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    I am looking for an active alliance that is as realistic as possible and has a need for the Salt Lake City, Utah area. I already have most of SLC FD, SSL, and WVCFD setup and want a alliance I can plug into that has realistic operations nearby

    I like that idea. I tried a couple of those ALS Engines that transport but disposed of them as I did not find them useful. Having an Engine that can treat ALS would be nice, especially when ALS Ambulances may be delayed.

    Almost every engine in my area has a paramedic on board but they don't transport. The lack of this has made it impossible to even come close to realistic ops for me.

    These units could be used for smaller missions than just major events. My county has a few Rehab/Canteen units that are owned and run by local VFDs they will usually respond if a fire hits 2nd alarm to tend to the emergency personnel on scene. These units could be used in many ways to assist anything from small to large missions. Would love to see this added!

    Yes, absolutely. One of the reasons I thought out the concept the way I did is wanted it to complement what we already have and not just add on to it. The idea of the time bonus is specifically to allow players to send those units to any call even if not a requirement. As to the Rehab unit I only added it to this since it's something that has been requested in the past and hasn't yet been added.

    This is an outline for adding a new service to the game with multiple buildings, vehicles, missions, and game mechanics. This could be implemented as extensions or a full new service.

    Emergency Management (EM)

    Emergency Management is a specialized department or agency that manages significant incidents requiring multiple agencies. Think of it more as coordination of resources.


    EOC (Emergency Operations Center) - This would act as the main office for the EM units. $150,000 initial build. Includes one EM SUV.

    Shelter - This would be where displaced persons would be transported (see below)


    EM SUV - First response vehicle for major incidents or to do preparedness missions. Adds a 10% bonus to completion speed.

    Bus - Used to transport people to the shelter

    Field Comm - Mobile Communications unit. Provides up to a 25% bonus to completion speed when more than one service is on scene.

    Comm Trailer - Can be towed by Utility Unit to act as a Field Comm

    Shelter Trailer - Used to activate a shelter location

    CERT Truck - Community Emergency Response Team used to assist evacuations, operate shelters, or do preparedness missions

    REHAB - Has been requested by people before and could be implemented into the EM addistions.


    The addition of the EM services would add several new things to the gameplay. Some aspects would work with everything that currently exists in-game. The others would add new abilities and missions.

    Bonus Completion Time

    An example would be that the EM SUV or Field Comm which reduces the time a mission takes to complete by being on the scene. This could be on any current mission that requires at least two services. In other words, if you have a mission with Fire and Police or EMS and send one of these units it will take less time to complete.


    This would act similar to would be sent on missions that do preparedness type of things, Think as community engagement missions, and CERT training.


    The shelter is a new mechanic in the game. This would require using a Shelter Trailer, Bus, and at least one CERT Truck or EM SUV. If a Shelter is required you would set a location somewhat like the 'Staging Area' works. You would then dispatch the Shelter Trailer and CERT or EM SUV to the location to open the Shelter. When a Shelter is open you use the Bus to transport people from the incident scene to the shelter. You can also dispatch the Field Comm or an MCV here and still counts for the mission.


    In a large incident (Large Fire or Hazmat, Forest Fire, Flooding, etc.) you would need to evacuate. This would require setting up one or more shelters and then using Police and CERT to evacuation of an area.


    Mission: Chemical Plant Explosion; Required: 2 Battalion Chiefs, 1 MCV, 1 REHAB, 6 Firetrucks, 3 Heavy Rescue, 4 ALS Ambulance, 4 Police, and from EM you would need 1 EM SUV, 1 Field Comm or Comm Trailer, 1 Shelter Trailer, 1 Bus, 1 CERT Truck or additional EM SUV. You would send most of the response units to the incident. you would set a Shelter location and send the Shelter Trailer, Bus, and CERT or additional EM SUV to that location to open the shelter. You would then use the Police units to do an evacuation area and the Bus to transport people to the shelter.


    This would add a lot of new gameplay mechanics and possible missions. Some current missions could be adapted to make use of the new EM features. You could also use units such as the EM SUV or field Comm on any mission with more than one service to gain a bonus in completion time. If anyone has comments, additional ideas or questions please drop a comment.


    What I would hope to see is "Devil's Night" next weekend. This would tie into Halloween but also have a bit of realism by paying homage to actual historical events. Back in the day smaller towns and cities would send FFs to Detroit that weekend to get more actual structure fire experience in one night than they may see in a year or longer.

    I think opt-out would be fine for those not interested in the special calls but they do have a purpose in getting extra credits and coins.

    I have read the thread "ALS Medical Training for Fire Apparatus" but it hasn't been updated in over a year. Is it still not possible to have a FF get EMS/ALS trained in the Fire Academy and work from a standard type 1 Engine? based on the thread it seems you can only use the fire engine/ambulance to get the ALS functionality. While one of my future departments actually uses one of those rigs the current department I am working on (Salt Lake City FD) does not and has paramedic engines but transport is by a private ambulance company. I need to know if I can use the trained ALS FF in Type 1 Engine as it will drastically change what my next steps for building are.

    There's a thing for this already in the game, it's called a Staging Area. You can build them for free and they last 24h. They act like a temporary station. Once you assign a unit to it, the unit will respond to missions from it and return to it when the mission is completed. It's at the bottom of the new building tab. Other people in your alliance can also use it.

    Yes, that can be used as a clunky workaround but doesn't function very well. A big issue is it's 24 hours and no way to delete it... if I used these how I would intend I'd have staging areas at every station by end of the day. I would also have to create a staging area each time I needed one. I could fudge the realism factor and create just a few strategically placed ones (North. South, East, West) but they would need to be refreshed each day. What I would prefer, and would fit the real world is you can send any unit to any station via dispatch not a transfer since its temporary.

    I am playing a realistic game based on Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. One thing I would love to see implemented is a way to "Move-up" or backfill stations. In other words, if I have a pretty big event running in one part of the city I would like to be able to move some units temporarily from one of the stations further away to provide coverage. This could also be done as in department, mutual aid, or a Alliance request as well. I think this would add more realism as it's something that occurs every day.