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    Click on a station and look near the bottom of the page. Click on the button that says "Set mission spawn area. You can set the radius from 5km to 150km. You can also move the center of the radius by clicking and hold to drag blue cursor to the location you want the center to be. Each station has it's own radius that can be set.

    Why do you feel the need to respond to most everything rather you know what your talking about or not?

    Thanks.. I'm totally blind!

    Just logged onto the US version and noticed they have a link to the forums in the top right corner, why doesn't the UK have this? As far as I'm aware, there's not really a way for UK members to easily see that the forums exist, and as this is where the majority of discussion and feedback occurs it'd be a great addition to get more UK players onto the forums, instead of the same few regulars!

    Couldn't the coding from the AU server for the Mounted police be put into effect here? On AU the Mounted police are only added to missions if the player has them available. Is there a possible way to put that into effect here on the US server?

    This feature is being depreciated and wont be used anymore - It was asked about the other month for one of the vehicles from the wildland extention and the devs told EMS-Chief it wasn't possible, when asked further, it was said to be being depreciated.

    RE: new wildland command extension

    This means that the stations that are assigned to that dispatch centre are the only ones that will be considered for spawning a mission. Eg, if theres 3 fire stations to that dispatch, and another 4 outside of it, the stations within that dispatch will only be able to spawn missions that require 3 or less fire stations.

    Without this option, the stations within the dispatch centre are able to see all 7 fire stations, and spawn missions that require up to 7 fire stations.

    Exactly - Easier to just worry about yourself on the game, other people botting doesn't really have any effect on yourself! Letting it get to you and frustrate you does nothing.

    I always went for more stations as that is what will unlock you to get bigger and better paying missions. You can look at the following list to see the station requirements to spawn missions:

    What I did (although on the UK version, it'll generally work across versions), is to target the highest paying mission and build up to being able to spawn that. As you unlock more missions, then getting the correct vehicles to attend those missions.

    If you're logged in to missionchief, the above site will highlight in green which missions you can currently spawn, and you can click through to see more details such as what units they require.

    There's whole alliances who regularly bot, have been temporarily suspended by the devs, and returned to the same behaviour. Reporting any botting to the devs is like pulling teeth, they want "proof" yet what proof can you reasonably gather besides their earnings, but it seems that isn't enough most of the time. Only way to get botters banned seemingly is to get them to admit it.

    Just adds more vehicles and or items that costs credits or coins. In my 20 years in emergency services in Florida I have never seen it required that a "sheriff" or "police Chief" has to authorize transport unless the transport has to go to some jail outside their jurisdiction.

    You've also probably never seen a dispatch centre have to authorise every transport and tell them where to go. However, that's what we do when processing a transport request (remember, you're technically playing the role of a 911 dispatcher). The transport system isn't "realistic" clearly, so a vehicle/person to automate this part of the game and automatically transport prisoners is just a feature for better efficiency and improved gameplay for us!

    As mentioned on another thread, I'm now working on some additional ambulance content - this includes fixing the CC requirement on missions and also the hospitals (incl departments)

    Does this mean that Urology will actually be used by at least 1 mission finally? Currently the department usages are as follows:

    General Internal - 214
    Traumatology - 81
    General Surgeon - 30
    Cardiology - 6
    Neurology - 4
    Neurosurgery - 4
    Gynecology - 1
    Cardiac Surgery - 1
    Urology - 0