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    I guess the fact remains that across the many jurisdictions being copied or duplicated throughout this game, there are just as many combinations of apparatus and how they are used or combined for use to meet the needs of that specific jurisdiction and the developers will never be able to recreate all of them. Another example is Tankers.... We have air Tankers and then there are also Tankers available for use and also pumper tankers. If you go with NIMS compliance and what they do in CA (I think) , if you call for a Tanker you are getting something with wings and if it has wheels, it is called a Tender. The County my city operates out of is now using the term Tender. Bottom line is that we take what is available and we adapt modify and overcome

    If I am not wrong I think I saw a post on the German Versions Forum which suggests a vehicle Editor where the price of set vehicle increases the more functions it has (with some obvious limitations of course). That discussion has been going on for years and nothing has happend yet.

    They many have two advantages:

    They don't generate transport request (so they are good for alliance missions where you have only send that one unit)

    And of course they add the unit for players attempting to re-build stations realistically.

    Just to clarify, A fixed amount of credits is set to each and every mission, with a small percentage of variability at the time of completing the mission. other than that, the amount of credits should be predictable and shouldn't very much. With major calls like Train derailment, the difference of credits comes down to the variant of the mission. And a lot of the answers from the community members are accurate, glad to see everyone active and helping out.

    Hey is there a chance you could ask the devs to check if they accidently set the percentage of variation to high?

    Looking through the mission IDs doesn't show any mission that comes even close to the 5k that is reported here.

    The ID's are 371 and 371-1 (Fire Investigation Units)

    The normal one bringing 10000 and the -1 bringing 11000.

    So 5700 shown int the image by Bneilson seems way off.

    It's same Credit requirement ever LSS / MC version.

    Been playing the OG German version (LSS) since 2017 and I am at 2,5 Billion so 2,5 more to get the final promotion and I can tell you: MC has it easier with the amount of high earning mission types it has.

    On another note: 10 Coins for Fire Chief (and it's equivalents) is out right insulting. ^^

    This has been routinely suggested over the course of probably upwards of 4/5 years now. It has been turned down or disregarded on each occasion, however I would also like to see this and if the devs decide to do it, then great!

    Sorry for resuggesting it. Couldn't find a suggestion about it with the search tool.

    But honestly it seems like a small addition. When you got a call that needs an engine, a ladder and a rescue

    You can send a Heavy Rescue + Quint or Rescue Engine + Platform. This would give you a third option of Rescue Ladder + Engine.

    So no unfair advantage would be given in my opinion unless they make it a Rescue Quint which would be bad for balancing in my opinion.

    Hello there,

    I have a suggestion.

    Im a currently trying to build NYC realistically. An issue I see is that there are not that many rescues for the number of stations in that city.

    On further research I found that the Ladders carry hydraulic tools (please correct my if I am wrong, but even if not I would think this still could be realistic).

    So my suggestion would be a combination of a platform truck and a rescue.

    As we already have a Quint and a Rescue engine in addition to countless dual purpose units I think this would be a realistic addition to the game.

    Feedback is of course welcomed!

    Unless you enabled "only use own POIs" it will also use the once from other alliance members.

    There used to be a function to check alliance POIs for correct placement but that has been disabled.

    Some POIs will create calls only at that exact location but POIs like city centre and forest have a radius in which the mission will be generated that could be cause for the correct creation of forest and medical missions.

    Also if multiple alliance members place a POI the chances obviously multiply for that location to create a mission.

    Objectively there shouldn't be a difference as the station that creates the mission is chosen at random, the only difference could be due to POI placement that cause the creation of larger missions which stay open for a longer time, therefore creating the illusion of more calls in that area.

    As tylernelson224 explained. There is a set amount of credits for a mission +/- some %.

    The payout can vary from call to call as some calls have different typ IDs.

    For example Waste bin fires have 4 different IDs: 30, 31, 32 and 33. Which is done as these calls where created for different POIs.

    But most of the time they have the same payout unless there is a fire investigator required which would add a XXX-1 to the end of the ID and increase the average payout.

    With your Major Wildfire I gotta say that I am not sure why you would only make 5k as that would be to much of a gab from 10k avg.

    Could it be that you just misread the size of the call?

    There is also a Medium and Large wildfire. Medium could look similar if you just had a quick glanz.