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  • Can you check the K9 msg in the forum? Basically the K9 has had no function in the US game. We want to make it have the same functions as a patrol unit, like in real life.
    I needed 2 patrols units on a call and sent the k9 and it still wanted another patrol unit. No one was transported to jail so I ruled that out.

  • Is there a way for the dispatch center to send fire units to a call automatically?

  • I mistakenly built a Police Academy then deleted within minutes, and didn't get a refund on my credits.
    I double checked to see if it was deleted. It doesn't show up on the map and it is not listed as a building on my EOC page.
    Also refreshed the page along with logging out for a few minutes and logged back in to see if that would show the credits replaced.
    Is there anything else that I can try to see if the refund will show up?

  • Do you Know if they Will Raise the limit on fire stations being built? ... i have reach the limit... please check on that...