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    So in a good few places in the UK prime mover callsigns are very interesting. They tend to switch callsigns depending on the pod being carried. Now I think this would be pretty interesting but quite a challenge to implement. So maybe when you purchase your prime mover you're able to set the callsign for the prime mover (Ex: N01T1). When you buy a pod you can also set the callsign for the pod (Ex: N01H1 (EnvPU pod)). When you set your prime mover to pick up the pod, it adopts the pods callsign.

    Pretty interesting idea in my opinion, let me know what you think.

    Name/Type of Mission: Electrical Fault On Passenger Train

    Units Required:

    3x Fire Engines

    1x Fire Officer

    2x Police Cars

    POI Required: Train station (regional traffic and long-distance travel)/Train station (regional traffic)

    Patients: 0-2

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 2000

    So in terms of HART/SORT and water rescue..

    HART are not a dedicated rescue service, in the event of water/cliff/mud rescue they would simply embed themselves into rescue teams from Fire, HMCG, Lowland SAR etc.

    So a lot of players are from Scotland, myself included, and throughout Scotland there are 3 SORT (Scottish equivalent to HART) Water Rescue Units. These are based in places which have a high number of players in game (Johnstone (Glasgow), Newbridge (Edinburgh) and Aberdeen. I don't see why these couldn't be included as an optional requirement for water rescue missions, maybe coming with an extension similar to the Mass Casualty Equipment. It also adds more vehicles for players to use and just more variety in general.