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    I'm making it and then using credits to move it into an area that my alliance just moved into so I can run missions and the like without taking up much space, plus I'd like to just see everything the game has to offer.

    ...but, uh, as you can see from the attachments I have no stations added to the complex.

    EDIT: FIGURED IT OUT! It just so happened that the station I was trying to add was literally just outside the 10 km max range (according to Google Maps at least). I wondered if it was a bug because I thought it was just within the max range.

    Heya folks! So I just upgraded a station into a complex base. I then upgraded another station to max level, but I can't add it to the complex base. Am I doing something wrong, or is this bugged? As you can see in the screenshots, Schiller Park is the complex base, and Broadview is max level.

    It wasn't working for me either until I decided to set it to a 1 minute delay, and then after a day or two set it to 0. It works for the most part now, but it's still doesn't work at random sometimes.

    While transporting prisoners, it'd be nice if we had the option to hide stations that were full or simply didn't have cells at all. That way we can avoid having to deal with half our screen being taken up with "useless" destinations/red buttons, and it would make it easier on mobile users who won't have to scroll down as far if nearby stations happen to not have any cells available.

    Perhaps this could be something written into the Sheriff Unit. I will make some inquiries.

    I'll also look to ensure that it is an optional feature in my inquiries, so those with objections would not be required to have auto-transporting turned on (like EMS Chief is now).

    That would be awesome, honestly. Exactly what I'm looking for. Especially since it's already in-game in the UK version anyway.

    There is no where in the US that a police Chief has to authorize transport of a my knowledge. On the EMS Side, there is normally someone who is responsible for hospital transports on a large incident

    In my first post I said an equivalent to the EMS Chief unit. I meant as in functionality, not name. Also, as I said earlier it could just be a generic supervisor of some sort for a name. Lieutenant or something, I dunno. It's not about "authorizing" transport, it's automating the process like how the EMS chief/EMS mobile command can. I'm looking at this from a gameplay perspective, not a realism point of view.

    Seems stupid, why not give the Sherrif this option? I see little difference between a sheriff and EMS Chief

    ...what? Give what are essentially regular patrol cars the ability to have PD units on scene auto-transport prisoners instead of a "support" type unit like the EMS chief does for EMS? If it's the name you're hung up on it doesn't have to be "chief," it can be "supervisor" or some generic equivalent.

    I think it is unnecessary

    Why's that? It's already in the game for the UK version of Mission Chief anyway, and EMS already has vehicles able to enable auto-transport for ambulances on the US version.

    Seriously? The UK version has this option but the US version doesn't? I've also heard that the UK version has more beds for the hospitals, too.

    Anyway, if it's been brought up a number of times before I wonder why it's never been added to the US version.