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    Hello, there!
    I've recently started my own alliance, and have noted a huge problem, that makes it impossible to help your members out with alliance building the first long period of time.

    Therefore I've thought about something that could improve the alliance funds & the way it interact.

    Funds Donation

    It could be cool to see the possibility of letting staff or just normal alliance members donate to the alliance funds.

    This would do it easier for new alliances to get their alliance buildings from the start.

    You would example go to the alliance funds tab & press a donation button. Then you'd be able to donate a custom amount to the alliance funds.

    Automatic Funds Contribution

    It could be cool to see the possibility of letting the alliance admin set a required of contribution the members have to follow.

    The member would afterwards be able to put the contribution higher or apply to lower it. This would help getting credits to the alliance funds & alliances who requires people to donate, doesn't have to check manually.

    Custom Fund Contribution Amount

    It could be cool to see the possibility of letting the alliance members set a custom amount of contribution they want to donate, that let them donate more than 10%

    Why the heck are they so many credits required to be promoted. I play the game a lot and I will be dead before I reach the Chief level!

    I think it's fair enough. It's not hard to get 1 million. I earn about 1-2 million credits a day. With the time I'll earn more, and it won't be a problem to rank up. I ranked up to Staff Captain 2-3 days ago, and I'm already over half the way up to Battalion Chief.

    please see the attachment... what does this mean?

    This is not a bug, it's not even relevant in this category. Use General Discussion if you got questions.

    You also have to state what the bug is, not just send the picture as Whitchit said.

    The button simply means what there's texted on the button - You can click it to show the rest of the dispatched units.

    It's not always on phone all dispatched units shows in one row, as it can be big. And if you want to load more, you just press the button

    It all looks normal, it's not a bug.

    You would still be able to get free courses, I think that's the best. We can also find out something about alliance buildings in your area.

    We don't really have units 400 KM away from NY, but if there's a 400 or below KM to you, we would still be able to send some units.

    About New York Roleplay

    Welcome to New York Roleplay

    We're a new alliance, founded in marts 2022. Welcome. we're friendly & ready to help you. We'll help you best as possible on your gameplay. our main location is NYC (New York City). We also have plays in other places, you can build where you want. You're welcome in our alliance, even if you're in another country. Before you join, remember to read our rules.


    Wherever you are in the game, earned 200 credits, 100 million credits, etc. this is the alliance for you. We help you whatever you need help to, a small or little mission, questions about the games, hospitals, prison, educations & other facilities.

    NYRP - FAQ

    Does I get free courses?

    As long you donate the required amount of % to the alliance, you do. If not it would cost you up to 500 credits for each personnel.

    Does I get free Hospitals & Prison Cells?

    As long you donate the required amount of % to the alliance, you do. If not it would cost you up to 10% to rent a bed or cell.

    Am I only allowed to build in New York?

    No, you are allowed to build anywhere you want. There's no requirements where you need to build. Our hotspot is just in NY.

    Is it required to roleplay?

    It's NOT required to roleplay. You can if you want, but it's no requirement.

    Why do I have to donate a % of my earnings to the alliance?

    When you donate to the the alliance funds, it would give you more freedom. The alliance can extent the alliance buildings & even buy more. If we had no funds, it was no possibly to provides facilities.

    Are there any requirements to join?

    No, you just have to be registered.

    Where can I join the alliance?

    You can either search up "New York Roleplay" in the alliance-list tab, or click here.

    NYRP - Rules

    New York Roleplay Alliance Rules

    Ignoring the rules, will result in a punishment, in our department.

    1. You must be kind & have respect to everyone, not hate on people.

    This simply means:

    * Do not swear

    * Have respect to everyone, skin color, religion, country, etc. doesn't matter.

    * You must listen to staff - if you wish to report staff PM @Respect.

    2. You must use common sense.

    This simply means:

    * Do not do something, if you think it's against the rules. You can always ask a staff

    3. You must donate to our alliance funds. To do this, you must go to the Alliance Funds tab.

    Now you need to find the tab "alliance funds", where you can choose "0-10%" of your earned credits, you want to donate. It don't take a lot of your income. When you donate more, you'll get higher perks. You can read more in the forum about peaks. You can see what you're required to donate below. You can still be in the alliance if you don't donate the required %, but you would not be able to get free curses, prisons, hospitals, etc.

    Required Alliance Funds Donation:

    Probie - Firefighter = 1%

    Senior Firefighter+ = 3%

    Fire Apparatus Operator+ = 5%

    Captain+ = 10%