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    Taser officers will not be added for the same reason as things like blue light driving course wouldn’t be added. Taser is becoming a lot more common across policing and would require players to train hundreds if not thousands of officers in this. Also, a Taser is definitely not a substitute for a dog. A Taser can be ineffective, a dog hanging off your arm by its teeth tends to work 99% of the time

    While taser trained officers are becoming more common, Public order training is more common than taser training from what I’ve seen and we still got that. A taser is a substitute for a dog in some cases, there are situations where a dog is not a suitable option for the safety of a dog. A taser can be just as much as a deterrent as a dog can, people don’t want to be tasered just as much as they don’t want to be bitten.

    I understand not adding blue light training as this game simulates response so the only time they wouldn’t be under blues is it’s a trainee who hasn’t gained blue light training.

    I understand your points above and maybe the easiest way to add it in is part of an expansion as a form training but in reply to E there are times where are situations is deemed more suitable by inspectors for taser officers rather ARVs or dogs.

    No two police calls are the same and can have different options to resolve, “a person with a weapon” mission could be a person with baseball bat which is going to be different to a person with an axe or knife. The location will again change how it could be dealt with.

    If the game allowed, which I'm sure it wont, I'd like to see this as an option to replace the dogs for every mildly irritated person job.

    It could replace the requirement for a dog on a fight on a train where it is unlikely the dog would be used in the confined space

    I’d like to see an extension to the police officer training to allow for taser trained officers. It wouldn’t need to be a new unit, just new training

    NameTaser officer
    Purpose-for missions where the offender ‘is being violent’ or has some sort of weapon
    How many personel are required1
    Training-Taser training
    Building expansionN/A
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsSame as IRV