And don't forget to Activate them along with the Station itself!

    Yes, I have them all full and active, just won't let me build another Air Station, could be from the bug

    is there a limit on Coastal Air Stations? I have 10 and it won't let me add another, states that I can only build 2 Coastal rescue heliports. I have 12 Coastal Rescue Stations, and I can add more.

    Monday Mission

    Mission Name: Oil Rig Platform Fire and Explosion

    Amount of Credits:40000-45000

    Expansion required (if applicable):

    Time to complete: (in minutes)

    POI: (If needed) would have to make an oil rig platform one

    Required Units: 10 Fire Engines, 6 Battalion Chiefs, 2 Mobile Command Vehicles, 6 Mobile Air Units, 8 Heavy Rescues, 6 Haz Mat Vehicles, 4 Large Rescue Boats, 5 Large Fire Boats, 4 Fire Investigators, 21 Ambulances, 2 Medical Helicopters,1 EMS Chief, 4 FBI units, 1FBI Mobile Command Center, 1 FBI Investigation Wagon, 1 FBI Bomb Technician Vehicle, 2 ATF Units, 1 ATF Lab Vehicle, 5000 gal foam

    Max Patients:20

    Minimum Patients:10

    Patient Category: (General Internal- Cardiac Surgery)Trauma

    Transport Probably:90

    More can be added to response as seen fit, also different size levels of mission and responses

    Here in Florida, I lived in Vero Beach which is in Indian River County. The City of Vero Beach has a Police Dept, it covers the City, outside City limits, even though it is still Vero Beach, It is covered by Indian River County Sheriff's Dept., the same as with Fort Pierce, they have Fort Pierce Police within the City, and Saint Lucie County Sheriff's dept outside City limits. They are Saint Lucie County

    Thanks, just realized that

    It’s not a bug, but it is annoying. It’s because of the way this game spawns calls. There isn’t a way to change the frequency of calls in the game. I’ll speak to the devs and if there is nothing we can do we may just have to pull the missions. Panic buttons don’t seem to work in these games (using US as an example)

    I am in the US and I get a bunch of them at a time