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    Hello all,

    Hope everyone is off to a good start to the New Year! The USA Emergency Services Alliance is currently recruiting for active players. We are at the top of page 12 of the alliance list. Our focus in this alliance is geared towards recreating the various emergency services across the United States to represent their real-life counterparts. This means we are a serious alliance who is focused on realism! We are currently set-up in the Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, & Milwaukee areas. If you have any questions about the alliance, take a look at our rules to see if we can answer your question. If not, feel free to PM one of the admins: SirPompousWindbag or A_Random_Canadian. We look forward to playing with you! Stay Safe!

    Alliance Page:

    Hello All,

    I was wondering if anyone else has been getting Large Field Fires quite frequently? I am at 13 stations and continually get spammed by them recently. 5-6 of my active calls tend to be large field fires.

    Hello all,

    I have recently took up the city of Denver as my new city. Due them having a county EMS system, they have one station with multiple staging areas/patrol routes. I noticed that the patrol routes or staging areas only last 24 hours. I would suggest having a permanent patrol route or staging area because having to re-set them everyday is something that I think no one wants to do. Thanks.

    The few times that I have seen the county department's Air Rescue used in conjunction with my department is either severe trauma alerts or a dive call involving dysbarism that they have to go to a Hyperbaric chamber. As you said, I would involve it in serious calls but keep it to very few.

    I bring you good news..... both suggestions are current game features. You either move a truck from one station to another (if you have space at that station) or even swap two vehicles from different stations. Keep in mind that you would need an EMS extension if you wanted to move any EMS unit from one station to another. Additionally, you can move personnel by going to the hire new personnel button and pick which station you desire to move the personnel to and from.

    Very interesting. Did you use coins? Cause that's a lot high level buildings/units to achieve with four fire stations. But as letsgethope said, I would do EMS. I always recommend PD last after an established fire/ems system.

    That's an idea! haha. I personally have never heard/nor seen an ambulance with extrication gear. But as anything with the fire/public safety service, no firefighter knows all. Someone tell my department to get with the program!

    Not sure tbh. This still acts as a ambulance would but carries firefighters as well to the fire scene in which can partake in primary search, rehab, RIT, etc. We staff three personnel on the truck for the fact that working codes, trauma alerts, etc. require a good amount of manpower.

    While it's a good idea in theory, I get the abused thing too. Not only could you use it to speed up areas, but you could also end up 'selling' your account to someone new. Whether it's an actual exchange of money, or whatever, there could be a chance that you could sell off your account with that. Done with the game? Sure, I'll sell everything I have, give it to someone new, so they don't have to unlock all the things like Quints and Rescue Engines, and they'll have a few million (or tens or hundreds of millions) to play with to start off, not to mention the coins. It is crappy when you want to start over, but not from scratch, but I get why Sebastian is weary of it too.

    Can't you do the same without this suggested implementation though? As far as I know there is not a way to prevent someone from selling their account now and then starting over with a new email. I would like to think the suggested idea would help curve that very issue while letting well developed players have a re-start button if they get tired of a particular area. Just playing devil's advocate.

    More than a time frame, I would say limit to 1-2 "re-starts" per account. That gives you three chances to get the area you want to do and if not, you have to do it the old fashioned way of buying coins. Additionally I would limit this power to premium. Gives more incentive for individuals to get premium while at the same time potentially making more money for the developer.

    I have not known any fire trucks to hold more than 6 people. Although some American trucks may have more, unsure.

    As for ambulances.. Never have I seen or heard of an ambulance with 3 paramedics. Fly cars - never seen more than 1 :huh:

    The three medics for a ambulance (we call them rescues down here in south florida) is usually fire-rescue based. All of our guys are trained in both firefighting & para-medicine so they get the fancy name of 'Fire-Medics' from the rest of the country.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Agreed. Combination Special Ops truck (HazMat + Heavy Rescue) is found among many department who can't afford both stand alone teams. I see both side of the fences but I would stagger the combo units drastically if people are worried about difficulty. Quint/RE at Captain, newer combo units get added each promotion of rank. That way if people aren't that rank, the developer can still make money if they so choose to buy those units with coins.

    There is a borderline to constructive criticism and constant negativity. There is no need for Constant Negativity on EVERY single update.

    Agreed but that's the deal with freedom of speech. Positive feedback, pushback, idiots etc. I may not agree with quite a few updates, but I still have an optomistic outlook for > 3 guys on a truck :rolleyes:

    To play devil's advocate here,

    If everyone was grateful about every update they didn't agree with, then there wouldn't be room for "Constructive Criticism". There will always be a balance of positive and negative feedback when there are middle men between consumer and developer.