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    Wolfman1988 as the FBI is a US agency it will not be introduced into the AU version of MC. Kidnapping in Australia is dealt with by the Police Department in the State/Territory where it occurs the exception to this is the ACT where the Territory is policed by the AFP (Australian Federal Police).

    The Content Team have the AFP on our list as a future update for the AU version of MC.

    The original request was to differentiate the icon colours between SES and VMR stations, Orange is the correct colour for the SES and is recognised Australia wide as representing the SES in the community.

    The change was made to the icon and colour unfortunately there appears to be a link somewhere in the game coding that also changed the colour of the VMR icon. A request has been put forward to have VMR to be changed back to Green.

    The Support vehicles used by the AVCG (Australian Volunteer Coastguard) are either a 4WD or Light Rigid Truck which are used a number of boats from small inflatable or aluminium boats used for example by NSW Inland VMR similar to the SES or larger boats like the Shark Cat used by the AVCG. There are also larger Patrol Boats in the 30 to 50 metre length for ocean rescue missions. As Corbz3 stated we are looking at VMR (which was implemented by a previous team) to give it give both content and missions a makeover.

    I would like people to respect one another when posting in these forums and I would like to remind everybody that this section of the forums is for the AU version of Mission Chief. Comments like build a "Forestry Extension and hey presto you have a Rural Station" is purely in the US version content and should be left out of this conversation.

    While it is wonderful to ask for the "Game" to mimic real life like urban vs rural i wonder if you are really going to operate your Rural Stations that way? As an example there is a CFA station in Victoria not all that far from me that has 2 vehicles a Pumper Tanker and a Support vehicle. how would they handle your Rural Bushfires in that area? don't tell me because being part of Emergency Services I know exactly how. My point is this a game that a software company owns and while free to play they do look for ideas to make money.

    The AU Content Advisor team has worked very hard over the last 12 months to get more Australian style content into the game and fought many battles to get bugs and problems straightened out for members. We have had a number of wins but have also lost the discussion points in some cases as well. At the end of the day the Software Company and the Developers have the final say on what happens.

    I heard rosenbauer made a EV putter outer thing

    There are quite a number of companies particularly in Europe running trials and pilots with vehicles to extinguish EV fires.

    As the person responsible for the content for the last SES update I have been monitoring the escalation of the missions as a single player doing the missions and also missions shared with the Alliance membership. And since August I have only ever found the missions to escalate by one step. For example minor to moderate or significant to major but never minor to moderate to significant etc.

    I went to an event to support the Fire Services with traffic management for started out as a truck fire that spread to a paint factory and their warehouse very quickly escalating to a 4 Alarm fire. So I think we should get the functionality of the AU server checked out if you are saying it works that way on the US server.

    Curiosity the information has been taken on board by the Content Team and added to a list of future content packs. New vehicles get grouped together to form a release while mission suggestions are used for new Monday mission content. Hope this helps.

    Curiosity I understand way you are trying to achieve from a realism perspective however it believe it is more complicated than simply driving on the wrong side of the road. If you want realism you then maps would also need to take into account barriers that prevent vehicles from crossing over onto the wrong side of the road. Open Source Maps currently do not contain this type of detail which then makes programming it very hard.

    Thanks for your input Curiosity, I will take the attached mission info for suggested missions and add them into our Mission Planning sheet for future inclusion.

    On the Dog unit I will do some research to see how wide spread the use of dog units by the SES across Australia.

    This is a repeat of the Riot Police debacle in that you do an extension in 1 or 2 stations within a Dispatch Centre region and missions will then spawn anywhere across that region regardless of where assets are located. To prevent that from occurring you have to disable the expansion until you can build more expansions to get the coverage (please note 12 months down the track and Riot Police are still disabled because of the volume police stations).

    How ever with the Bushfire expansion missions only spawn around the station with the expansion which is the way it should be. The code used for this expansion should be applied to the new SES expansion as well.

    To help contextualise this under international treaties etc Australia’s Search and Rescue resources (Land, Maritime and Aviation) are responsible for just over one tenth of the Earth’s surface down to as far Antartica. So coding an expansion to be one in all in becomes very problematic when you have large numbers of stations in each region.

    Hi Mozza the Medium/Heavy Tankers and Pump Tanker can all do those missions, it is only the Ultra Light and Light Tankers that cannot. Hope that helps.