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    An option is just build a station and have the trucks off the run, I do this to simulate workshops and swap trucks around for servicing also everytime there is a Fire truck crash I take the closest truck to the incident off the run and label it crashed then move it to workshops and put a relief truck in.

    I find these two missions very strange as we never actually attend a fire at these missions prior to these./What fire are we gathering evidence from, we didn't attend one? A good option would be these two added after an event not stand-alone, After a major wildfire there is investigation post-incident jobs (Devs) can this be changed to add these after a fire mission? or the Fire truck crash, after another mission, as may have happened on route to a job?



    Never thought of it. But I do not even like the Fire Truck Crash as it makes a game out of firefighter accidents and injuries and since we kill over 100 a year in line of duty and hundreds of thousands of injuries.. it is not a game.. That is just my opinion...

    Yes I know, we have 14000 Fire Fighters on the job, and we are unlucky if we lose 1 every 10 years, Our firefighting is a little different than those of the USA we never have staff on roofs with fire under them unless a ladder to snorkel

    Does anyone ever wonder what station the crashed fire engine is from? I always take a truck from the nearest station and take it off the run and label it crashed. Then play wth one less truck for a week or so, I back fill the station with a relief truck usually an older truck with higher miles/km from a station I have set up called workshops all the trucks are off the beat list/turnout and I do service rotations with these trucks.

    For this issue, I manually dispatch the assets on either side of the river/water to stop this from happening. So when I note the trucks will cross bodies of water I cancel them and despatch the closest assets on the right side. It appears the game sees ferry lanes/shipping lanes as roads. I also find trucks can cross mountain ranges with no roads simply by using perceived walking tracks.

    Are you talking about in your alliance? I have 33 in my Alliance of which 4 play, I don't feel any issue with having them there as they don't cost me anything and people get busy with real life and may come back and play again. As for hurting you, do they know where you live?

    I personally think having assets still available for turnout when moving between stations would give the ability to provide cover moves without having to use staging areas. Simply build extra bays in each station and backfill them when there are large jobs on leaving an area empty Thoughts?

    Simple solution, build an extra bay into every station and simply move available assets to the station with the empty bays. The only down side is currently you cannot dispatch and truck in transit in move mode, or more between stations with special expansions.

    I have just clocked over 400 vehicles and I wondered what the largest fleet is on here, also what is the vehicle with the highest mileage.

    I have a HEM 60000 miles and a Haz truck that has done 33900 miles.

    It would be great if the Devs could build turnout count as well as miles as the distance the trucks travel doesn't always equal the most turnouts.


    I have built a couple of Fire Stations and relabeled Station to workshops the allocated truck becomes Area Spare and taken it off auto turnout and then added extra Bays for repairs. I also have increased the staff and sometimes purchase trucks as new and then swap them out with high mileage trucks at other stations to add to the workshop fleet. Also taking specialist trucks ie MCVs or Haz trucks out for service also adds the pressure as big jobs come in an MCVs have to travel further to calls, also taking a few arial appliances off the run due to staff shortages or repair etc makes things interesting.

    Not asking to have it rushed through. Things take time and we are getting some amazing content at the moment. But to sit here and be told lies is not on. I am not going to sit here with false information being spread. If they don't want to add it that is fine, but excuses that don't make sense are ridiculous.

    I think being told lies is a tad dramatic, unfortunately, not everyone knows everything like yourself, so may have got it wrong, I am guessing you are a passionate volunteer somewhere by the tone of your posts and the vast knowledge you present.

    Yep. They exist. And after 1 message from a CFS member I was able to find out that majority of brigades in the CFS and all District offices have logistics vehicles so this only 2 brigade have them comment is so un true. But what would we know as members of these various emergency services in the country.

    I would say that you are going to be pushing the brown stuff up hill with a fork trying to push ya logistics trucks through,It is about Majority, not loud Minority It also a computer game not real life,

    My suspicion is, it was done the way to prevent users from being forced to use it, not all services would have a wildland MCC, so it needs to be behind an extension so that people who are using wildland units and building realistically aren't stuck.

    That's just my educated guess however!

    Got to love. a good educated guess.