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    Hi Mozza the Medium/Heavy Tankers and Pump Tanker can all do those missions, it is only the Ultra Light and Light Tankers that cannot. Hope that helps.

    Gooochy i just read the “Search mission requirement’s specs” and a VMR Quad is from not the correct vehicle from the right service.

    1) Quad bike - these vehicles typically are supplied as part of Police Mounted units (including trail bikes) or from SES units for search operations.

    I have noticed two potential errors with this update:

    1) The tow vehicle is listed as a QUAD however in AU they use a 4WD vehicle or truck because of the size and weight of the boats used.

    2) VMR (Volunteer Marine Rescue) is not technically correct across all of AU, VCG (Volunteer Coast Guard) would be a more appropriate acronym as:

    Western Australia is the only state that use VMR to name the service.

    Tasmania run this service as part of the Surf Lifesaving Association.

    The rest of Australia is served by the Australian Volunteer Coastguard hence VCG would be more appropriate.

    Hope this is the correct way to raise this.