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    It's truly a mystery when they happen. There seems to be no logic to it so I believe they put them on randomly. Just got to keep an eye out really.

    I would recommend sending the developers a message in the app or on Facebook with the vehicle web address link (right click on the name and copy link address) and let them know of the issue. They may be able to advise further.

    Just a side thought here and apologies if it's in the wrong location , but could the current runway inspection mission be also a follow on from some of the airport incidents eg a Aircraft crash etc , as it kinda makes sense that you'd have a inspection following up after a incident like that before normal operations resumed

    It could - although that's done as part of the process for certain emergencies and has been factored into the number of Operations vehicles that are required.

    The reason I did POIs this way is so that all airport ones in their own categories are together - so all small are together, all large are together etc. Makes it easier to place ones relating to your own airport. I may look to change this though to just have the POIs for anything airside as "RVP" (Rendezvous Point) and then terminals and the like on top. I just need some time to work it out and propose it.

    How does one actually find the ICAO aerodrome reference codes mentioned in the post for each airport. As the ICAO codes appear purely navigational and not any reference to the type of aircraft that can land there?

    For example Bournemouth airport is EGHH. Obviously not the ICAO codes mentioned above.

    The Aerodrome Reference Code can be found in the aerodrome manual of each airport. Bournemouth is 4D. Discount the 4 as that's just runway length - but D is your aircraft code you're looking for.

    I'm of the opinion that I won't let them disrupt my playing experience. If those players want to cheat the game then that's how they want to play it but I'll play it my own way at my own pace.

    Unfortunately we have tried reporting certain players before, but they're still around so I have left it for the Devs to investigate if they see necessary especially as it has an impact on their income.

    But as there is no incentive to be the biggest beyond 10 coins for a rank and a leaderboard that you know is completely unachievable to be on, I don't see there being any competition between those who use bots and those who play legitimately. Try to forget about others and focus on having fun in your own game - that's my advice 🙂

    I didn't have any input with this update. Summer has been a very busy time for all of us on the team, with work commitments taking priority so regretably our aspect of the development has taken a back seat. This also means we haven't been able to review content, or even submit content in some cases. With regards to call requirements, I don't know what is realistically required and balanced as that is not my field of expertise so any questions would have to be geared towards the content advisors on that front. Some requirements do seem excessive however. I recommend any input going to the devs via their communication channels, as well as any bugs you've noticed.

    Thank you for your kind words about the UK update. We put a lot of hard work into it to provide the players with a large variety of options. We were also working from scratch on a limited timeframe.

    While I am not involved with the US game development, it is my understanding that the original ARFF pack for that game is very old and reasonably inflexible so the addition of two extra firefighting units is nice although there could be a larger expansion added in my opinion. Aviation firefighting is very different between both countries so what is relevant in one may not be relevant in the other. I'm open to ideas however and always willing to help other versions out with industry knowledge.

    I've also deleted the above comment as it was not relevant to the topic and came across quite hostile. I will not tolerate this here.

    Please message the support team either through the app or Facebook. That will be the best way to get in touch with them as we unfortunately can't help you on here as we don't get involved with game accounts. Keep in mind it's a weekend so you may not get a reply straight away.