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    When K9 was first implemented, it had the ability to transport prisoners. When we reminded the developer how bad of an idea it would be to put a prisoner into the dog's kennel, it was removed. The change took a few weeks to implement, several years ago.


    The missions are released exactly as they are intended, after due care and consideration is provided to their requirements. If a mission does not have station requirements, the mission has been determined to not need station requirements. This thread is closed and further reports on this matter will be disregarded.

    "Also imo this should be checked before release."

    In my opinion, your posts should be checked for typos before release.

    I've been running into this too, particularly on the mobile web version of the game. I can generally get it fixed by refreshing my page. If this keeps occurring, I'll send this up to be reviewed.

    You can always use the dispatch centers to split your buildings up. If you do that, you'll only get calls that you can handle in each area.

    This is intentional game behavior and will not be changed. If you do not want people sending units to your calls, do not share them.

    The current system allows new players to get a jump start by responding to higher paying calls without needing full resources, and gives them missions to look forward to.

    Thread closed.

    The forum software isn't run by us. The design is Burning Board by WoltLab.

    While there's a few things that we can change, I don't believe that's one of them. I'll take a look at it if I get a chance.

    I've asked Sebastian about this before. His concern was copyright issues with the sound files. We'll look at discussing it again soon.

    My understanding is that this has to due with the responsiveness of Open Street Maps for distance and travel time calculations. Basically, the calculation for the straight line that the helicopter uses is simpler than the calculation to follow the roads. So, it has that time ready first, and it puts the helicopter at the top. A moment later, it completes the rest and sorts itself out.

    The fix is to slow yourself down a second or two.

    We generally let the forums self-moderate when it comes to double posting specifically in the Alliance Recruitment board. When users think somebody has been advertising their alliance too frequently, the posts tend to be fairly heavily downvoted.

    The moderation team generally doesn't act on double posting for Alliance Recruitment unless we feel that it has become excessive.