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    I am currently having trouble dispatching units. when I go into my dispatch window it won't pull up my arrs and also won't let me select or dispatch units. this has been happening for the past couple of days on and off with different missions and now it's to the point that the game is almost unplayable for me.

    I have not been able to play for at least a week. I have tried Chrome/Safari...I disabled LSSM to see if that was it but it just says the page is unresponsive...I travel for work so I am guessing it is because of the country I am in but it worked when I was in Sudan but just slow. Works on the iPad fine but I like the computer.

    If the game is going to start going downhill then it is time to either exit, start pushing comments and requests through Facebook or find a new game. I appreciate what the Team does in enhancing the games but do understand your hands are tied…what is the Facebook page name?

    I am glad I have read this, I have a similar issue.

    When I select the AAR for Tanker for a major wildfire it selects the foam unit also. Also, I am not understanding the statement below...I have foam tenders checked but they are still responding in the place of regular water tankers. Second, why does the Pumper Tanker not respond as a tanker but can be used as one?

    "Only dispatch vehicle as own vehicle class. (If this box is ticked then the vehicle will only be dispatched as the custom class. If you wish to still have this vehicle dispatched as it’s original class as well, leave this unticked)"

    Thanks so much for your help, I have been through and checked the requirements and amended the POI's I gues snow we wait for the algorithm to see the change and start issuing jobs

    I have been waiting on major calls and they started but have stopped. All of my requirements are checked and green.

    You don't even have to specify a custom class - just selecting the dispatch as own class option will ensure it isn't dispatched by an ARR that doesn't apply to that specific type.

    Thanks Chief!

    I have noticed that if you click "Tanker" in the AARs you will not only get a water tanker but a foam tanker as it goes in order

    Ex. Large Wild Fire...request 6 tankers, any time you click a tanker if there is a foam truck in that order, it will select it. That defeats the purpose of tanker vs foam truck/tender. Furthermore, why does this not select Pumper Tanker?

    This is also true for patrol cars, it selects the investigator if in order there is one available.

    Lastly, I am available for all calls within my dispatch center but have only seen the same calls. Is there something in the algorithm that I am not doing as a Bat Chief, I have even put out POIs but no change?

    I would love to be able to and you can limit certain calls such as one cruise ships or two a hour for the big pays.

    I would love to spawn my own missions as I noticed my POIs are worthless.

    My question is how do you get those larger calls? I have them green as my dispatch center can handle them. I have all expansions except forestry but I have not had big calls like that and only 2 warden calls.

    Smoke investigation calls should require a platform. It could be smoke investigation possibly where roof access is needed, yeah most engines carry a TIC on them but so do truck companies. It doesn't state if it's smoke from a building or smoke from a bonfire.

    I know alot of people play real life with units but I operate all rescue engines, quints and pumper tankers. I call my Rescue/Engines a rescue or an engine and so on. Pumper tankers same thing I call engine 1(PT) easy as that

    i would like to see a Quint be used instead of a Platform if required. Engine and a Quint or just a Quint.