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    Fire Based EMS would be the answer to it spawning EMS calls. This mission is not the only one that spawns that needs and EMS vehicle but does not require it until after someone gets there and the "we need an ambulance" appears

    This mission was for the UK game so we dont to my personal knowledge have combined fire/ambulance appliances like the US does.

    I think this is just a bug where they meant to select ambulance station to spawn said mission but put fire.

    The station that spawned it does not have an ambulance expansion attached.

    Dont normally agree with you but you are right about the number and type of missions generated and the difference in real life and game. I average at least 10 to 15 sink hole calls a day and most of them required multiple transports. In my 20 years in my current department I have run maybe 2 sink holes and never transported a sole from them

    How nice of you to agree :D

    Yeh these major missions are nice but they are way to frequent compared to real life. So its a good thing the game is a game and not a simulator or we wont have much infactructure left haha.

    I think we asked for better transport admin option on the UK suggestion forums in the quality of life update a few weeks back.

    One feature I would like to see in the UK is the option to cancel the alliance missions like the US as there have been a few times I have made a mission and wanted to cancel it due to whatever reason but I have to spend coins to complete it :)

    How come the mission requirements have been changed on firearms missions from personel to personel in armoured vehicles?

    I have it on good authority that at least 2 of my local and neighbouring forces ARVs are standard vehicles like traffics ones, with a gun safe and all the storage for their equipment with no armour on the vehicles.

    I have also been told by a met firearms officer that their vehicles dont have armour either so I am wondering the thinking behind it?

    Would it not make sense to have the requirements say 4x armed response personel in a firearms vehicle rather than armoured vehicle, as when you say armoured vehicle I think of the Jankel in the met but very few forces have an equivilant to that style of specialised vehicle.

    Those missions are known for being poorly paid for what they are.

    They need a rework in my opinion as you could have over 200 players partiake for a 14K payout.
    Where as if you farmed for a few hours with those units you could make thousands if not a few hundred thousand in the same time period.

    In my alliance the admins run them for fun rather than for profit.

    We all need to stop turning on each other.

    I know my opinion wont nessasarily be appreciated but I think its worth adding.

    The calls the emergency services get each day are not like how we get ingame.
    There are never 40 planes crashing per day, 4 nuclear powerstation fires.

    For the police side of things, a typical day is a few domestics a few thefts and RTCs with a few possession of weapons and drug dealing mixed in. You dont have riots everyday.
    For the fire side of things, just like police RTCs doing fire prevention work. Assisting the ambulance service on occasions.
    For the ambulance side of things, you get your cardiac arrests complex medical rescues needing hart, a job where the air ambulaance might be needed.

    Its not all glamourous and exciting like how missionchief spawns their missions but its decent jobs if you can make a difference.

    So while its a small mission and not a mission some of the big ones. Its nice to see these smaller missions appear as that is how it works in real life.

    It is

    Use of tools, scripts, bots or other computer programs

    :Users are not allowed to use tools, scripts, bots or other computer programs which are suitable for the automatic execution of actions in a game.

    The only scripts that are allowed are ones that dont aid in dispatching or selecting units.

    With regards to police setups, most of that infomation can usually be obtained by getting a fleet list FOI from the force,

    However some forces may choose to not provide this infomation on the grounds of national security due to the risk from organised crime groups or due the threat of terrorism.

    The default maps ingame has a inbuilt poi database.

    I remember there being talk of this being added to save us having to build our own network but evidently overtime its not come to the game yet, but we can only hope that they do add it.

    Accident at memorial candle lighting
    Guard of honour

    Take the St. James Park Monitoring mission and use it again.

    Memorial beacon fire

    Just a few I though of.

    Or maybe if the devs said yes to the jubilee missions. They could be reactivated at a later date to remember the happy times.

    I would like to invite all UK players in an attempt to convince the devs to run the Platinum Jubilee missions again in a tribute to the Queen.

    Its a small thing that I think would allow players to celebrate her time on the throne.

    While not related to missionchief directly i think it would be worthwhile to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II after her death today.

    When people join the police they swear an oath to the queen. So while many of us may not have served directly, the services we replicate, served the public in her name.