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    This can be partially fixed using the Set Mission Spawn Area settings by changing the radius and moving the central point so that the majority of the area covers only water. It helps a bunch, and if you set it properly, you can get the same missions and reduce your response times, resulting in a need for fewer vehicles.

    So we now know that there are two different map displays, Apple Map Kit and Leaflet using Open Street Maps. So, this leads to the next question, what is the actual dataset that is used for the dispatching and routing in the game?

    For updating and correcting the maps, if you create an account at, you can submit updates to Open Street Map and they will be implemented once verified. I have no clue how/when Apple updates their data.

    Quite simply, we can't sell them back because it is not a feature that the developers, content advisors and moderators have added. As we have been told before, it is just something that has not been done. If you want to stop using a unit and replace it, it is cheaper to expand station, add more units, and then put the one you want as "not available" (status 6) and set the number assigned to a minimum. Then go in and actually assign member to the replacement units...

    For clarification, I do not want to sell vehicles back, I think that would create major issues within the game.

    My suggestion is to be able to sell/auction the vehicles to other players, potentially within an alliance if you are a member of one, and maybe even to the user base as a whole (though I would probably not go that far).

    This was brought forth by several people and I think it may have been included in the QOL survey (not sure). There were mixed feelings and responses and I am sure it is not priority

    ChiefBoden61 - I fully understand your comment and reply, and by no means do I think this should be anywhere near the top of the development list. I understand that the developers have been working very hard and have some new and interesting releases coming out in the not too distant future. I am sure we are all looking forward to those.

    In your message you mentioned a QOL Survey - I have not seen this survey, and can't locate it in the forum - can you provide me with a way to see the survey, or the results (if they are public of course). If not, that is fine too...... Thank you.

    As we grow our buildings, there is often the desire to change out equipment that is assigned to a building. We can move them to another building today, but there are times that they become surplus and we delete them. In this case, it would be nice if there was a sale/auction type possibility.

    With something similar to a Distribution Center, you could move your surplus equipment. From there, you could choose to store it indefinitely, auction it off the highest bidder, or sell it for a fixed price. Some parameters would nee dot be set to prevent price gauging and lowballing, probably based on age and mileage of the vehicle.

    This link is for a company that buys and sells used equipment - - just as a possible example of something that could be done.

    This is just a thought. Thank you in advance for you consideration of this as a possible option for a future release.

    I believe that all the routing is done using Open Street Maps. If there are updates that need to be made to those maps, they are generally community driven. You can look at for more details on the maps. There is process to Edit the maps on the site as well.