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    Yes I agree, 8 water carriers is way to many for a UK setup. My local service get lots of wildfires and we only have 3 water carriers.

    I can't see them implemeting a mission with a requirement for 8 WrC's in the UK Game luckily!

    Funny you should say that, I started on the US version before the UK version was available so that's what I've been playing on since the start. A way to transfer over to the UK version would also be nice but i'm sure is very difficult to accommodate. So for my area in the UK 8 water carrier's is way too much.

    I had a couple of accounts on the US Version, probably with a total of 60.000.000 credits between them.

    I was very skeptical about moving to the UK version as I had built a large area and spent a lot of time on the US game, but it is totally worth starting all over again. The UK game is very realistic and will become even more so as there some exciting updates in the works!

    So here is my view on this topic!

    The logic that you need 1 water tanker for every 7 stations, 1 BASU for every 5 stations is completely wrong - You must have 1 water tanker by the time you buy your seventh station, and 1 BASU by the time you buy your fifth, but this does not carry through once you buy more stations.

    In my opinion, from a UK point of view, 8 water carriers is way too much, but I presume that US Fire Departments have a lot more Water carriers that we do in the UK, so I guess it depends on what area you cover.

    It's just so people can play realistically if they want to, and use type 2 as a small pickup fire vehicle and a type 1 as a full sized pump, although they both do the same job.

    I was more refering in game, the only one I can find is Witchit's Pack and the lights aren't animated.

    The idea of these particular graphics is that you upload them yourself onto each vehicle, rather than using a graphic pack. this lets you assign the correct graphics to vehicles of the same type.

    My UK MC account is in London, and obviously responses are different across the country, but MC UK is much more realistic for any area you could cover in the UK than the US version

    I can't see any sort of argument for that .com is more realistic for a UK setup.

    If you are based in the UK, don't setup on the .com version as mentioned above, instead on the version.

    The UK version will be receiving a large in depth medical expansion that has been influenced by real life medical workers in the UK, so will obviously be very realistic.

    In regards to pumps of 9, Scottish Fire and Resuce run pumps of 9, and Norfolk FRS will be trialing running pumps of nine next year. And remember, you can choose how many people run on each appliance! You can set it however high or low you want...

    Breathing apparatus pumps and water tanker sare separate, as they are completely different In real life. Examples below...

    Suffolk Fire and Rescue OSU - Equivalent of a BASU - Carries spare BA and extra specialist equipment. BASU Could also be used as a British red Cross FESU, used for supporting victims of fire related incidents etc.

    Suffolk Fire and Rescue Water Carrier - Carries large amounts of water to Large jobs, e.g. heath fires, field fires

    Just looked at that alliance, and although i'm no expert, there is definitely something weird going on.

    Feel like that loads of duplicate accounts have been started to profit each other, as their are loads named after football teams...

    I realise that I myself said about 2-3 weeks this was an estimate based on the way things seemed to be moving at the time. Things unfortunately slowed way down and now I’m unsure but it is being worked on I know that so I will try to refrain from giving time frames going forward

    This has been said multiple times...

    Yeah, but when you are looking at possible missions, which tab are you looking under?

    Without control center will show you missions that could spawn if you don't have 'create own coverage area' turn on on each dispatch.


    Re-read your post, and you must have some stations assigned to the wrong dispatch center, otherwise the call would not be able to spawn...