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    I dont quite have enough of a braincell to think of names/unit requirements to post there haha.. If I think of some I'll post for sure though!

    I would, however, like to see more event missions. 4/5 are single patient ambulance missions. A few fire/police could be cool, eg fire started by discarded trash (IRL: Something like a bottle being hit by the sun), or a police mission relating to the increased public gatherings etc.

    There is the version for different countries, I believe its 24 countries that have their own version.

    As far as Im aware, just the regular fire, and then police version. No rescue.

    Ability to utilise multiple of the same course provided by the alliance. Eg, if theres 4 critical care courses, you can select one and then select up to 40 people and it auto assigns to the other 3 courses as needed.

    Large Scale alliance missions don't count as they're not actually generated by a station, you're manually generating them as a user. When the task requests "missions generated by fire station", it means those missions that are actually spawned by a fire station that you (or someone in your alliance) has built the station for.

    Could already be on the list, but Ill mention this in case it's not, as it's not mentioned on this post.

    Change the ARV ARRs to make it easier. Currently we have:

    Armed Response Vehicle

    Armed Response Vehicle (ARV)

    It should be:

    Any Armed Response Vehicle

    Armed Response Vehicle (ARV)

    As Whitchit said, everyone has opinions, and they don't align. Some of us are more argumentative than others, some will sit quietly and say nothing. I've not seen anyone personally targeted with dislikes/hate/comments, it's generic. I've even made suggestions/questions, and been disliked, or told to "deal with it" etc. etc., but I've also made suggestions and comments where people agree and like, and encourage the post. (At one point dislike was like 50% of all reactions I'd received!).

    If we're specifically talking about the QOL post, only suggestions are allowed there, no responses/discussions, that's why the majority of posts are being deleted, with reason "response", even board moderators have had this treatment. As for the reactions on the QOL post, that's purely to show if they like/dislike the suggestion as encouraged by Alctw:

    > To show you agree or disagree with a suggestion please remember you can use the "react" option.

    Make police aviation course a day shorter. It's *really* awkward to run aviation courses on a weekly schedule.. 7days for the course + 24h additional hours for the time to join. That means you have to do the course every 8 days.. Being able to do it 7 days would be much better.

    In your ARR settings, hit export, copy the link. Sign into other account, click the link, select all, press import.

    Better/easier management of cancellable pending transports of alliance members. There's no easy to filter through hundreds of missions, find the ones with patients, then see which have transports, then see which could be cancelled. A seperate "dashboard" showing the transports for example, would be nice.

    Ability to have multiple stages. Potentially place limit on distance to prevent abuse if necessary. However, it'd be nice to be able to send units to stage in areas where multiple other big players are in a large alliance. Stages after the first could also have a cost to make it fairer.

    Theyre totally different stations. The depot is new from the Public Order update to house more staff and units, and has very different requirements (I dont remember the rank required), and can only have one depot per 50 police stations.

    The upgrade works as normal from small police station -> Large police station, however.

    Compiled a few things off the top of my head, and from a few friends.

    - Fix auto EMS standdown for multiple units (RRV, GP, Community First Responders, MCU, Ambulance Officers, and Welfare)

    - Better notes system

    > Notes directly attached to buildings

    > Admin notes on players within the alliance that all admins can see (Eg, can add a note "Been spoken to for being rude"), so that other admins can see this and take further action the next time.

    - Typo fix on the 4 "Railway Embankement Fire" -> "Railway Embankment Fire".

    - Search mission list by user who shared, not just mission name or location.
    - Fix staging areas making loads of units disappear if you send lots to them

    Even if we all agreed that doing this is unfair/unrealistic etc. There's nothing that the devs or anyone could do about it, they'd somehow have to prove intent etc. The other person would just say “I planned on covering this area anyway, I'm also playing the same area realistic”. Then there'd be no way to prove otherwise, and that'd be the end of it.

    Ultimately, if you don't share your own calls, then it'll have 0 effect on you, besides bringing more missions into your area (if they share it). Which, are optional for you to respond to. It only has an effect on you and your gameplay if you make it.

    Key point is to find an alliance that has a mindset, methodology, and rules that fit your belief. Sometimes that means jumping alliances 4 or 5 times, or creating your own. Or, it means just compromising on some things that don't have an effect on your gameplay, and just letting it be.

    If other people have built near you then thats advantageous for you. It means if your fire stations there spawn a mission and you need help then you can share the mission and they will respond quicker.

    There's no harm this does to you, at all, you can just continue on as normal doing your own missions. There's map filters for other peoples buildings and missions, so it's not even a clutter for you.

    The main goal of an alliance is to work together and help eachother out, so definitely shouldn't be discouraging building near other members.