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    Developers.... Its time to fix what you have already added. You have vehicles that are not used ever. like ATV trailers, Tactical Rescue Truck. Police Motorcycle never count as a police unit on any call(problem for a long time). And they are never required. Ambulance trailers they don't help at all. They e care for patients any more than a cop. Wildfire air support, I have purchased 10 spots for lead planes, helos, smoke jumpers. But can only use 6 of the 10.. Cant buy anymore. I have 4 smoke jumper planes that I can not buy or use. Please fix existing issues. Dont include vehicles that are not even needed/used.

    Don't be silly they are too busy changing the game speed system every 2 months to something different.

    I had just required 35 Riot Squad 115 Miles from the nearest team, Not able to select the Riot Trailer or team in the game due to distance, are they trying to get me to spend coins to cancel the mission? Or spend coins to buy the required units etc?

    Setup a staging area next to the station, then desolve it when no longer needed . If you use the move function, the truck cannot turnout while moving. if you stage it can turnout whilst transiting.

    So, not a fan of the new game speed settings, Why do the Devs continue to mess with things that were not broken and Ignore the things that should be fixed? We now have lost the slide across the top telling us the game speed options 10 seconds to 10 minutes to Pause in favour of x1 to .x10, I feel this is a tad confusing and doesn't tell me at a glance is it 1 mission per 5 minutes or 1 mission every 20 seconds . Why change was not broken, Isn't this the 3rd change in as many months for this?

    Fix the bugs add events people want. Dont mess with stuff that was working well.


    We would send on the initial dispatch 3 Battalion Chiefs, 4 Engines, 2 Ladders, 1 Heavy Squad, Air Truck, 2 Tankers and a couple Ambulances. Since it is a new incident, I am hoping that it changes

    Is this to first Alarm initial turnout, before confirming a fire not transmitting a greater alarm?

    Purchase a Squad or another Engine that carry 6 people, Call it a RIT or RIG unit and add it to your responses.

    I have done this with Batt Chiefs as in my country we do not have them, we have Area Managers / Area Commanders they only respond to greater alarms I have labelled Batt Chiefs as operational support trucks/Vans, The Kitchen and Showers trucks are set up also using Batt Chiefs but on a separate ARR to respond to only large Incidents

    I am perplexed as to why a Fire in a Papermill would only be a 1 truck call, Id imagine a risk plan would see a Min 2 pumps and aerial or 3 pumps and aerial, Even with the most advanced fire suppression systems they do not cover every part of a mill? Also, the Incident does not escalate why?

    Pretty strange requirements, what am I missing?


    Yes if it's 2016 its 10 years out of date, maybe ts time for an update eh Devs?

    There have been multiple bugs with this update, here's some I have found.

    • Car out of gas requires 3 firefighters, but it doesn't.
    • Heavy Rescue equipment requires 3 personnel, even though the vehicles can only have 2 personnel in the trucks.
    • Multiple ARR bugs.
      • Wrecker and Flatbed are not options in the ARR, nor is there a proper category for tow trucks.
      • Police wrecker is under coastal rescue.
      • "Car Carrier" under fire vehicles is not an actual vehicle you can purchase, it may be a translation error for flatbed or wrecker.
      • I was unable to find the fire wrecker under any category.
    • Issues with images failed to upload and adding images wasn't working.

    Welcome to the RUSH to market full of bugs world of mission chief

    If the map is editibale how can I get the game to link to the new highways opened in the last year and half, the Hame shows them but the ingame assets never drove th

    Someone spoiled OpenStreetMap Data yesterday:

    Unfortunately, exactly in the about 2 hours till the changes were reverted (, one of the two map servers downloaded latest data from OSM and thus generated map tiles with exactly these spam data. The user who did this has already been blocked:

    The game team took offline the map server with this wrong data and triggered a new update process. They will take it back online once the process has been finished. As the other map server luckily does not have these wrong data, there are no negative impacts on the game anymore.

    If the open map is editable how can I get the game to link to the new highways opened in the last year and a half, the Game shows them but the in game assets never drive on them it ignores them although they do not exist?