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    This all depends on which services you intend to do. A lot of players build one county, then move onto the next. Most services supply fleet lists as requested on though some services offer more information than others. Wikipedia may offer some guidance on where stations are or what units are at cretain stations. Some more info for fire services can be found here…ces_in_the_United_Kingdom and then select which of the counties you'd like to look into.

    The only thing I can think is having the car graphic for non emergency, then the CAD graphic for emergency with the APNG button ticked so it doesn't cycle through. The issue with that is any time they're just roaming around it'll show the car.

    Maybe the LRP would be a good idea. But the Water Ladders would be difficult as some services have different names for trucks. Like the 9m ladder one. Some have 10.5m etc.

    Some areas call trucks Pumps/Pump Ladders. WrL/WrT there are too many variants and would get confusing in game. And the water tank sizes would also vary depending on what the service have ordered.

    My area has LRPs for rural locations. We have I think 2 or 3 Mercedes Sprinters with rear body locker setup and a 4x4 Land Rover for forest fires. then the general Trucks vary in size depending on the location.

    In the main city/towns we have Large Scania Trucks then going into more rural locations we have slightly smaller MAN Trucks.

    Our water carrier is a bulk foam and water carrier so dual purpose.

    As I've said, for this game a pump is a pump so we don't have plans to add each individual type out there. LRPs aren't consistent across services much like all types so the argument of having them doesn't work. Likely an LRP won't be a Land Rover either - that would be an L4P so won't carry rescue equipment. As I've said, we're not interesting in micro-managing each individual unit that each service has.

    Would you be able to ask the devs?

    None of us are aware of who is on the team - we don't deal with that side of things. I, for example, am exclusively UK based and don't do anything with the Australian side beyond having an Australian account from 2018 on the US game. I'll be honest I don't know anything about the development, who's running it or if they even have an account on these forums as it was not them who requested this sub-forum to be created - thus there was no initial connection between players such as yourself and the AU content team through this forum.

    These were legacy from the US game that were carried over when the UK game was created. The UK game initially was effectively a copied version with the same missions but vehicles had different names. We've been slowly distancing the games since then but this is obviously something which was never removed.

    How far away is the base from the job? If you have a lot of units, the game will limit how many load to save on data so ARRs won't dispatch vehicles that aren't shown on the list at the time. There's no need to scroll to the bottom as there's a button at the top of the units to load all of them.

    While we're on this conversation, what would you class Equipment Support Vehicles as? I've got them down at the moment as SRVs since they're sprinters.

    They are not part of the HART fleet so would fall under logistics within the main service.

    PRV = VW Transporter

    SRV = WAS Mercedes Sprinter

    Welfare = Mercedes Sprinter

    Crew Carrier = Mercedes Sprinter

    ATV Carrier = Previously Iveco Daily with a pod, some services are getting DAF LF's, West Midlands have got a new Iveco Daily rigid HGV - the ATV is a Polaris 6x6


    Here's the line up for East of England (with old Polaris carrier)…/HART/HART%20vehicles.jpg

    From left to right: ATV carrier; crew carrier; welfare unit; secondary response vehicle; primary response vehicle; ATV

    And WMAS Polaris carrier

    Generally each HART base has the following;

    3 PRVs

    3 SRVs

    1 Welfare unit

    2 Crew carriers

    1 ATV carrier

    I'd love to answer this question but we aren't involved in the Australian development so unfortunately can't answer that question.

    I'd assume Narcotics, Weapons and/or underage drinking would be the main reasoning behind the illegal house party.

    Yep, this is what we were going for. Nothing in this game has anything to do with covid whatsoever, and we would never add any missions as such.

    gorilla I don't know how this is a copy from the US version as the US don't have this call as far as I can tell.