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    Name/Type of Mission: Hotel Fire small (fire alarm system)

    Units Required: 4 engines,

    POI Required (Use "none" if not needed): hotel

    Patients: 0 - 6

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 3000

    Name/Type of Mission: Hotel Fire medium

    Units Required: 6 engines, 1 platform truck, 1 battalion chief

    POI Required (Use "none" if not needed): Hotel

    Patients: 0 - 10

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 5000

    Name/Type of Mission: Hotel fire large

    Units Required: 8 engines, 1 platform truck, 2 battalion chief, 1 rescue, 1 mobile air (30%), 1 water tanker (10%)

    POI Required (Use "none" if not needed): hotel

    Patients: 0 - 20

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 8000

    Name/Type of Mission: Hotel fire major

    Units Required: 12 engines, 2 platform trucks, 4 battalion chief, 2 mobile air, 2 Rescues, 1 water tanker, 1 mcv

    POI Required (Use "none" if not needed): Hotel

    Patients: 0 - 40

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 11,000

    I have a question for you and the new devs. Why are players on the UK version getting ripped off with coins. The amount you get has changed and so have the prices. For $2.99 in MC I get 30 coins, enough to buy 1 regular fire station, in MC UK for £2.99 ($3.68) I get 27 coins, not enough for one regular fire station. This is a rip off. Pricing should be a fair price for the same across all regions that this game is in.

    A sign of the game becoming a money grab/pay to win? Or something less?

    In the past I have tried to help some of these people but all they do is moan about everything. Here is my advice, play a different game. Moaning about something that does exist all over the world

    I’m going to put it down to 3 things. Not knowing what they are talking about, stupidity, or ignorance, or maybe all three. There are specific people who have nothing good to say. A quick google search would prove these people wrong but they don’t care.

    Googled cladding and this is what came up.

    Command units for both EMS and Police are planned as said above. Sergeants for police will likely be a training rather than a vehicle so that you can have a SWAT Sergeant, K9 Sergeant etc.

    As for EMS there will be EMS chiefs coming hopefully soon. The plan is for these to be required on missions with a certain number of casualties or more such as 12 and above rather than just count as a battalion chief. They will also be able to act as a flycar to treat patients when not being used for MCI’s.

    Sounds good but I’m not sure if the use of police or EMS command units. Maybe someone can explain. Do these serve as command units for an entire scene or just police operations etc with fire and ems having their own.

    Also it’s nice to see some transparency around here for once. I’m pretty sure all this is nothing new and has been mentioned before but it’s nice to know how things are progressing every now and then.

    I appreciate what your saying. I didn’t mean it to be a personal attack I’m just saying we should criticise what’s wrong with the game and from Sebastian’s point of view it would be good for public image. It’s a shame that he doesn’t take the community and this game seriously.

    This is a very good game. And it's free. Sebastian provides a very good support. Where is there so much 4 free? He does a lot more than he has to. And he takes his time and asks the players about his moderators for their opinion. Where do u find someting else?
    But he also has to earn something. The servers do not run in vain either. Premium is premium with all its advantages. And it will not change.
    Sebastian males e very very good job!

    If the entire game was free I may be inclined to agree. However we have to pay for premium so if I pay for a product I can criticise what I want. This isn’t a feature that affects gameplay. This is a feature that can make those with medical conditions easier to play the game. Sebastian would be selfish for not implementing a new feature for premium and making this available to all.

    I really can’t stand when people will blindly follow and never criticise something. You pay for a service (not to sound like one of those people verses the police) but you literally pay his wages and you should be allowed to suggest things and also criticise.

    My question back to you is why do you feel that you can never criticise this game even though you pay for it?

    Also you say this game is a free game but so is clash of clans and the paywalls are very much the same.

    In a world where we should be becoming more inclusive with people with disabilities this seems like a step backwards and the doesn’t really look good from a public point of view.

    Finally you say “it will not change”, you seem to be in discussions with Sebastian judging by recent posts. Why do you disregard the moderators and go straight to Sebastian as if your point matters more. We have already had moderator feedback on this with them saying they will take it to him.

    Kind of disappointing this was our new unit that was so hyped's just a heavy rescue at an ambulance station?

    Dude, I don’t always get along with the moderator team and yes I would have preferred brush trucks but come on. They literally said a few weeks back what was in the works (I believe it was TACRfan) so if your disappointed it’s your own fault for not thinking about what you have read and letting your imagination run wild.

    We have been told that EMS Rescues along with several other EMS vehicles are in the works at the moment.

    No, not my favourite either. I was thinking more of a unit that is required that can go at stations. A "special operations" unit/s. Instead of it just being the same as heavy rescue, I think it should be it's own unit for new missions.

    Yeah so those players whose rescue cover isn’t provided by EMS in any way would be screwed over in your world. I agree it would be nice to see them have an additional role but come on, you can’t expect them to be a requirement.

    My personal guess goes for brush units. Logically it would make sense to have to build a 'brush expansion' before gaining access to the brush unit, plus, its also been mentioned in the past that a brush update was being worked on.

    I thought they had only said it was going to happen in the future. I thought they were working on EMS updates.

    Saying that, they did put brush units on this list and a lot of us want them so that is probably what it will be. I’m not going to lie after this build up I’m going to be disappointed if it isn’t haha.

    The admin team often decline our requests because "that kind of thing doesn't happen in the US" , but this proves that a lot of players are from other parts of the world, maybe there should be more consideration to players from around the world, not just from the US...

    That’s why I started this because that phrase ***** me off. Some moderators seem to say it more than others though. I guess they are just stuck in their own bubble. As a person from the US I want everyone to be able to enjoy the game the way I do and in there local town as that what makes the game special.

    I have been watching this thread for a little. I have to say I think it does definitely confirm what I have said recently that the international community is definitely growing.

    I can’t speak on behalf of the other moderators however this does demonstrate there should be considerations on this fact and I will try to make things as fair and work for as many people from different places whilst keeping it themed to the US. As I say I will always try and raise the point of the wider audience but I can’t say that all of the moderators will or agree as I can’t speak for them.

    I’m sure the international users would appreciate it.

    Like I say I don’t want to try and start any problems, I just want this game to be the best it can be for all of the players, not just a select few because it is a good and addictive game.

    Well I have to say I wasn’t expecting this result. I thought there were going to be a few people but the majority from North America. It’s actually been the other way round. I think this definitely demestrates the diverse playerbase of this game. It’s great to see such a diverse group of users as it makes the game interesting.

    I think it does raise an important point though. The game can be set in the North america etc but for things that maybe unique to North America shouldn’t be required as it will make those who are based elsewhere struggle.

    I’m all for clinics. As it said in the Facebook post. These will be a starting point for EMS. Currently EMS isn’t obtainable for new players but maybe that’s where they want to go.

    I like the idea of making medical calls more complex but I do have to ask how would the call come through from dispatch. As you are a dispatcher would it come through very specific or would it say just suspected strike etc.

    Also I love it when moderators who are supposed to give feedback are clearly not biased towards there own needs for the game :whistling: Sarcasm*

    there is a german version which is the oringal game and a dutch version as well and anyone can play each version although translation issues are what keeps most players from playing the other versions

    I know. As I mentioned in my post English is more common as a second language than German or Dutch so more people will have a better understanding of the English speaking version.