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    I recently have seen that various vehicles are incorrectly selected when using my ARR.

    For example, riot vehicles count as "SWAT" vehicles, however, they do not replace them. This is very annoying for someone who entirely trusts the functionality of ARRs. I have noticed that with a few other vehicles as well, for example, Fire Investigators being sent instead of Patrol cars, and the Police Helicopter being sent as "SWAT" vehicles. Unsure if there are more but will continue to update this when I come across it.

    It'd be great if there is going to be a fix to that!

    cc: MissionChief-Team

    Tick in the little square dispatch in own class only, which means Fire Investigator only responds as a Fire Investigator not Law enforcement / Same as Police Helo. ss.

    Alot of audio clips are copwrited and im not just talking about sirens. This would be awfully open ended and be able to cause issues with copyrighted music, inappropriate sounds etc

    But if someone wants to add a fart as turnout, whats the issue its on someones personal computer?

    Similar to the fact that you can not transfer "lead planes" on the fire side from one hanger to the other, but you can transfer trained fire personnel from a station to aviation and from aviation to stations.

    I am correct though, I cannot transfer to Pol Aviation from a Police Station? Or am I missing something?

    It would be great to be able to transfer staff into Police Aviation that have the Qual Police Aviation not just transfer staff between Base Hangers. You can not currently train external staff outside the Air Base and transfer them in. Its a bit lame. Also if you could have the Helo's fly Patrol Routes, as they actually patrol the sky in real life not just respond the base all the time.


    Depends on where you are. We do it both ways.. We have budgeted for replacement apparatus and station additions in the Capital Improvement Plan. We have also requested and purchased apparatus by having the City do a loan from a local vendor, or such. City usually floats all the paperwork...

    But it's the city though that takes the loan out, so it would render the add to game as in accurate?

    I don't think station tones and Sirens have a copywrite, so if you limit the audio pack size unlikely that music would be used as a tone?

    I think it would be a great option to be able to scale the size of the jobs, I find it gets tiring having 50 truck calls back to back and 8 missions on the go at a time. Maybe be able to select the size of the missions you want, so you can select missions with a max of 10 trucks or 20 or even 1 and 2 truck calls.


    Do Equipment Pods replace the need for trailers? EG: Light pod, replaces light trailer etc? Job called for 2 lighting trailers and Ive sent 5 lighting pods and 1 lighting trailer and job sill wont complete.


    I was not asking about buying coins. I was asking about the specials they do for like 1/2 off buying buildings, 1/2 off relocating buildings, double credit days. stuff like that but not sales on purchasing the coins

    I understood exactly what you meant, But they do not tell you when they do these specials,

    They will never do this as people would wait to buy the coins and not pay full price. MC is a business to make money. My experience is any Holidays Celebrated in the USA has a coin sale or a promo. Look at ya calender and think more than likely there will be something in the game. Generally shops do not let you know when they are going to drop the prices MC really isn't that. uch different.

    Hello Devs

    It would be great as the game progresses over the years to buy a yard or a shed to store older equipment I have trucks now in the mid 30 to 50 Thousand Miles that are no longer used on the run. I am reluctant to just delete them. It would also be amazing if these old trucks and cars could be sold. The situation I have is Fire station at the costs of 100k per bay. Less than ideal. You would build this Yard/Shed so assets could not respond from it in, only be moved in and and out or sold.


    I think its a stretch of an idea to make another mission, maybe they should take some of the ideas of those who have put forward different call types and run with those, instead of missions like this. I asked AI what type of call it was and it had no clue

    This screenshot is from VicRoads. It says quite clearly that "In emergencies, law enforcement and other emergency vehicles are not required to follow the road rules."

    I am not sure about the exact details of laws in other states, but generally emergency vehicles are allowed to drive on the opposite side of the road when responding to a time critical incident (which is basically every 000 call). So I'm pretty sure my suggestion was a valid point and something that could hopefully be added to the game.

    I am not disputing what you are saying, I spent 20 years driving Fire Appliances, and I know what the legislation says regarding the operation of emergency vehicles from drivers' perspective the wording is may break certain rules. As far as the game is concerned I agree it would make things easier but it is not actually real life, only for threat to life would the rules go out the window. The article you have shown is for the public and written for people in very basic terms. But you legislation in Vic maybe different than most countries, and I maybe wrong but of there are no ERD rule then lawlessness and death would follow.

    To add realism to the game, maybe have this as an add-on after the fire event instead of having it as a stand-alone event unless it, straight after a Fire event. It's a little stupid having secure evidence event when there was no fire attended?.