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    As someone who uses dispatch centres to simulate service HQs as well as Control Centres, it is frustrating that dispatch centres cannot be "grouped" together for the purposes of mission spawning criteria. For example, say I have a Dispatch Centre for each Fire, Ambulance and Police Service in three different regions, America, UK and Australia. I do this because I like to be able to view each services' building and vehicle overviews separately. I want each region to spawn missions based on all stations in that region, but none from the other regions. Currently, I would have to create a new coverage area on each centre to prevent them from taking into account other stations further afield, but I could not then spawn missions requiring all three services as they are cut off from one another.

    A "Region" concept in-game would allow players to create coverage areas which include selected dispatch centres, as an alternative to isolating the individual dispatch centres.

    Please let me know what you think?

    Apparently you missed the part or maybe I am just dumb as you claimed I am pretty much, I said it’s not as big of an issue, then I went on to give an example not saying that’s how it had to be and that I wanted it and what not, you know I am done being abused, and harassed on here, I won’t post anymore if only I can find a way to delete this account on the board.

    I cannot for the life of me identify any abuse or harassment? Nor can I find anywhere on this thread anyone calling you dumb? This is a forum for discussion of ideas and opinions. People don't all think alike and don't always agree. That is not hostile, not abuse and not harassment. You've said what you wanted to, and anyone is entitled to reply with their feelings on the matter. If you aren't comfortable with the environment then so be it, but I don't see the need to accuse other people of abuse based on them disagreeing with you. I don't personally know how to delete an account, I'm sure a Mod or Admin will be able to advise, but in the meantime if you aren't comfortable on this forum, simply not logging on would be a solution.

    I'd also like to ask either TACRfan or any other staff member to consider locking this thread as I don't want to see it spiral downward as a few other threads sometimes do when conversations get heated or out of control.

    Any chance of doing some Shropshire appliances?

    Yes, but not for a long long time. I'm creating graphics as I build new services, and I've got SCAS to finish, SECAmb to start, then after that it'll be the LAS area, WAST & EEAST. I'd recommend you play around with the available graphics and try to create your own.

    Further Update to RBFRS Units -

    Hazardous Materials & Environment Unit:

    Mass Decon & Operational Support Unit:

    High Volume Pump:

    Prime Mover:

    Water / Animal Rescue Unit:

    Update to RBFRS units -

    Aerial Ladder Platform:

    Flex-Duty Officer:

    Heavy Rescue Unit:

    Mercedes Zetros 6x6 Heavy Water Carrier:

    Volvo CAFS Engine:

    Ethan24386578 The above Volvo is standardised across RBFRS, OFRS & BFRS (All Thames Valley FRS')

    I’ve just posted this on the UK Graphics Expanded thread, stay tuned for further RBFRS icons flintyfrieze

    I've seen some requests for Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue (RBFRS) graphics, and having built up Hampshire I'm beginning to head north.

    First, a regular and 4x4 version of their Merc Atego Pumping Appliances:



    *Edit* And the L4P from Lambourn Fire Station:

    Don’t know why I am surprise to be saying this, thanks but that’s not what I meant for question two, while that’s kinda part of it, weren’t they gonna lower or get rid of the rank requirement for lifeguard? If so I hope the price is reasonable or at the very least have the coastal rescue station not require a rank but have the other ones do, if they are thinking of getting rid of the rank as it sounded like they were I was wondering if there was a timeline of when that would happen approximately. Thanks again for your answer.

    There likely is no timeline available currently as the Devs very rarely give any indication of when they will update existing features or add new ones. There's no confirmation either that what you're asking for is definitely going to happen at all.

    Space it's cool that you put a bunch of effort into this - I would re-brand it under a different name so it doesn't link back to missionchief until you can confirm that the Devs for missionchief are okay with it. You can contact them using the "contact us" button on the FAQ page, or through the relevant Facebook page (

    For detention vans, I'm sure the MET has some dedicated vans with multiple cells which aren't GEOamy or other HM Prison contracted. However, I've tried the same search as you on google and had no definitive vehicle types. Might be worth creating a variation of your PSU Carrier graphic to use or just use the same one, unless TACRfan has any further insight?

    I think the devs posted about that a while ago that they weren’t willing to move anyone’s account earnings across sadly.

    You could still message support to see if they’d be willing to do it for you.

    I'll answer question 3 for you - calls spawn based on the overall number of stations you have regardless of the dispatch centre they're attached to - except for stations assigned to a dispatch centre which has been edited to "create own coverage area". To edit a dispatch centre to do this, you should select your chosen dispatch centre, click "edit" as though you were going to change the name or icon of the building, and on the edit screen will be a box you can select to create your own coverage area. This way, the game will treat all stations under that centre as seperate from the rest of your buildngs when it looks at call requirements, so calls spawned by those stations should be easier to complete.

    thank you, bit hard to find the address or where exactly the stations are lmfao, do you know if there is any standby locations or ACRP like Secamb have?

    Also what are SCAS recourse centres? Bit confusing.

    Addresses aren’t easy but it sometimes takes a bit of investigation and Googling to get them sorted. There are no lists I’m aware of regarding ACRP / standby locations, so I don’t have the information about that unfortunately.

    Resource centres, and this is a pure guess, would be larger hubs, where the greatest concentration of ambulances are. SCAS only has one HART base and that’s in Eastleigh Resource Centre, just north of the Police & Fire HQ in the industrial estate.

    Hopefully anyone with inside knowledge of SCAS will be able to provide more info on your questions.