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    you simply cant move a vehicle from one space to the other if the space you are moving to is full.

    Not true, this should be possible.

    I only find this is an issue when moving vehicles which require a special extension such as the detention van etc.

    For the way the game works it is a lot easier just to run all ambulances with a critical care trained member of staff.

    This is accurate, but the original post was asking for a change to the way the game works to suit their playstyle, which is what we all do when we see parts of the game we would like to be improved. That's not unreasonable, and if you're happy with the way things are now, that's perfectly reasonable too. But unless their suggestion would be detrimental to your gameplay, i.e. cause your gameplay to be negatively affected, I see no reason to suggest to the author of the thread that they should just change their playstyle instead of supporting their suggestion to help them enjoy the game more.

    I dont want to steal the opportunity from Whitchit :)

    But if that small scale is good to you, there are some Astras in my thread.

    I dont think the difference would be seen.

    I appreciate the thought, but I've already offered the below via discord and jamesmayled requested a higher resolution graphic which I do not have at this time. Feel free to jump in the limelight!

    i think they should allow prisons and prison transfer in game instead of just allowing alliances to have prisons.

    Also, if you have a high profile suspect (for instance) could you put a feature where police escort a prison van to the prisons?

    i think having the uk SEG ( Special Escort Group) should be put into the game so they can escort high profile officials to sites

    I agree that prisons shouldn't be limited to alliances but this isn't the right thread to discuss it.

    Again, the escort mission should be suggested in the mission suggestions thread - although I like the idea.

    SEG is a metropolitan police / MOD police unit mainly and can be easily replicated with traffic / armed traffic cars. There is no need to create a new type of unit for this in my opinion. If you want to simulate a motorbike then just limit the personnel of the vehicle to 1.

    Thanks mate, greatly appreciated. Hows this that I've attached below?

    I've done a bit of editing to it as it wasn't great quality - resized it looks fine though (attached)

    Awesome Mark, no worries, will play with this when I have time to convert to DCP

    would be good to see some met police vehicles and maybe some new LFB ones :S

    I don't plan on creating London-based graphics for some time yet, but I'm sure other people will create some at some point and you can always try creating them yourself :)

    Hey, could somebody do a North West Fire Control building icon for a dispatch center? Have looked through each thread and haven't found one

    I've made 4 as I wasn't sure which looked best:

    hello would anyone be able to make a city of london police TFG station icon that incoprotates the inner part of this patch.

    Thank you in advance :D

    Hope this works for you:

    A few requests I received from an admin in the alliance I'm in:

    SHARP Fire Service:

    SHARP Medical:

    Wessex Rescue:

    Nice to see some D&C graphics! D&C share a strategic alliance with Dorset, so both forces now share an identical fleet besides from force crests on the liveries. Woul I be able to request a Dorset/ D&C Vivaro?

    Great quality work as always!

    Thanks, I am aware of the alliance yes! You may request the Vivaro, as I was already planning on creating one. However, I haven't yet come across a suitable high-res template to use. If you can recommend one which is at least 500px wide without watermarks in white, I'll crack on with it!

    I would actually love the ability to transfer staff using crew carriers / minibusses, maybe with a limit on the number of staff still transferrable each week but it's a variable limit based on the number of stations built and the average travel time between them all.

    Continuing the thread with more Devon & Cornwall (I will edit existing posts from now on when uploading new graphics until each post has the maximum 10 attachments. If you want to see the full-size versions of my newest graphics, I post them on DeviantArt under the same username.

    DCP Ford Kuga:

    DCP Ford Transit Custom:

    DCP Vauxhall Corsa:

    It's fairly common for users to post threads or replies to threads on the wrong forum accidentally (i.e. US players posting on UK threads or vice-versa).

    I suggest that each sub-forum includes "UK" "US" "AU" in the heading - "Suggestions for improvement - UK" "General Discussion - US" "Graphics Threads - AU" etc, in order for those on mobile to immediately identify the forum they're reading and replying to.

    Purely a quick quality of life suggestion to reduce moderator / admin workload and prevent unnecessary confusion amongst players.

    Apologies for the break and I hope it's acceptable to bump with new content:

    Skoda Kodiaq:

    Devon & Cornwall Response:

    Civil Nuclear Constabulary ARV:

    BMW 530d (D&C):

    Ford Ranger (D&C):