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    Ethosyde, my alliance U.S. Emergency Services started out just like yours. We were located in North Carolina and only recruiting members in NC. After a while you realize, that in order to grow. You'll need to branch out. Once we decided to do that. We grew quick! Not saying that you have to do that. But, a lot of players aren't interested in alliances that are located in one state. This game is very active and getting better!

    I hope this helps with your recruitment!

    Thanks for the suggestion. This has been brought up before by many players including myself. We constantly try and push for this to be brought to the game. Trust me, we are trying. Remain patient and please continue sharing your ideas for improvement.


    The BIGGEST and #1 alliance WANTS YOU!

    U.S. Emergency Services Alliance is currently accepting new applicants!

    Our primary mission is to provide fire, medical, police, hazardous material, and technical rescue response within the geographic boundaries of the United States. We are looking for active players throughout the United States to join our quickly growing alliance. We have players located throughout the United States, also the U.K and Canada. We support each other and respond to mutual aid requests among the community and members abroad. You do not have to be from the United States to be a part of our fast growing team. We do, however, strive to be number one regardless of where you are from! We strive to follow 4 strict core values; Integrity, Stewardship, Respect, and Honesty.

    The vision of this alliance is to be immediately recognized by the MissionChief community as a premier, professional, progressive alliance that consistently delivers the highest quality services possible, one that maintains public trust and improves people's quality of life by ensuring a safe environment, and serves as an exemplary model service delivery agency.

    Our operating priorities:
    • Safety
    • Courtesy
    • Excellent Service
    • Efficiency
    • Continuous Improvement

    U.S. Emergency Services Alliance provides a voice application(TeamSpeak) for our members to communicate while in game. This gives our members the opportunity to add just a tad bit of extra realism to the game. Yes, we strive for our members to role-play if possible; channels are set up for the community. We are a fun community filled with young adults and adult gamers from all over the world. Being part of this community means family, respect and most of all teamwork. All members are required to review our community guidelines before applying for membership. When you apply to this alliance, you agree to the rules of the alliance.

    Stay Safe,
    Chief EFD850

    The way the translations work right now. It would have to be a completely different game. There is currently this version, German, and a Dutch version. We as mods actually do the translation for the game. Again, 3 different sites. We only have access to U.S version. He has a completely different team for each version of MissionChief.

    Indeed, it's just of course MC has no ability to display such notes

    Correct, but I can see their point of all calls being dispatched as a structure fire and once the first unit arrive. It changes to what fire it actually is.

    At least for the department I work for. If you were to call in that your garage was on fire. The incident would be dispatched as a structure fire. Once I get on the truck and check my MCT notes. That's where I will see the notes for "garage on fire"

    What I did, was remove the medical helicopter from the response regulation. When you click on the helicopter, there is an option to remove it from being able to be dispatched with the response plan. In order to dispatch it, you'd have to physically check the box to dispatch it. That's how you can fix the issue of it being selected for dispatch.

    This game is made for the player to customize how many people they want on a truck etc. The only requirement this game has. Is that you send the minimum units to handle certain calls. You can send more if you want which is what I do. For all structure fire related calls on here. I send 2 Cars, 3 Engines, and 2 Ladders. All staffed with 4 except obviously the Chiefs. Only because that is what my department responds with and I play as my FD.

    In most cases, compliance with NFPA standards is voluntary. However, in some cases federal or state Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) agencies have incorporated wording from NFPA standards into regulations. In these cases, complying with the standards is mandatory.

    Um it does violate the regulations because if it's a structure fire you are responding to then the two in two out applies read the standards then come back here and start talking I know the regulations i don't need a volunteer telling a career what is and what isn't regulation.

    First off. NFPA is a standard not LAW. Educate yourself rook. OSHA is LAW, NFPA is a standard. It doesn't matter if you have 2 on an engine company and 2 on scene making it a total of 4. Or 1 on the truck and 3 on scene making it a total of 4. The "Standard" wants 14 FFs on scene of a structure fire.

    1 Engine company with 3 personnel isn't going to break the 2 in 2 out rule. You have other companies coming. So, again read the actual standards. If you don't have the standards. I can email them to you. My volunteer department has failed an ISO inspection before for not having 2 engines and 4 personnel on scene in the past. The city adjacent to my volunteer department operates 3 personnel on all their trucks because 2 engines still provide 6 personnel on scene. Therefore, the "two in two out" is still accomplished. Read the standards, not just an article from NOFD's IAFF.

    I would just like to clarify that NFPA minimum is 2 engines and 1 truck and a battalion for residential fires if any department gets caught not complying with NFPA bare minimum response requirements then they would be fined for violation of NFPA regulations just like the city of New Orleans did for not having 4 personal for an engine company, instead they had engine companies made of 3 personal on it and they got caught by NFPA for it and fined for not meeting industry standard for not sending the bare minimum required units to structure fires and for violating both NFPA 1500 and NFPA 1700 for allowing 3 personnal to make up an engine company when NFPA 1500 and NFPA 1700 requires a minimum of 4 personnal to make up an engine company. You can read the response requirements on pages 19-20 on this report issued by IAFF…g2=miVS3WQQ_WFU5kdpRHJjTA I don't know if this post is revelant or not but the information is there.

    That article doesn't reflect the NFPA standard at all besides 14 firefighters being required on the fireground. That article is for NOFD and from their IAFF. That article only pertains to the NOFD. There are multiple departments that operate with 3 personnel on Engine Companies. NFPA 1500 (Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program) and 1700 (Guide for Structural Fire Fighting) have nothing to do with fireground minimums. NFPA 1710 (Fireground Staffing Levels for Career Fire Departments) and the forgotten NFPA 1720 (Standard for the Organization and Deployment of Fire Suppression Operations, Emergency Medical Operations, and Special Operations to the Public by Volunteer Fire Departments). 2 Engines and 14 personnel are the minimum for career and 15 if an aerial is being used. 2 Engines with a total of 4 personnel for volunteer/combination departments.

    As an EMT-B, you're still allowed to treat the patient on scene. Obviously, we don't carry monitors, saline, D50, and other Paramedic level skills/meds. So, anything cardiac related we always wait on EMS to come with the monitor. Now this is for my department I volunteer with and the department I work for. I understand, not all departments operate the same.

    Sounds odd you can't treat at scene over there. In the U.K. an ambulance will do everything they can to avoid a trip to hospital by treating at scene.

    We do treat patients on scene as much as possible. Maybe where he is, is different. I've never heard of not being able to treat patients on scene.

    Haha. I've been playing for a while now. I started playing when it first came out before anyone really knew about it. But, didn't play as much because I kept playing fire911. I finally gave that up and dedicated more time to MC.