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    Hi Mozza the Medium/Heavy Tankers and Pump Tanker can all do those missions, it is only the Ultra Light and Light Tankers that cannot. Hope that helps

    Sorry, yeah, I did not clarify that very well. I meant, my issue was that Ultra-light and Light Tankers can't be used for more missions. They're used much more extensively in SA than they are in game. I imagine that would be the case in other states as well

    I've found it interesting/annoying that bushfire vehicles aren't able to be used for things such as field fires, burning leaves etc. I was mainly wondering why, and if there is a plan in the future to include them on these missions

    I believe that there should be more SES vehicles, or at least change what the basic SES truck can do, as at least in SA, the basic truck can do high angle rescue, tree work, and light/medium rescue, except for things such as car crash, which there are heavy rescues for, which are in the game. There are also cars, like land cruisers, which are used for tree downs, and light rescue. If I have gotten anything wrong, please correct me

    Edit: There are also logistics vehicles, that are used for transporting equipment, etc

    As we already have Rescue pumpers as part of this, why not add HAZMAT pumpers, as I know that at least the SAMFS use them. As well as that, would it be possible to port over Hooklift trucks from the UK version, because again, I know that the SAMFS and SACFS use them for lots of different roles. Examples of hooklift pods could be HAZMAT, BWC, Support, heavy rescue, bulk foam and BASU