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    Name/Type of Mission: Persons stuck in gorge

    Units Required: 1x Inshore Rescue Boat, 2x Pumps, 1x Fire Officer, 1x PRV, 1x SRV, 1x OTL (can have a non-HART variation, room for MRT & technical rescue in future updates!)

    POI Required: N/A

    Patients: 0-3 - 25% critical care

    Prisoners: N/A

    Credit Reward: 4000

    Name/Type of Mission: Quadbike Accident

    Units Required: 1x PRV, 1x SRV, 1x ATV

    POI Required: N/A

    Patients: 1 - 30% critical care

    Prisoners: N/A

    Credit Reward: 2500

    do these missions have HART variations just yet? we see them at this sort of stuff quite a lot here

    With the addition of rope rescue teams. Could it be a good idea to give old missions like the "stuck climber" mission a new variant requiring a rope rescue team to be deployed?

    I've made my Line Rescue Units aerial appliances just to use it for things like this funnily

    hi again I am actually devoted to this monthly idea now


    Stations: 50 (+ 15 (I typed the wrong number last time))

    Rescue Pump: 54 (+17)

    Water Ladder: 17 (=)

    Combined Aerial Rescue Pump: 2 (+1)

    Fire Officer: 32 (+5)

    Aerial Appliance: 4 (+1)

    Heavy 4x4 Tanker: 3 (+2)

    OSU: 4 (+1)

    HazMat: 4 (+2)

    Water Carrier: 3 (+1)

    Light 4x4 Pump: 2 (=)

    BASU: 2 (=)

    Welfare: 2 (=)

    ICCU: 3 (+1)

    Crew Carrier: 1 (=)

    Rescue Support Unit: 1 (=)

    Light 4x4: 1 (=)

    Prime Mover: 1 (=)

    HazMat Pod: 1 (=)

    Boat Trailer: 1 (=)


    Stations: 30 (=)

    Hospital: 19 (=)

    HEMS: 1 (=)

    Ambulance: 49 (=)

    OTL: 12 (=)

    RRV: 5 (-1)

    Community First Responder: 5 (=)

    SRV: 3 (=)

    PRV: 3 (=)

    Ambulance Officer: 2 (=)

    ATV Carrier: 1 (=)

    CBRN Vehicle: 1 (=)

    HEMS: 1 (=)

    Welfare Vehicle: 1 (=)

    Mass Casualty Equipment: 1 (=)


    Stations: 23 (+1)

    IRV: 34 (+2)

    ARV: 9 (+1)

    DSU: 6 (+1)

    Traffic Car: 5 (+1)
    M-RAV: 1 (+1)


    Coastguard Station: 6 (+1)

    Lifeboat Station: 4 (+1)

    Coastguard Rescue Vehicle: 5 (+1)

    Coastguard Rope Rescue Unit: 3 (+1)

    ILB: 2 (=)

    ALB: 3 (+1)

    Support Unit: 1 (=)

    What we know, and what you have obviously voiced your opinion on, is that generally people want SAR part 2, or at the very least the initial bugs to be fixed. Regardless, we would like to know what people would like to see with an airport update so any suggestions are welcome. This would be very helpful down the line so if they don't start the update now, we are more prepared for when they can slot it in. Any vehicle suggestions, mission suggestions, content, or anything along those lines is welcome.

    Mission suggestions relating to airports would go here as opposed to the mission suggestions thread I assume?

    I know a lot of people seem to be chatting about how it isn't the right time and such but it sounds like the devs are pressing for it, so if it has to be now these are probably my thoughts.

    I mostly agree with the thoughts of Van, the most you'll get out of an airport update are some extra new missions and a few vehicles that can really for the most part be simulated already. Take my entire setup for an example, from Inverness to Dundee, airport and airfield wise I can simulate everything easily... RIV becomes L4P, etc etc

    My issue with an airport update is, will we really see any uniqueness or will it just end up a sort of gimmicky update full of copied and pasted pre-existing vehicles, however I can acknowledge the fact that it would be cool for specific new missions to be added for airports and that it could add a lot of variety to the current (and already expanding under SAR) pool of missions.