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    Adult Critical Care Transfers are provided by NHS or Private Emergency Ambulances, they’re no different to any other frontline ambulance. It’s only paediatric that have specialist transfer vehicles and teams.

    I would however like to see emergency inter-facility transfers, like how you have the transfer mission for urgent care centres to the nearest ED. It would be nice if for example you transport a patient to the nearest hospital without the needed speciality a mission would then later spawn to transfer that patient.

    For example, ambulances often convey to the nearest ED as opposed to the required hospital for time-critical reasons. E.g. Stroke and Major Trauma may be taken to a local ED for immediate interventions and stabilisation before further transfer to the tertiary stroke or major trauma centre. And this would often be done by a frontline crew unless the hospital has a contract with a private organisation. 😊

    ScotSTAR have an ECMO-capable ambulance which does adult trauma transfers, but it's more of a trial vehicle and I don't think any other services have one like it

    I get the idea of an intensive care ambulance, if that's what they mean? e.g. ScotSTAR has Paediatric, Neonatal & ECMO ambulances that could all be under that umbrella - but I do imagine they're probably getting at the hospital side of things

    If we were waiting months for decent updates with substance to them I feel like I wouldn't mind as much but it's been 7 months since SAR P2 which as you've said was rushed and implemented poorly and was never touched again, before that was the flood trailer update which was even more useless than SAR P2.

    Both of those aside it's been a year since we've had a single update that has had some thought put into it (Airport & Coastguard), once again and I can't reiterate it enough - me and the community do understand all the content advisors who support these developments do it in their free time and have their personal lives as well as the fact the devs have been known to be difficult to work with, however, MCUK has been practically abandoned at this point with not much of a community left due to zero communication to us at all

    I get a lot of the advisors and such do this in their spare time but is there any news on any actual changes to MCUK? there have been some new missions here and there and occasional bug fixes but we've not had an actual update in over half a year now (SAR P2 was almost 7 months ago now, which was randomly added and never really expanded on at all) I understand one issue was a lack of mountain rescue advisors but there's still plenty to be developed in other services, police and fire especially (a lot of which don't seem to be too complex (e.g. a Police command unit could pretty much just be a duplicate of ICCU or something))

    And I'm sure the rest of the community understands that all the people who support MCUK's development side have a life but the game has been pretty dead for ages now because of the lack of not even updates but any communication at all on further developments

    The most you'll usually get is fleet numbers and sometimes for some services you can kind of figure out the general system, honestly you're better just making them up or not giving them a callsign at all (Incident Response Vehicle [Police Station] is what I do)

    It's been about 9 months since this bug was reported and still nothing seems to be done about it. Whenever there is a follow-up mission it spawns around the station that generated it as opposed to around the mission that generated it.

    For example, a burning motorbike mission generates the follow-up burning leaves mission, instead of that generating on the mission, as previously established it generates on the station that generated the call. This also happens with smoke inhalation and basically any sort of mission generated by another mission.

    NamePatient Transport Ambulance
    Purpose-Responds to paitent transfers
    How many personel are required1-2
    Building expansionFound in Clinics, Ambulance Stations, HART bases.
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slots 1 Patient

    If this could transport C-4 patients too maybe? we'll send PTS to falls sometimes

    Ambulance Command Units attend loads of incidents even as "small" as search for persons, stabbings, big industrial fires, etc. across all services. The Scotland thing Van and I are on about is an Incident Response Command Unit, we still have two dedicated command units that are ancient and technologically outdated for this day and age, SAS incorporated most of the things a command unit is into what is essentially an SRV, it operates as both and is part of the basic framework to any SORT response so it is somewhat unfair to compare this to English and Welsh standards as generally it's a fairly different system.

    Every ambulance service outside London can use command units - it's a national capability

    A joint ACU-SRV would be useful for Scottish players as half the SRVs in the country double up as command units

    It's impossible for me to retain command coverage in Scotland without this tbh, as well as without police command

    SAR Pt.2 has launched with the following vehicles:

    - Control Van

    - Operational Support Van

    - Boat Trailer
    - Drone Vehicle

    - Drone Unit (Police & Fire)
    - Personal Search and Rescue Vehicle
    - Search and Rescue 4x4
    - Fly Car

    I'll be honest no clue what any of this means apart from the drone units