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    I can appreciate that the Quint/Heavy could be considered too powerful and that they can’t introduce every possible apparatus out there but I would argue that adding the a Truck company that has rescue equipment is the second or third most common apparatus in the US. And a platform/Heavy wouldn’t be any more powerful than the Rescue Engine is.

    To help combat the quint/Heavy being to powerful they could make it so they only count as one of the required apparatus rather than satisfying multiple of the requirements like the Rescue Engine.

    As for the Hazmat/Heavy I don’t expect it to happen. I am just voicing that it would be a good addition in my opinion.

    I think a Platform/Rescue is a reasonable request, but you won't get a quint/rescue as that would occupy 3 vehicle types and nothing covers that many currently.

    A truck company with rescue equipment is gonna be far from the second or third most common apparatus as well. There are far more departments in the country that do not have ladder trucks then there are departments with them.

    So, starting roughly a week and a half, maybe 2 weeks ago. My missions stopped having patients in some of my areas of operations, but not all. All of my missions are being dispatched off of the same dispatch center.

    I am not getting patients in the following areas: New York City, New Orleans, Denver

    Meanwhile I am spawning missions with patients as normal in my other areas: SE Michigan, Chicago, Washington DC, Baltimore, Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles

    I have been unable to determine any reason as to why I am no longer getting patients in those areas. As I said, all the missions are spawned off of the same Dispatch Center, and all areas have rescue stations enabled.

    A description of the issue. - See Above

    A screenshot of the issue if it's visual. (Print Screen, paste into, provide the link)

    When the issue started. - A week and a half or 2 weeks ago

    What operating system your computer uses. - Windows

    What web browser you're using. - Microsoft Edge

    What graphic pack you're using (if applicable to the error). - None

    What error code you see, if any. - None

    Did you clear your cache? (Ctrl + F5) - Yes

    More fire departments will be a benefit. Also joining an alliance if you haven't already will be the biggest benefit as you will have people around to help you with missions and they can share missions with you.