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    not happy with the new changes and not having the current issues resolved, also the alliance i use to be in everyone had left due to some issues and created a game similar to this. I joined them 2 days ago and its pretty awesome. plus everyone in the group are current and or former FF's and LE. So everything in game is much more realistic. also no need for coins. I was trying to delete my forums account before deleting my MC account

    whats the game?

    There should also potentially be Community Response Teams for SES, as SA has at least 6 CRTs in the northern and western parts of the State. I don't know about other states though, so it may just be SA

    Might just be SA Tassie does not do that Im not sure if any others do but maybe just have An SES vehicle. Police car. CERT Vehicle. Fire support available at the home base

    fenrir  Curiosity03 the PT has been a problem since it was first introduced where it was supposed to be a bush truck and a fire engine but did not count as a fire engine on any mission plus did not a appear in the bushfire tab. They fixed the fire engine issue and then they fixed the PT showing in the bushfire tab but it is now missing from the the fire engine tab.

    It has been raised with the Developers and it is up to them when they address it. The Content Team does not control how they deal with issues that are presented to them.

    thats great my issue is its also now in the Bushfire only vehcile due to a misunderstanding

    Whilst I appreciate your passion and enthusiasm. The PT is not a priority, it has not hindered the play ability of the game what so ever. If we were to drop everything because a few people disliked something every time something wasn't liked then there would be 0% of real progression made. As Boden said are you one of thousands that want something changed yet what about people that don't want the PT changed. Need to remember that their are other people who play this game not just the select few who utilize these forums.

    As well as the CA team are human like everyone else and have their own lives and issues to deal with. We have had 1 member deployed for the last month straight doing storm and fire support in VIC as well as other issues the team is dealing with. We would appreciate some patience as we cannot devote 24 hours a day to this.

    The PT should never of been changed it was a misunderstanding

    Sorry to be blunt, but the updated mission generated speed selector is ridiculous - please put it back to the way it was - it was simple and understandable - the slider is not easy to work with.

    and I have to remember to hit the save button its so confusing

    Ok.....I understand that and do hope it gets fixed, but your approach and tone is not one that will bode will with moderators and developers. You are one of "thousands" of people that want things fixed or changed and they do it a bit at a time. It takes time. This is a true fire service related game because two things firefighters hate are "change" and "things staying the same"

    The Pumper tanker error was a pure misunderstanding and should of never happended it needs to be fixed

    How come we can get a stupid sorting update but not fix the pumper tanker issue?
    Does anyone actually pass things onto the devs?

    Not really sure where to ask this question and didnt really want to start a thread to get bashed on.

    How is it calculated for station upgrades? Some of my oldest stations the upgrade costs are like 100k to go from small to large a new large station is costing me upwards of 700k. The more recent stations are costing closer to 700k to upgrade. Any insight on that?

    After your 24th station of a kind that station type prices will go up. This is to provide a steady pace of progress, once you have such a huge income flow at those levels of play.
    This is the current formula, how the price of the stations are calculated:
    Building costs (in Credits) = 100000+(200000×log2(Number of stations−22))

    Yeah, but what if the Cessna for example landed on a state highway miles away from the closest airport. The local emergency authorities would respond, not a crash tender taking potentially hours to get there. I agree with Epsilon, these two missions are fine how they are.

    I know here in my state the arff trucks have a zone that they can't go outside of eg 2 hours away unless by police escort and only if a Jet engine crashes