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    Thank you for your kind words about the UK update. We put a lot of hard work into it to provide the players with a large variety of options. We were also working from scratch on a limited timeframe.

    While I am not involved with the US game development, it is my understanding that the original ARFF pack for that game is very old and reasonably inflexible so the addition of two extra firefighting units is nice although there could be a larger expansion added in my opinion. Aviation firefighting is very different between both countries so what is relevant in one may not be relevant in the other. I'm open to ideas however and always willing to help other versions out with industry knowledge.

    I've also deleted the above comment as it was not relevant to the topic and came across quite hostile. I will not tolerate this here.

    Please message the support team either through the app or Facebook. That will be the best way to get in touch with them as we unfortunately can't help you on here as we don't get involved with game accounts. Keep in mind it's a weekend so you may not get a reply straight away.

    Hi is there a way we can get airport operations as a separate building as I have a small fire station at Lydd which is a small to medium airfield and keeps generating mission that need airport operations vehicle which currently has to come from another location.

    We asked for a separate building, but the Devs agreed to include the department but only as an expansion of police or fire stations. For you, however, I would definitely class Lydd as small only. The update was designed in a way that you wouldn't need Ops for small airfields.

    I was wondering about this. Does placing a large POI allow for the spawning of small and medium stuff as well, or do you need be placing all 3?

    You don't need to place all three unless you want all 6 categories of aircraft to spawn there.
    "Small" will spawn just Code A and B,
    "Medium" will spawn A to C
    "Large" will spawn Code C to Code F

    Keep in mind we haven't yet been able to implement the number of missions we want so please bare with us and over time we will have more variety in missions. In turn this should make them spawn more frequently than they do now.

    Edinburgh is an F indeed yes, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Prestwick are the only F ones in Scotland

    Sorry to be pedantic, but Glasgow Airport is the only one capable of routinely accepting Code F passenger aircraft. Prestwick could, but its terminal is tiny so all it gets are some Ryanair 737s. The airfield is big enough at Prestwick though, but it's mostly cargo and military that go in there.

    As for Edinburgh, it's tiny. Code E only, not F. I can't find any references to a Code F ever landing there - the taxiways are too narrow and the stands aren't designed for them. For the purpose of this game however, I would classify Edinburgh as "large" to get bigger missions as they do still routinely have 777s and 787s.

    I'm at a stage now where progress is slow as I build but lost a little bit of interest in the fleet planning stages. Spent some time today sorting out the long overdue Thames Valley. Still a lot more work to do with Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire and the rest of my coasts, but I'll get there in due course. There's a few stations off this map (namely HART, HEMS or NPAS, plus a couple of hospitals ready for future expansion). If I had an easier way of tracking them, I'd list the number of stations I have; but as they're stretched over 34 dispatch centres, I'm not going to put the time into that right now.