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    I love these. If only they could be implemented quickly. Thanks for bringing up temporary unit transfers... I'm still hoping for a delete button on staging areas.

    We are still working with Sebastian on staging areas. I would also love to see the changes on staging areas and implement temporary station relocations for units.

    If you go through your roster now. You should see different color icons next to your players names. Green obviously meaning online. If the player has a red icon, that player hasn't logged onto MC in over 2 months...

    It's because you must not have the dispatch center enabled to only receive calls that are specific to that dispatch center. I am going to paste the update post from the Facebook page which you all can read and find the simple fix to your problem.

    As you all are aware, you are now able to create multiple dispatch centers for every 25 buildings you have. Well, now you are capable of assigning which buildings are assigned to what dispatch center as well. Every mission that is generated for a building inside a dispatch center - (with activated feature) - will only generate missions that are possible for the user in that dispatch center area.
    Once you create another dispatch center, you’ll need to goto the “buildings tab” and assign each building to its appropriate dispatch center. Once all buildings are assigned, you’ll need to scroll to the bottom and click “edit” on the bottom left corner. Once the edit screen is open, you can click “enable”. The missions only for that dispatch centers stations will generate.
    If you have a dispatch center that has 5 fire stations assigned to it and another dispatch center assigned with 20 fire stations. The 5 station dispatch center will not receive the missions requiring 6 or more fire stations, etc.

    This is already a feature. Go to your dispatch center and go to settings. Under settings uncheck the "use only own POI" box and the POIs your alliance members have created will be incorporated with your.

    1 - Clear and Available
    2 - Available in Quarters
    3 - Responding
    4 - On Scene
    5 - Transport Request
    6 - Not available
    7 - Transporting Patient or Prisoner (depends if its PD or EMS transporting)

    You can deactivate mission expansions. Under your Dispatch Center, goto settings, and deselect "mission expansions". That can be your quick fix for the time being.

    Yes, some departments allow their volunteers to respond to the scene in their POVs with lights. Only Chief officers can have sirens in their POVs. Some departments don't allow their volunteers to respond to the scene, but have them respond to the station still utilizing their POVs with emergency lights to get to the station. I hope this answers your question.

    A lot of FDs have dive teams....Especially the FDs located on a beach where I am from. Never heard of lifeguards being requested by emergency services. But, I only speak for my area/state. I am unfamiliar with the whole United States.

    I think this idea would go great with a volunteer stations were there is a random response delay from 3 to 10 or 15 minutes would be cool because you could standby units so it removes the response delay.

    I understand the random delayed response. At this moment you can set a delayed response for units under the edit vehicle option.

    So I am very excited about this idea. What if we could put units on standby for calls, so that way if and when they are needed they are automatically sent. For example a fire alarm call- we can send just one apparatus, but put others on standby that will go if it is found they are needed? And maybe for missions that upgrade- like a room fire turning into a building collapse, this feature can be used. And if they are not needed, they simply do not go and the standby ends with the call. We could even have a code for standby, just as all the other statuses do- a number code. But also, units on standby would be able to be dispatched to other calls, and the standby would be cancelled upon a different assignment of the unit! Thoughts? I think it's just one more thing to make this game more fun!!!

    Remember in this game. WE are dispatchers, not actual units responding to calls. I know for myself, if I hear my volly station go on a run, I will go "standby" at the station listening to the call. I automatically will add myself to the call if its worst than the initial dispatch, eliminating the dispatcher from dispatching us. So, again remember WE are dispatchers in this game. The first arriving unit will notify com of the situation and if the call needs to be upgraded. Then com will dispatch additional units. If we are gonna start having units self dispatch themselves, then why are we here?

    Missions that are generated by POIs don't populate immediately. Think of your Soccer Game and Concert Stand bys. Do you want 5 of them populated all the time multiple times a day? It might be you get an ARFF call a couple times a day or might not see one for a few days...