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    There are two left in the world up in Canada. They carry 30 tons of water each. :D Let me at the fire :D You only need to watch the first few minutes when they show the two flyingboats sitting in a lake in Canada. We need these :D

    If there are only two left in the world, there would not be much point in implementing them as not many users would actually have them in their setup?!...

    TACR has literally just started that zoning and boundaries are not possible... ||

    1) Yes, by watching ads on the coins section of the app.

    2) You can add cells to a small police station, just go to the 'Expansion' tab. However it will be much more beneficial to start with fire as the fire service calls provide you with many more credits than the police calls do.

    Hi, me again... Sorry for all the questions lol

    How do you find out what stations have what units in real life? I use the website UK Fire Stations but I can't find what stations have fire officers... I'm sure this will also be an issue for police and ambulance... Please can you tell me what resources you use to help put things in there rightful places... I need fire officers now that I have 6 stations :)


    For me, its Wikipedia, official Fleet list FOIs on as well as a mix of Flickr Facebook Youtube Twitter and Instagram. Looking for either the official station social media accounts if they have one, or just looking through content posted by other people.

    I can see that, even if this feature was introduced, even though there is 99% chance that it will not as per the above, that it would be completly useless.

    So, it would tell you that your alliance has for example:
    x pumps
    x ALPs

    For examples sake, let's say the alliance has 30 ALPs in total. Not all these appliances will be available 24/7 as players will be on and off the game.
    Then, of the players that ARE online, they will not send all of their units, only some of them.

    Therefore, the data that it would produce, listing the number of each different unit would be completly pointless.

    Not really sure of the point you are trying to make here.

    This thread is for UK Players to post their setups.

    In regards to the double credits, I know that both the UK and US games (and other versions) have it pretty regularly.

    I was wondering if there is any way to stop a vehicle from transferring between stations. One of the members of my alliance accidentally began sending a unit from a station in Germany to a station in Kansas. While I do not think there is any way to stop this, I figured I would ask just to make sure.

    Nope, no way whatsoever.

    Once you click transfer, it goes state 6 and there's nothing you can do about it!

    All of the above already exist. You just have to search through the forums on the graphic threads to find them...

    Sorry, but what would you like to have happened?

    Of course it was annoying when they brought out the UK version, but we would never have seen any updates like what we have recently, e.g. the medical update, in the .com game, as that is centred and always has been around the US style of units etc.

    I for one was very annoyed when I Realised how I would have to start over completely, but at the end of the day, the game is 10 times better than .com from a UK perspective.

    >> Don't particularly want to go on the offensive here, but it's getting ridiculous!

    Great, so we have established that at least 5 people have experienced this issue.

    This has already been posted on another thread, as per below, a week ago. EVERYONE who plays the game, except those who had alliance buildings turned on before the update, is experiencing this issue.

    With the new map filter options I am unable to see other members buildings in the alliance, even with all options selected. Does anyone know how to correct this?

    The Devs have already said they are aware of this and are looking into it too...

    This currently is due to the new map filters; you can still see other player's buildings in their profile. Alliance member buildings are a tad tricky due to the large amount present in some alliances but we're looking into reintroducing this safely and without performance impacts for those that don't want to use them (larger alliances easily can contain a few thousand buildings).

    Dennis from the dev team

    Hope this helps :)

    > Not to cause offense to anyone, just to inform (and hopefully resolve and issue here) and (possibly) stop issues and topics being duplicated on here.

    Just build a full size station for 100.00 and don't expand them withe cells.

    I have 4 patrol bases/depots for the Met - Traffic/DSU/TSG/Airport Command and this is perfectly adequate...

    Yes I'm aware that you can untick the shared by alliance and the game will work however that does not help with an alliance storm that was started for members to that missed out on yesterday's due to the same issues.

    You can't dispatch on a storm if you have to hide the missions to play the game.

    Think you have missed my point there.

    On the app, I do have shared by alliance turned on.

    I have also been able to dispatch to someone else's mission. Therefore that would make me think that this bug only affects some people's accounts, and not others'?

    What the hell is going on with this game! Everytime there is a new update it seems to incorporate more bugs. Sounds like more people are having the same issue. Things not showing on the map and the bottom of the screen is a blank grey area where I no longer have the Map/missions tab. This is becoming ridiculous now. There are players that are dedicated to this game like myself and that have actually spend real money on the game. Don’t get me wrong I love the game but the amount of issues just isn’t right. With the area at the bottom of the screen being blank I can’t even send a report to the Devs. Bloody sort it out!!!!!!!! :cursing: ?( X(

    Now it's time for me to have a rant at you, for being grumpy and unappreciative.

    - First of all, you say that every update has bugs. What major game breaking bugs have you found with the medical update then? Yes there's little things here and there, but until things are tested, the Dev's will not know if they work properly or not. Then once little bugs are reported, they are able to be sorted.

    Also, are you seriously suggesting that the game was better before the medical update?...
    If you are, then that is selfish and ungrateful, because a lot of time was put in for developing the new units and critical care system, by the Dev's, Forum Moderators, and the UK advisor team, more specifically by the Medical advisor, who actually works in the Ambulance service. Remember, all these people, apart from the Dev's, do all this work on the game for free. Imagine putting all this work into the game just to get negativity and criticism on here...

    - You also say that your screen is showing as blank. There has been 1 or 2 cases of the screen showing blank for other people, but it's not a issue that has been reported lots, otherwise this forum would be full of complaints. Anyway, the game has actually been pretty stable recently compared to how it used to be.

    - You also say there are players that are 'dedicated' to the game like 'yourself'. Yes, there are many people, including myself, that have spent hundreds (probably even more than that to be honest) of hours on this game - I have been playing since about 2016/2017. And yes, I have too spent coins on the game. But that is the choice that you make to spend real money.
    Again, the Moderators and UK Advisors have spent much more time than any regular player discussing the progression of the game, implementing new things, and monitoring the forum, replying to hate comments like the above, deleting spam, whilst also announcing new features.

    - In regards to the 'Amount of issues' that you have mentioned, would you care to list them? I am able to play the game without incurring any serious issues.

    Now stop moaning, and appreciate the time that the Moderators, Developers, and Advisor team(s) spend on the game implementing the updates, rather than picking apart any tiny little bugs you may find.

    Remember - Would you rather that UK game is updated by UK residents, of whom some work in the Police, Fire and Ambulance service, or new updates brought out by German Game Developers, who do not have specific knowledge of how the UK Emergency Services work?