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    I understand and can appreciate that, but does that mean that the “fire truck accident” “ambulance accident” “shots fired at officer” and “officer down“ missions should be removed. As these calls are all first responder injuries, specifically the “officer down”

    There is not that I know of but some of the vehicles do have a minimum listed in the tab when you purchase them in the market. Not all though.

    The thought is to not have to go back and forth, especially with newer units, or as someone is expanding.

    It is known that a basic patrol car, ambulance and “fire truck only need one person.

    But what is minimum for a Hazmat, or coastal Helicopter?

    A Roof Fire can expand to an Industrial Fire or Commercial Fire, which will have patients.

    A Firefighter Down/Mayday would probably be better suited as a different call.

    As for a patient on this call, we could definitely look at this, like the potential for a worker to have been injured?

    Maybe a “follow-up call” as a “FF down” panic button activated type (but on the fire side) or use a roof fire as “chainsaw accident” follow up. (Could also use tree in roadway now that I’m thinking.)

    I believe it would be a much higher server load for a timer to be set on every single patient. The current system releases 1 patient per hour (regardless of arrival time), so the clock is on the hospital itself, not on each patient.

    Would it be too much to do a RNG between 30 minutes and an hour for all patients then? So 12 noon 10 patients come in from any calls, and the rng timer starts and releases

    Pt1@1238-Restart RNG

    Pt 2 released @1332

    Pt 3.@1405

    And so forth with all 10 pts being released by 10pm the latest