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    1: The USCG only acts in a military capacity in certain situations. It is part of the Department of Homeland Security, and spends most of its time performing its maritime rescue and law enforcement missions.

    2: You can definitely call the Coast Guard directly. Use channel 16 on a marine radio, which you'd probably have on a boat, which is when you'd need the Coast Guard.

    I think the point the previous comment was that, if you are on land and you see and emergency out at sea, such as someone drowning! you can call 999 (and 112 and on a mobile also 911) and be put directly through to the coastguard as an added option, as well as using Channel 16 to contact the UK coastguard! which is a great advantage! countless life's have been saved this way in the UK!

    would be nice if we could have a tick box to close built departments in hospitals. it would be even better if we could set departments on divert for a set time.

    i dont understand how this would be useful, even in the beginning of a game, especially when you get to the stage where you have over 100 hospitals.. i would want to send ambulances further than they needed to go.

    we have had an issue with a player keep making new accounts and coming back causing problems, we know he has had 3 names, but suspect it is actually 5, the issues have been mainly that he is very disruptive, but has also said some in appropriate stuff to younger people in the game.. i would like to see some more tools for managing this, maybe an ip ban to ban that ip from your alliance and a report player button, where we can press this button and upload linked evidence to the devs, especially if this person is seen to be inappropriate or committing an criminal offence toward minors. it is ok just banning them, but it leaves them free to move to another alliance and carry on with that kind of behaviour! edit , this option would be for admin only, so that the devs wouldn't be inundated with reports!

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