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    So I am getting the feeling that overall, most people would like to control the call rate for different types of missions. I think that this would have to be a toggable feature, so you could still use the random mission generation setting if you wanted. Also I think that these settings should be located in dispatch centers and they would apply to every station assigned to that center.

    For example, playing realistically with 1 metro and 1 rural dispatch, the metro could have certain missions like wildfire turned down to 1% and residential fires up to 65%. The call volume could also be raised on the metro dispatch. Then the rural could have a lower call rate but more wildfire overall.

    Basically what I'm saying is that, most people would like to have the option to tailor their missions and call rates. And I think that this is a quite reasonable suggestion and should definitely be taken to the devs. Please offer your opinions and correct me if I got anything wrong 😁

    I have made that same suggestion years ago, and a moderator or admin said the devs believe people would abuse it in a way they would only select high paying calls.

    I wish we had an option to make calls as realistic as possible, and being able to set a percentage of occurrence for every types of calls.

    It's hard to play realistically in this game...

    100% agree. Its crazy I get 4 plane crashes and a dozen brush fires at once, meanwhile only 2-3 measly medical calls come in. It should really be the other way around.

    I am having an issue with pertaining to USAR. Some of the missions that did not require and special units before, such as Confined Space Rescue or Partial Collapse, are now requiring special units and training. Before, a rescue truck was enough. This wouldn't be a problem, except, the units and personnel it requires are not being counted once they are on scene. I had a call for a Partial Building Collapse a little while ago that required 8 USAR trained personnel. I dispatched 2 Rescue Trucks, both with extra equipment in USAR and Technical Rescue as well as both trainings for all 8 members. However, once on scene, the system only counted 2 of the personnel and told me that I still needed 6 more. This has happened on several missions and I eventually have to complete the missions with coins because the system never recognizes that the necessary personnel are on scene. There is also an issue with a mission requiring a SAR Unit but there is no listed definition of what an SAR Unit is. I thought it was the Light Tower and Generator Units, but those didn't count. I would appreciate some developer input on this issue.

    I had a similar issues. I had over 50 personnel trained in TRT and SAR. Spent hundreds of thousands on equipment. Then I kept getting issues where apparatus would fail to be dispatched saying "understaffed". So I removed all the special equipment from over 20 stations and deactivated all special ops for those houses. Now I keep getting calls that require TRT and SAR personnel, unlike before I went through this upgrade I never got those requirements.

    Sinkholes seem to be like the pestering earthquake and tornado calls. They are only area specific and VERY low frequency in reality.

    And for some reason I get 5-10 every hour. It ruins gameplay. Please make it an option to disable these call just as the tornado missions.

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    It would really be nice if it were possible to have one vehicle into multiple categories.

    For example. I have some of my vehicles as ALS Resource, and contain Tech Rescue/SAR/Swift Water Techs and so on.

    When building an ARR, I would like to select a unit with more than one category.

    if anyone knows how to achieve this, please let me know. Or if it would be easier building groups

    Why would you need 3 MCU's for a max of 15 patients.

    I think there are issues with the EMS Engine anyway. I do not see what you suggest being a priority

    What he is referring to I believe is the ALS Medical Training for Fire Apparatus.
    Which did not work at all to what anyone expected it to. Having the ability to have a functioning "Paramedic Engine" or a Medic on any apparatus would be incredibly beneficial and cost effective. It cuts down on buying chase cars and Medic units.

    I really wish the devs would open that project back up and fix it. Because as it stands right now I have ~100 trained medics assigned to Engines, Trucks, and Squads doing nothing with patient care, or the ability to upgrade the BLS Transport unit.

    I have noticed the unrealistic calls popping up far too frequently. There is no reason that I should be getting 3 Giant Floods in less than 10 minutes. Is it possible to have regular calls come in, i.e medical emergencies, fire alarms, BLS collisions, etc? Or an option to turn off those kinds of missions to spawn. There are toggles to disable earthquakes and tornadoes, so why cant we disable Floods. I can handle the 2 To 3 box alarms in a minute, but there is no explanation for the floods. This is supposed to be a true-to-life game, with these things happening, it's hard to agree with that.

    When transferring an unit from 1 station to an other it's going to be status 6 (out of service) because since won't have a crew on board until you assign a new one from the station that it is being transferred to. Also since units can be transferred to a station 1000's of miles away from it's original station not just across town.

    You are making Zero sense. Why would they not have a crew? I really do not think you understand my point. The point of a transfer is to staff a station that is currently tied up with an incident, to provide coverage in that area.

    Can something be done to where apparatus can be picked up on calls while being moved to a different station? For all the people who do station fills in the game it's a real annoyance that the vehicle has to be in the station to be moved back home or added to a call. If it can just be changed to it being statused available instead of out of service. It makes no sense the way it is now. This has been brought up before as well.