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    I have dealt with the posts and issued a warning to the instigator. Hopefully there are no further issues in the coming weeks, but if there is please drop me a message and I'll do what I can to help.

    Honestly considering we have calls that can have 200+ patients I think the 30 beds per hospital is a slap in the face it should allow us to have 50 beds in a hospital. Personally i rarely even need more then 5 prisoners across the whole county per day so I don't even think this increase was necessary (especially because it will take TEN weeks for them which is bloody crazy) You can build a whole new Public order wing to a police station in a week. But a single cell in the same time. The game clearly favours patients over prisoners in that regard ad tbh it always feels like (especially in other versions) police gets the short end of the stick (From a "pay" perceptive - The uK team do a good job of trying to balance it but still not happy with some missions especially the older ones & PSU ones) . Also can someone explain to me why a prisoner pays less then half of what a patient pays?

    We have been trying for a long time now to get hospitals with more beds - however as planned they would be a new building with anything up to 50 beds and marketed as a major trauma centre. This was planned for the HART update but never made it, and I don't know when, if ever, they will be added. It would be unlikely that with current hospitals you will be able to expand beds beyond 30.

    The prisoner vs patient system is a legacy from the original game and there is no plan for them to be integrated, hence why the transport system is much clunkier for prisoners, cells cost a fortune and take weeks to build, and the payout for each prisoner is less. Evidently the patient system is better than the prisoner system which is a shame.

    Older missions don't pay as well, especially if they were brought over from the US game however it is difficult for us to propse for them to be changed and we would prefer to get newer missions in instead. It's difficult to explain, but we update a few of them when we are able to, and then add requirements like HART, foam, PSU etc.

    I appreciate it's not ideal, but at the same time, every small update / tweak / mission monday is a step toward a more flushed out and detailed game. It's progress in the right direction even if it doesn't suit everyone's needs precisely.

    Thank you for your kind words and understanding. We cannot please everyone. Complaints will be made if we release small missions, and they'll be made if we release large missions - we can't sit in the middle every time. While it would have been nice to have multiple simple medical missions released at once, that's not what happened so let's move on and see what missions are released in the future that we have submitted. At the end of the day, we're not the ones who market the game and make financial decisions so they get the final say; we try to positively and constructively influence it when we can to give the best and balanced experience for all players.

    Unfortunately this is the first we are learning of this new feature. It was frustratingly not discussed with us beforehand so we don't know how it works and haven't had chance to use it. The answer to your question at this time is no, only because we haven't had a say in this. I do like your suggestion however, and would still like to see perhaps the CNC side of things down the line.

    This is part of our plan for the future. We would love to see this feature added as it would be useful to those who play slower-paced and realistic setups. Another idea off the back of this; if you have a delayed response vehicle within a station, you could dispatch the crew so that vehicle now effectively has no delay but remains in the station. That's useful in stations with both wholetime and retained duty systems.

    You need the mobile command trained staff to be in a command vehicle for the requirement to work - so having them in an officer's car or on a pump won't fulfil the mission requirement.

    There should be no reason why this can't be changed, as it has been done in the UK game. The 1 crew is a relic from the 'old days' that was never addressed. I will leave it to the US team to raise as appropriate.

    OpenStreetMap does not have a satellite version. Apple Maps & Google Maps both have free use on apps on their respective app stores but requires a license for desktop for a significant fee - so it is in everyone's interest to use OpenStreetMaps, which is open sourced and does not require a license. Unfortunately MapKit is the only way to get satellite and it obviously has its disadvantages, as you have described.

    NameMarauding terrorist firearms attack Response Unit
    Fire Service and Ambulance Service
    Purpose-Attending Firearms Calls to treat wounded Patients or to be used a Small Fires Unit
    How many personel are required4
    Building expansionMarauding terrorist firearms Expansion

    The devs have confirmed in the past that there will be NO terrorism incidents added to the game.

    Out of interest, what are the perks of CARPs over regular water ladders, can they do the same/more jobs? are they worth buying over ladders?

    The CARP is a combined aerial ladder and pump so satisfies the requirement for both at jobs. The rescue pump does the same but satisfies the requirement for a rescue unit and pump. And on that note, the heavy 4x4 tanker satisfies the requirement for a water carrier and pump simultaneously. As for if they're all worth buying - it depends! For me, I play realistically so if they go there IRL, I'll add them. If you play in a 'sandbox' kind of way then it is probably worth getting them, all be it at a higher cost and a later stage in the game (5m credits earned).

    National Police Air Service

    Her Majesty's Coastguard

    Royal National Lifeboat Institution

    Maritime & Coastguard Agency

    Bristow (HMCG helicopter contract)

    2Excel Aviation (HMCG fixed wing contract)

    RVL Group (HMCG fixed wing contract)

    Yorkshire Air Ambulance

    Cornwall Air Ambulance

    Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance

    Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance

    Thames Valley Air Ambulance

    Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex

    Deven Air Ambulance

    Great Western Air Ambulance

    North West Air Ambulance

    Wiltshire Air Ambulance

    Hey the current police car ARR only detects the IRV and the new PSU units however dsu, ARV, traffic car, a etc all do not get dispatched as one in the arrs I think it should be done how it was before the update with it only picking up the IRV


    Have you tried a custom ARR categories? This will solve the issue.

    Do we know if they will cease having all the new units responding as IRV's? It's such a pain! not sure if anyone else agrees?

    It was specifically requested by a number of people to have them act as IRVs. I have never experienced any issues with this in the game as I use custom ARR categories so if I want an IRV to go to a job, it will only ever send IRVs. I would recommend getting yourself set up with the alarm and response regulations even if it takes a bit of time as you'll thank yourself for it down the line.

    Kent Police & Kent Fire Joint

    Lancashire Fire & NWAS Joint

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    If I have missed anything that anyone wants (I only did a few posts worth), please ask and I will endeavour to try to make it if I have some free time. I didn't look through the previous pages to see if these were already done so I have made them again anyway just in case.