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    Loving the update so far, but thinking that 2x ILB for investigate flare is maybe too much, or maybe allow other lifeboat units to respond like Heli or ALBs might help too, struggling with the number of ILBs for a semi-realistic set up and may need to add second ILBs to stations that actually only have 1.

    It would be great if for some missions like investigating flares, ALBs could count as ILBs?

    I've requested this directly to the devs over 6 months ago and had no reply. It's probably cause we already have such an active & vocal forum playerbase and they'd rather we weren't even more vocal or have too much emphasis on what they do.

    I have now also found out that on the US version you can set your own mission spawn area. I'm a little annoyed at the devs about this, I know everyone on here works really hard and I know the reasons for not copying things over from each individual game, but I cant help but feel that this a feature which is not unique to a specific country and could be applied to anywhere but we're missing out?

    I believe this is being added as part of the coastguard update for offshore mission spawning. It only works with certain lifeguard update buildings on the US server so I wouldn't say we're going to be losing out for the most part.

    *edit* I stand corrected, it appears all fire stations on the US servers have this feature too. Miffed is not the word...

    On PC it only happens when I refresh which is fine, but on the app it happens every time I leave a station or vehicle menu back to the map. I don't want it to position back anywhere so your suggestion is unfortunately not something which would work in my case. I am looking to stop the map moving by itself entirely.

    I don’t know whether anyone else is bugged by this, but when I’m focusing on an area of my setup the app map will randomly reset and automatically pan back to the starting location or primary dispatch centre. It’s driving me mental, so I’m requesting / suggesting an ‘off’ button for it if possible?

    I've asked about this with regards to the Lifeguard pack, and asked if there was a way to accomplish this. I was told unequivocally by the devs, that this cannot be done. There exact phrase was "it is next to impossible".

    Can you confirm exactly what they said was "next to impossible" and why? I ask because as Gooochy stated: The UK game already has functioning code with the traffic units and it works very well. Is it a game version issue due to the UK game being newer, or something else perhaps?

    No like a official mission chief server. Not like a alliance server just a full on community server where people can talk and advertise n stuff.

    1. If it was official, it would be built and run by the people who own MissionChief, not you.

    2. They've implemented a webhook as mentioned many times already, therefore it's unlikely they'll go to the trouble of setting up and running an official discord server as they clearly expect and encourage players to create their own within alliances.

    3. It really doesn't sound like anyone else wants this, yet you consistently bring it up on multiple threads. Why?

    4. The idea of a discord server for all players (unofficial) has also been floated and I'm sure tried in the past. From my understanding it does not work.

    5. As has been requested, please stop talking about creating any kind of automated "bot" inside or outside of the game. It makes you seem untrustworthy and again, I'm not the only one asking you to stop. It's a negative and divisive topic which routinely starts arguments and gets on the nerves of the Admins/Mods/Content Advisors on this forum.

    The button to load missing vehicles is present because of the amount of vehicles you have. It is not a bug, it is a feature which reduces lag by only loading in a certain number of vehicles at a time. That will not change. I have never seen the "vehicle not present in any tab" but as I have not yet bought a small coastal boat trailer yet, I must assume it's a bug with the vehicle.

    I suppose this is not such a bad idea, but I think before we encourage "new stuff" to be added, that we get the "stuff" fixed that there are already problems with

    Couldn't agree more! Yes, great idea that Gooochy suggested, but also looking forward to a more well-functioning game before adding new content is more that reasonable.