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    I think there are issues with the EMS Engine anyway. I do not see what you suggest being a priority

    What he is referring to I believe is the ALS Medical Training for Fire Apparatus.
    Which did not work at all to what anyone expected it to. Having the ability to have a functioning "Paramedic Engine" or a Medic on any apparatus would be incredibly beneficial and cost effective. It cuts down on buying chase cars and Medic units.

    I really wish the devs would open that project back up and fix it. Because as it stands right now I have ~100 trained medics assigned to Engines, Trucks, and Squads doing nothing with patient care, or the ability to upgrade the BLS Transport unit.

    I have noticed the unrealistic calls popping up far too frequently. There is no reason that I should be getting 3 Giant Floods in less than 10 minutes. Is it possible to have regular calls come in, i.e medical emergencies, fire alarms, BLS collisions, etc? Or an option to turn off those kinds of missions to spawn. There are toggles to disable earthquakes and tornadoes, so why cant we disable Floods. I can handle the 2 To 3 box alarms in a minute, but there is no explanation for the floods. This is supposed to be a true-to-life game, with these things happening, it's hard to agree with that.

    When transferring an unit from 1 station to an other it's going to be status 6 (out of service) because since won't have a crew on board until you assign a new one from the station that it is being transferred to. Also since units can be transferred to a station 1000's of miles away from it's original station not just across town.

    You are making Zero sense. Why would they not have a crew? I really do not think you understand my point. The point of a transfer is to staff a station that is currently tied up with an incident, to provide coverage in that area.

    Can something be done to where apparatus can be picked up on calls while being moved to a different station? For all the people who do station fills in the game it's a real annoyance that the vehicle has to be in the station to be moved back home or added to a call. If it can just be changed to it being statused available instead of out of service. It makes no sense the way it is now. This has been brought up before as well.

    So an EMS update should be in the making. From what I am hearing it will be one of the next major updates. It’s been awhile since any word of it has been spread. Things that may be coming are ALS engines, hospital rework. The missions you suggested can be put here; **NEW** Mission Suggestions you can suggest any mission you want but check if your mission was already previously posted. There you can put the nursing home fires and the template you use you can add a “nursing home” poi.

    As much as I love the possibility of there being ALS Wagons. Can you also think about putting medics on Squads and Towers?

    I like to transfer apparatus' to other stations during large calls. The only issue is these vehicles are no available for calls until they are in quarters. And some of my stations are spread apart a good bit. The apparatus' should be in service the whole time and be able to send them back home while on the road. Not have to wait till they reach the other station.

    Medics don't need training. You can put fire fighters on ambos...

    I'm not sure you understand what I am saying. I would like to see the option to train firefighters to be medics. So that I can run Paramedic Engines, Towers, Squads. Cut out the need for chase cars.

    This has not been brought up in some time and I have not seen any updates regarding this very popular discussion.
    It would be a huge money saver to train Firefighters to be a Medic. And be able to put them on any apparatus no just an Engine.
    Didn't know whether to put this here or Suggestions. Looking on an update more than anything.

    Could we get a Paramedic class so we can put medics on extra apparatus'. Just not Chase cars. It would be much more efficient to put medics on engines, trucks, and squads. So people dont have to rely on Medic units and chase cars.

    Are the earthquake missions here to stay, or are they only a limited time thing. I dont know anywhere in the world that gets earthquakes 13 times a day like the game gives me. If they are permanent then we should get an option whether we want them or not.

    I have brought this up before. But it is just ridiculous. I have had 11 Passenger Train Derailments today. They all had over 30 patients. I would really like it if we could get more normal calls. And maybe once every hour a large scale incident. So I dont fill up all my hospitals within 3 hours.

    I dont think it should be required. I do like the option of adding a bonus though.
    If a PIO vehicle will be added, then I think there should also be a Safety Officer vehicle.