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    Sorry if I wasn't clear. I like the new coastal buildings and mission sets. I was more curious if anyone has seen the benefit of the Lifeguard Post vs the Costal Rescue Station. Besides the cost difference, it seems like focus should be on building more coastal rescue stations to unlock all the coastal missions. Even for the small cost of 50,000, the Lifeguard Post seems a bit of a waste of credits.

    It seems like the Lifeguard Post has very little value. There are only few possible missions (3 I think) that can be activated by building lifeguard posts, they don't count towards the number of stations needed to build additional coastal rescue heliports (1 heliport per 6 coastal rescue stations) and the vehicles are very similar to the Coastal Rescue Station.

    To activate a lot of the possible coastal missions you need quite a few coastal rescue stations (up to 20) so why not focus on building coastal rescue stations and forget lifeguard posts? I get the Lifeguard post is only 50,000 vs 500,000 for the coastal rescue station, but spending even 50,000 on a Lifeguard Post seems like a waste when you should focus on building coastal rescue stations to activate new missions and unlock more coastal rescue heliports.

    So what is really the point of using Lifeguard Posts? Just realism? I am trying to figure out if I am completely overlooking the value in a lifeguard post.

    Maybe after building 20 coastal rescue stations and opening all the coastal missions, lifeguard posts might make more sense to get more vehicle coverage?

    I am curious about other people's opinions who have built out a lot of coastal things.

    In regards to patient transports with a coastal helicopter, I find that some coastal missions, such as "Missing Vessel" and "Overturned Small Vessel" don't let me directly transport patients via helicopter to alliance or shared hospitals. The only transport options available are to my own hospitals. In some areas I don't even own any hospitals and use alliance/shared hospitals.

    They should be able to transport to alliance and shared hospitals.

    If you give it an order and it doesn't have a towing vehicle present it should create a transport request and let you pick which vehicle you want to go get it.

    That worked! The trailer is at a location that was a staging area (staging area has since expired) on Long Island, NY. My utility vehicle is at the station in Boston. I sent the trailer to a mission and the utility unit is now going to NY to pick up the trailer and bring it to the mission. Kind of annoying, but thanks for the help!

    When I canceled units from the staging, I selected "all units", but I guess the utility vehicle left before the trailer.

    This is why I prefer the Heavy Rescue Light Boat over the utility unit/trailer combo, but you can't put the heavy rescue light boat at fire boat docks.

    My light boat trailer somehow became detached from the utility unit and now its stranded (either at a previous mission or staging area). Does anyone know how to get it to reattach to the utility unit? The utility unit and light boat trailer are in different cities and states.

    This happened to me a while ago, but I forget how I was able to get them to reattach to each other and get the light boat trailer back to its station.